(gambar hiasan semata-mata: Pulau Sapi)

Why do we tend to neglect those who are more makan garam.

Didn't this year's raya Petronas advertisment teach us anything?

From the media and majority malays' opinion on Dr. M's rebuke, I can conclude that:

1. The rakyat can't read between the lines, taking up gossips and newspaper reports as easily as picking a kuih raya.

2. The rakyat are malays? Since when did that happened? Why is it that there are two stream of opinions in the media, one in using malay as the medium and the other english.

3. All the politicans are ganged up on Dr.M.

It is clear that the rakyat has no second voice. Why can't we respect a pensioned Prime Minister's opinion on how the country should be governed? Aren't Malay tradition about respecting elderly's opinions. Can the malays for once, stop being so engrossed on the newspaper's headline and use that spare time to think of business strategies and oppurtunities. We're lacking that: economic empowerment!

Being so obsessed complaining of chinese malaysians taking over the country's business over an evening teh tarik won't do any good will it? (not knowing that the country's economy are actually feulled mostly by jews)

A pakcik that sat beside me during my kedai mamak outing told a friend of his that he lost Judi recently and will compensate his loss by joining a 'persatuan'. But when his friend brought up the headlines, he began heating up and tossing slurs like 'celaka punya orang tua'. For a moment there I thought he was referring himself.

As quoted by an evil character in an anime: "Didn't your mother ever teach you that when encountering a stranger, you should cover your wallet and ass."

It seems to me that malay politicians are all ganged up on this subject to cover their own Pierre Cardin satin underwear covered asses. Well, after En. Zakaria of Klang kantoi with his mansion in the middle of a kampung, it served a pretty good warning. Here here, an examplary wakil rakyat: built a mansion without a permit, instructed to meet the Sultan but decided that a vacation could easily dismiss the Sultan's intention and when was finally called in, got out from the castle with an arrogant smile. Pakcik, pakcik, say sorrylah... For a person who earns no more than ten thousand a month... he's expenditure is undeniably illogical. BPR.. where art thou??

This here is an open letter written by Dr.M:

Ladies and gentlemen
Citizens of Malaysia
Why did I criticise the Prime Minister?

Because no one else is able to criticise the PrimeMinister. He cannot be criticised by his Deputy, his Cabinet Ministers, Umno Supreme Councilmembers, Menteri Besar, Chief Ministers, Members of the Dewan Rakyat, Members of the Senate, Members of the State Legislative Council,Umno members at all levels, Government Officersand anyone from royalty to beggars

The mainstream media including radio andtelevision are not allowed to admonish the PrimeMinister. Pre-paid telephones are now required tobe registered so that anyone who transmits SMSes will be known by the Government andaction can be taken.

The Internet and the websites will be electronically bugged and action taken against anyone who criticises the Prime Minister

Anyone who attempts to hold any function that may involve criticising the Prime Minister will be harassed and threatened by the police and Government leaders to force them to cancel the function.

I myself have been blocked using all sorts of means to stop me from criticising the Prime Minister.

1. I cannot be invited by Umno, non-government organisations, associations of government officers or non-government officers, universities or any other institutions.

2. Umno members and the public are prevented from and advised against attending any functions or meetings where I am to speak.

3. All sorts of threats are meted out by police and political leaders to scare anyone who refuses to comply.

4. Every time anything that involves the public takes place, the Deputy Prime Minister and certain other quarters will forcefully advise that any criticism, comment or debate should stop

5. Actions that are taken or threatened to be taken include sacking, transfer to remote areas like in Sabah, retraction or cancellation of contracts, harassment by the banks, call-up by the police, the Anti-Corruption Agency and other government enforcement agencies, detained and interrogated repeatedly.

A climate of fear has enveloped this country.

No one dares to comment, criticise or oppose anything that is done by the Prime Minister.

In a situation where no one can criticise the PrimeMinister, I have to voice my criticisms on matters that do not concern my personal being, but only those that concern the interest of the religion, race and country.

