I came to the studio to bukak puasa with the studio guys and found out that there are going to Mat Goncang Nasi Ayam. Without me. Uninvited. Such dears of them to not get too excited in front of me. Syah beamed to me twice. Like Cyclops's.. PWEEENG--- Right through my head.

Well, I smiled back, wanting to say "DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE!" manically while loading a machinegun.

Need to be patient..

Tarik nafas.. Hembusss..... Tarik nafas.. Hembusss...

Patience process completed.


Anonymous said...

dearest umi son afiq, u'll be off those equipments soon enough. Umi has set a solitude atmosphere for us. Clean air n nature. Wow that's heaven.

Be off 4 two days n we'll swim in gunung swimming pool, isn't that great.

Anyway have a nice buka puasa 2day, have big prawn n good fish for u from sabah if umi yang cook le. Take care dear n Smile can u flshing teeth. ha


hmsb said...

What is Mat Goncang Nasi Ayam??

Oh, and might I suggest humming a few mantras during the patience process.

Always works for me.

Anonymous said...

afiq, do u know the song Bangau o bangau, just heard it from uncle li, it s a good song, but i think it s more of a moral in that song. Wonder how it ends, bangau o bangau mengapa engkau kurus,mcm mana aku tak kurus ikan tak nak timbul, n asked the fish and there is excuse, after excuses and ended up that the culprit is the snake. I think the moral of the story is wherever there is failure, go and looked for the snake. U not been invited to a gang buka puasa party..hmmm..wonder if there is a snake story there.

uncle lan

Anonymous said...

I wish I can write long, but leaving the apartment with the kids and mama Ida to buka puasa in Sungai petani with untie Norina from sabah, going to pick up her daughter from uitm in sp. Untie Ina says she knew u guys from sabah, she is quite a shaker, she tell us story about saiful, hadi and putera. Nice to hear from the horses mouth.
uncle lan

afiq said...

Umi dearest,

Tak sabar nak balik Sabah... Yelah, the weather here is like an aftermath of an apocalypse.


Nasi ayam Mat goncang is a famous nasik ayam around this area i guess,, in gombak.

Why MAntras if you can just recite Astagfirullahalazim... haha,.. afiq poyo!

Uncle Lan~~

Sebenarnye in the bangau oh bangau story, the fault belongs to the developer who has no sense in nature sutainability.. okaylah,I was doing my work in my room for the whole day and i didn;t know they were planning it and they thought i was working hard so they didn't want to disturb me.. So bila afiq datang sampai studio,, mcm nampak hantu hidup balik.. haha

I don't think I know who's auntie norina. Umi kenal kot.