I'm surprised that some readers of this blog visited my stall and had their handwritings analyzed. All 21 of you. So you should know by now that I don't smirk like I do in my pictures. I'm all gusi and gigi! I smile a lot. Not because it's a habit but because you are my customers and I appreciate your effort to come and do business with me. I'm truly flattered.
I'm sorry I couldn't be the Afiq you imagined me to be through my writing. Apparently, I'm not suicidal, I gorge like a hungry monkey and I'm not cynical nor am I sarcastic. You have to see it to believe it. I do however wear black and only black. Black can never go out of style.
My stall was often frequented by girls. Guys are too egoistic to get their personality checked. Well I wouldn't know since I never check my own. Imagine that. I did thousands of handwriting analyzing but never my own. It's the rule of the trade. My trade. My rule.
I think I've already acquired enough money to buy a good quality tripod. Takde camera nak beli tripod apa cerita? To give me motivation basically, to remind me of my dream to be an oscar winning director, to tell myself I can do whatever I want if I put my heart and mind into it.
Last night Suhail and me talked for 3 straight hours from 1 am to 4 am. As corny as this might sound, I realized that many of my close friends are not afraid to express their feelings. Maybe that's why we're friends in the first place, because we're honest to each other and enjoy each other's company. Or maybe its Maybelline. Click the add. Click the add.
Jangan fikir panjang-panjang.
Just click it.


myadlan said...

haha. yea.. guys are absolutely ego about their personality

dun worry. i have been read by my HS-psycho friend already. btw well done on ur job.

get the tripod and chase ur dream eh!

Scarred Soul said...

The count the readers that went to your stall? Oh my...

Scarred Soul said...

That 'the' is for 'you'....

afiq said...

I did. Amazingkan?

A. said...

KAEDFest-Performance night...

me: dude, MADBA.

Her: MADBA? What's that. [and yet, she's the one who introduce me to your blog]

me: Haiyya.. It's Afiqsays la dey tambi. how come you don't know?

Her: Where?!! *got all excited*

me: on right. at the door. Pegi la tegur since you like his blog sangat.

Her: Segan la... Malu... Ish... Sapelah aku.. Tanak la.. nanti balak aku marah.

me: *What the?* Tegur pun balak marah ke?

Her: Tanak la... malu lah... Takleh.. takleh... nanti my bf marah

If not, you could've meet your #1 fan la afiq. :)