Because of this, I am abused by the PrimeMinister's henchmen including component party leaders, the mainstream media that is controlled by Kali and Brendan and all other government apparatus.

The questions and issues I have raised have not been answered. What is being questioned is my right to comment and criticise. Attempts are made to disparage me so badly that I am made out to be of unsound mind. Repeatedly, allegations were made that the administration during my time was worse.

Their media make out that my criticisms of the Prime Minister are despicable and reprehensible

Muslims should know that even the Imam can be corrected by those he leads in prayers if he reads or does something wrong

Saidina Abu Bakar, Islam's first Caliph, had asked to be corrected if he did something wrong, not by foreigners but by the Muslims themselves.

But the current Prime Minister cannot at all b ecommented upon, criticised or advised. He is almost a saint who is free from any human weaknesses or wrongs.

My meeting with him should be kept secret from the rakyat. And because we have met, I can no longer criticise whatever is done by the Prime Minister.

Because of my statement that I would continue criticising if something that is not good for the religion, race and country is done by the Prime Minister, all sorts of condemnations and insults are thrown by these hatchetmen and the mainstream media towards me.

Because all avenue for criticising the government has been shut, therefore I am forced to come up with this written statement so that it is not spun by anyone.

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad
Malaysian citizen and commoner

Oct 27, 2006

A leap to the unknown

Went snorkelling yesterday at Pulau Sapi.

As I swirled my fins in circular motions, redirecting myself deeper into the sea, I examined a coral reef with little Nemos (clown fishes). The bright orange neon coral reef danced to the current's rythm, spurting threads of seeds every five seconds or so. The clown fish that occupied the coral shot itself to my google and curtsied. Curtsied? To little Nemo, it is trying to imply competence by displaying its deep orange pattern. But to me, the little Nemo is doing something cute. Barracuda stays still to aim. Greyback cuttlefish stares at surfers to catch a scent.

How we are estranged of of our own presence. How peculiar we looked. How we hate to admit our facade. How we imply the unintended impressions through abstraction. How first impressions are wrong. Frankly, to me, silence is granting myself the freedom of judgement, giving me the benefit of doubt, waiting until the pieces of a puzzle draw themselves to their original position. To observe. To contemplate. And to finally express in finality.

But some perceive my newfound state of solace as a refusal to 'join in'. To be a part of anything or in denial of my state and surrounding condition. But in the lenses that are held in the skull that is covering this brain, I have simply found a better way to absorb life as it is. We humans do not amplify thoughts by only talking, we do so in our body language, our released aura, the temperature of our body, the changing hue of our skin, the moving pupils of our eyes.

And when this subject is in motion in an emotionally caged conversation, I was accused of not having dreams, of not having a proper ambition, of not making the initiatives to reach those ambitions. I can only answer "I know what I am doing.."

I don't.

Many people searched for their talents for years and years and some just never had the oppurtunity to even lay a finger on their hidden passion. I'd found mine. And I'm pretty good at it. But I have can't plan my future on that foundation. I can design it. Little by little. Sikit-sikit. I may not have straight As. But what I have I have alot. Or so I think.

Should I endure or should I follow?

Should I tag along or should I wait for my turn?

You ask yourselves these questions as I will too.

We all will.

And in the end, we have to face the music. Will those who followed a distinguishable figure be abadoned in midflight? Will those whe searched continue searching? Will those who 'believe' stop 'believing'? Will those who reached their ambition be content of it?



What is Raya Shopping without the midnight Bazaar at Masjid Jamek?

It is a yearly event that surpasses any bazaar in the country. It has the longest line, the most customers and the best raya bargain in the country.

And eventhough it's technically illegal, it is supported by ministers as well, having seen VVIP cars cruising against the waves of discount hungry muslims. What better way to spend the last nights of Ramadhan than to dig through mounds of rubbish, endure unwanted odours and the sickly humidity, all along shouting "Berapa boleh bagi kurang!!!". Heaven I tell you.

For me the best thing during the bazaar is the desperation of the traders to sell their -soon to be tak laku- goods. Some wear the goods. Some parade their goods like gorrilas parading their tarzan son to the whole jungle. Some even do things that are absolutely irrelevant to their business: singing, pantun-ing, and silat-ing.

It is a celebration of the eternal habit of KLites: Last Minute Shopping!

And if all went well, have an enjoyable supper at the exit of the bazaar: yong tau fu and air tebu... lululu....

omost raya

I took a long break from blogging to work on my portfolio.

DIGI sucks. Big time. It's inefficient, insufficient and intolerable. Do you know how hard it is to buy DIGI top up cards these days..

sorry dek, outta of stock, raya baru new stock
sorry macha, don hap Deejee
sorry a chai, wa talak dealing DIGI

It's their reception in Gombak is as though I am inside the parameters of the Bermuda Triangle. The only reason I suscribed Digi till now is because my family is using them. KALAU TIDAK... Digi is also very very very very very very expensive. I have to spend 60 to 80 cents to call some Celcom numbers. One minute 60 cents. A nasi lemak that cost 60 cent pun will last longer than a minute of material existence.

Having OrangPutehs to run the tele-company too bothered me. It's a modern time Penjajahan I tell you. A bare fact it is: Chinese are NOT penjajah, they are our brothers that enriched our country with economic bliss and Genting Highland. And beautified the roads with beautiful cars. Not that our local cars are UGLY. THEY ARE UGLY! Kelisa and Kancil are scraps from biskut Marie, Proton Saga is probably made out of Kulit Saga. They are all cars made my big companies protected and secured by a country to make syok-sendiri profit. Wary, cepat rosak mechanisms that shrouds our visions of sleek sexy beasts.

What else a... *looks around*

What is it with Malays and their spiteful hate towards dogs? Those creatures are cuddly and loyal la. Not haram. They are not Haram. They can be touched. Its just that you have to wash your hands more thoroughly after dealing with them. What? If you touch a pet hamster you don't wash your hands when you want to east issit??? Even Rasulullah deals with dogs when he hunts. He had told a story that a stranded man who saw a crazed thirsty dog and went in to a well to give it water and died after doing so and went to heaven. And a woman that starved her cat to death went to hell. See? They are animals created and loved by God. So why hate them. Stupid la you...

Aaaah... lega. Pardon my condescending use of words. There are more bottled emotions in this poor poor heart of mine but I'll save that for later.



Hajeedar, one of the prominent architect in Malaysia puji my design. I'm so freaking happy. And so were the lecturers. They were beaming like the Malam LailatulQadar's moon. A Divine smile. A Relief smile. Because during external portfolios, the targeted piece of bloody flesh are the lecturers, not students.

I'll be posting the pictures so my mom and other design students can see my 'kene puji' design. Hohohoho...

Makes me Wonder

Someone told me that most architecture students like to tell imaginative tales of how they would like to KILL people. Yes. KILL.

tududududududu (machine gun)

I miss Life.

Anyways.... let's leave my sad suicidal tales aside and shift our interest to Malaysia's number 1 male singer: MAWI

he Makes Alot of Woman Itchy

He has his own Mineral Water. But people, don't get mistaken for his CamPoyo pose. It's not cctually his mineral water. It is owned by an anonymous company (most probably bumiputera's) and the company decided that their mineral water will be the people's choice if it has Mawi on its packaging. Well, well... let's compare..

Your Source for Unique High QualityBottled Water Products From Around the World

Belilah Air Mineral Mawi World

Yelah, a makcik kampong that goes: "Mmmm, sedapnya air mineral Mawi World.." in the advertisment is a more efficient mode of advertizing than "Be healthy, drink healthy."

How can mineral water be Sedap??? MANA BOLEH???

He IS a one shot wonder. Well, Business 'Friends' of Mawi, use that Kampong Boy and get it over with as soon as possible. I want to see innovative changes in consumerism. Is that too much to ask???

It's killing me how BURUK advertisments rule air time.

But things that didn't kill me, will make me stronger.

16th October is Anti McDonald's Day

My shoulder aches lately. So is my neck, my belakang, my lutut... "Apa hal lu Afiq?"

Wa tala apa apa. Lu lon't wolly. Lon't wolly kata Afiq belah Cinanya.

I'm currently struggling with my drawings. My fingers keeps on complaining, becoming spazzztic in the the middle of the tracing process.

Have you heard of McCurry? The shop was sued by McDonald's for using the name Mc and uses red-yellow deco. A Malaysian Curry House owned by an Indian Malaysian Sued for immitating a USA company... in Malaysia? Stupid I tell you. Feels like I want to ....

Afiq entered the McDonald's building with fiery rage. Fiery Red-White Rage. Security hurdled through office partitions to stop Afiq but hut he resisted them by climbing up the building from the outside like Neo (from Matrix)... One of the Pak Guard distracted his friends by shouting. "Ane pocha alibaba allagapas" (Look, free chapati!) and later whispered, "Kane ah chopla chopli" (Good Luck my friend)

Afiq dramatically smashed his way to the Regional Manager's office, filling his socks with snooker balls and sway it around like maces. As the partitions were reduced to splinters and cells(haha) Afiq glides through the office, as though swimming through obstacles, eating a hot nasi lemak, waiting for Abang Domino's Pizza to arrive.

KEDEBABOM patah kaki....

Regional Manager: Ni yo sen me? (What do you want?)

Afiq: Wo bu hui chang hwa yee (U dunno how to speak chinese)

RM: Really ah.. lu macam chinese

Afiq: E tien tien ar.. (little bit can lah)

RM: Owh... Apa lu mau?

Afiq: I want to eliminate evil. I want to destroy the Devil's trusses. I want to demolish the columns of destruction.

RM: Wa tatau cakap ang moh(orang putih)

Afiq: Oh.

RM: *puzzled*

Afiq: Ini macam lah *throws t square*
--tweesh twoosh tweesh twoosh--- BOINK!

Assistant RM: Lu ham sapp baling itu luler sama wa punyer bontot!

Afiq: Sorry Miss..

Miss: Panggil saya Ping Ping.

Afiq: Sorry Ping Ping.

--tweesh twoosh tweesh twoosh-- TOKK!

Afiq got nearer to the unconcious body of the Regional Manager and slowly but stingingly whispered:

"~~~BENGONG mu~~~"


I have been boycotting McD for quite a while now(three months) .

Why?Be a Rakan Afiq and visit these lovely websites:



I came to the studio to bukak puasa with the studio guys and found out that there are going to Mat Goncang Nasi Ayam. Without me. Uninvited. Such dears of them to not get too excited in front of me. Syah beamed to me twice. Like Cyclops's.. PWEEENG--- Right through my head.

Well, I smiled back, wanting to say "DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE!" manically while loading a machinegun.

Need to be patient..

Tarik nafas.. Hembusss..... Tarik nafas.. Hembusss...

Patience process completed.

Don't read if you hate SLOGS

So very sick of Coffee. Tracing paper. Tecnical pen. Pencil. T-square.

Those are the things I've been associated with for the past week.

I have no concern over anything other than my design and FOOD. Design and FOOD. Design and FOOD. The guys in the studio teased me being the most kecoh guy in KAED. "Once you know, everybody will know..."

But everybody knows that I too, keep a lot of secrets. And I think I'm off better keeping them for other people's sake. Coz I dig alot. And once I get to the root of things, I'll anounce it to the whole world.

Well I guess a part of me loves journalism. The 'kecoh' part of course. And the 'senyap' me loves poetry and writing. The 'critical' me loves architecture. And the 'emo' me loves faking. Uhuh, like I'd written before, I fake a lot.

Signs that Afiq is Faking it:

He smiles more than 5 seconds.
He acts blurrrrr and gullible.
He never stops talking.
He acts stewpeed.

I fake it because it's easier to have a lot of friends this way. More contacts, more priviledges.

Another SLOG... So be it, I've been in solitude for so long that I think I need a pet. I do need a pet. A cat. I'll call it Tigger junior. Bless you Tigger (he's in cat's heaven)

Hantu, Free food and Pasangan Kantoi

One of the benefits of Ramadhan (fasting month) is all the satan in the world are chained by God. Yes Seh-tunnn. Hantu. And Miss Pontianak. Mr. Jenglot. Madam Hantu Tetek. They are all chained by God. Chained. If (for whatever reason) satans has access to the internet during their one month prison, I have a message to you: BUAHAHAHA... Padan Muka!
There is a road in IIUM that I've considered haunted. It is currently alienated by indonesian workers and students had refused to use routes nearby the road. So having known jinns will not be around for a while, I had decided to cycle on the road at 1 in the morning.

I passed through silhouttes of lamp posts on the way to the Hauted Road. I wasn't afraid at all. I was, on contrary, overwhelmed by my own (purposeless) bravery.

The air is damp.

The grass glistened.

The view, surreal: misty, blueblack. Shadows lurked and spread like tentacles. Dissapearing when its almost at sight.

As I approached the Haunted Road, I can already feel the course and rubbled road. It was just as described by my studio Tukang Karut. After about 2 minutes of cycling, I'd saw the landmark of the Haunted Road. A lamp post and a signage. It means that I am practically a few meters away from the 'Road'. And then I stopped cycling, took out my camera and shot the entrance of the road. Flustered by cold sweat, I made a quick U-Turn and dissapeared from the scene immediately. Vanished. Kavoooooosh.. So much for being overwhelmed by my own bravery! I have to admit, the killing silence of the night (Mr Cricket, where art thou???) and the chilling morning mist is enough to friek out this funky soul.

And when I retrieved the picture, I have every reason to not go to the Haunted Road ever again. Do you notice the human figure in white tees in the picture. Was it a man? Why is he there alone? I wish I could conclude the attempt with "Hantu do exists during Ramadhan" but since it was God who told us that he chained the Hantus, I figure a new brand of hantu is found. Hantu Maksiat probably?

Some Random events during Ramadhan:

Free Food at the Mosque. Look at the sister who's reading intently. Maybe the font's too small..

Pasangan Kantoi pada Bulan Ramdhan:





No hard feelings eh Cat lovers...

suddenly hungry

OOOuuuHHHooo~~~ another sleepless night.
I haven't any Life for the past 3 days. 3 days of indoor Hibernation in which I refused to jalan-jalan, leisure cycling and room-2-room hopping. I have really nothing to blog about but I feel that I could if I do so in Japanese. I've been listening to Anime Dialogues since my eyes are focused on my work and I think I can almost understand the Nippon Linggo! Gambare! Konbanwa, Watashi wa Afiqo des...
My model is 92% finish (distruption of model-making process was caused by the insufficiency of UHU glue) Ok people, feast you eyes on 92% of Afiq's Kindergarten:

Those balls are planets. There are 7 planets. Okayla, there's actually 6. Pluto is not a Planet. 6 planets? It's just not right! It's like saying women has 3 boobs. Hmmmm~~~


::Self Reminder: You are fasting, control your imaginations....::

Oh Yes written conscience... Okay, so I won't imagine women with 3 boobs

::Self Reminder: You are fasting, control your imaginations.... Women has two boobs....::

Women has two boobs.. Got it.

::Self Reminder: You are fasting.... *thinks of something viciously turn off-ish*::

AHAH! Behold:


Where were we....... oh right. More models to make. Adieu~~~