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Pokemon! Gotta catch em' all...

Most of you readers are too old, too weary of fun, too complicated to understand the simplicity of Pokemon! Pokemon merchandices like Nintendo Gameboy, trading cards and anime CD's was my last obsession with -whatyoumightcall- kiddie stuff. And you know what? I think I miss that. I miss thinking like a kid.

It all started when I read No bones by Anna Burns.

I just can't describe how she managed to capture the way children think. This is a piece of the novel that touched me:

Their ma though, would never understand anything. Grown ups never understood. They were stupid, distracted, mindless sort of beings. They never had a clue. They always got it wrong.

I can remember once that I was fond of collecting ladybirds(bug) and had designed and constructed a ladybird ranch for them. The anticipation of collecting and 'taming' the ladybirds was simple unadulterated joy. To have them showed to neighbors; absorbing the ooohs and aaaahs, I'll always treasure how I perceived joy and ironically, this sort of joy will blossom again during our greying years. Of collecting, of having things admired. When joy is no more driven by success but by personal satisfaction.

So I refuse to be so caught up with the adult world and preserved my 'childhood' in forms of journals.. which are sealed to this day... I've been logging in my journal since I was 8 years old and this ritual of mine is still practiced today. And when I feel like it, I'll unseal my old journals and reread them.. only to realized.. how stupid I was during my years of adolescence and how simple and ingenious I was during my younger years. Most of the time, people will grow out of their old habits and adopt new, more commendable ones, keeping nothing from their past intact.

And by then, the beauty of life discovery is forgotten and the wraths of life itself will be integral in our system, in the way we think and view of life.

~~What's you childhood obsession(passion)?~~~

Hello orang Pahang, introducing.... your Menteri Besar

Why are you so honest in your blog?
Why are you telling people private stuff of yourself?
How can you be so sincere in your writing?
How can I? How can I? If you know me long enough, you'll know that I possessed the talent ability to goreng or in other words to exaggerate or completely lie about something when I see the need of those actions and most of the time, I'll succeed. This habit had mounted throughout the years and I'd honed this trait to -near-perfection. This used to be a habit of mine but it evidently caused me mounting problems and so I'd stopped.

So really, truthfully, I find no trouble in exaggerating or lying when blogging and it also served me the right of having my own true space. Many entries were spiced up or completely fictional and very few of them are 100% truthful. It's the cyberspace after all where space are metaphysical and beyond the reality of truth. So why the hassle of confession? So why the need of honesty?

If truth be told, it is this one: do not believe what you read from this blog all the time, not entirely for the sake of mistrust. It is by the way afiq's BOOLESHEET.. Does the pronounciation means anything to you? And to make this entry even more ironic, would you be a dear and consider this entry to be an utter ranting of a person who was recently betrayed by his own honesty.

just a blunt appraisal of my frailty



The video is particularly dedicated to Kid, since she never watched Anastasia before.. It's my favourite part of the movie. Enjoy.

Once upon a December... Sometimes our past hold a key to our future. And our future is what we make of it now. And now..... I'm going to the toilet...

Random thoughts

Close your eyes, set up your headphone and imagine to this song...

Ariel with The Penitent Magdalene

Well, The Gospel of Judas is selling like currypuffs... Remember what I'd blogged about concerning Judas... eh.. those who don't get a dodol(chewing gum-like subtance used by the ISA to permanently damage tireless opposers' jaw structure) about it, buy the booklah.

Loads of people ignored compliment me on my 1 month-weight loss.

Busses in KL are -whatcanisay- perfecto! I find more reason to sleep travel about on busses nowadays.

There should be a radio that can sense the rythm of our brain pulse and counter-balance it with a suitable song. Imagine this lah: you're feeling depressed and down and all of a sudden, Hilary Duff's Why Not is aired! Throw the *bleep*ing radio!!! Why not?

I better be more careful when blogging. Uncle Lee's lurking about...

I'm more accustomed to daily praying now.. Since no one is forcing me do it. Same goes to my assignments; if only the lecturers could back off a little and give it a rest: "Students, remember 2nd of June.. Ya? 2nd of June ya sisters.." and she have been saying this 2-5 times a day, and by then you would thought that the students might get a hint? nay.. hands keeps on flying here and there.. everywhere!

Stupidity has no cure, right Mirul?

Fav and fiction

Sigh.. I can't lie! The only films that can make me cry are cartoon movies and documentaries on animals. Alas, my tear-shedders:

Love this movie to death.. The songs and -real life- rendering.. Moved me to tears when the petals on the rose ran out and when the Beast was dying and called out.. Belle....

Anastasia met her Grandmother! What joy! Happy tears that one...

When Mufassa died.. Dad.. Dad... little Simba wandered alone..When prince Eric married the evil Ursula.. I was like -what about ariel??- *imagine a 7 years old me crying in frustration*

Remember when the mother nudge her dead son... Oish.. have to cover up my face with the remote control... then my brother asked :Abang nangis ke?.. Shadap or I'll tell umi that you broke the vase...

Reminds me of those times where my mom tucked me into bed, tepuk-tepuk my back lightly until I fall asleep. Then I would nudge my face into the busukness of my bantal busuk and.... zzzzzzzz zzz zzz ... I'll do anything to repeat those moments..


Spot the difference....

Ahmad talking to the owner of a computer shop in Low Yat Plaza:

Ahmad: Hello uncle, how much ah this com?
Uncle: 2000 dollar. Price very cheap one?
Ahmad: Cheap meh?

Chong talking to his friend, Ali at a bus stop:

Chong: Ali, lu mau naik teksi ka mau naik bas
Ali: Naik bas senang sikit maa..

Aminah talking to her friend Natasha(eurasian)

Aminah: Natasha, you nak drive ke to KLCC
Natasha: Of course, darling
Aminah: Maybe jam lah that area..

Aminah talking to her friend Husnita(Kelantanese)

Aminah: Awak nak belanje saye ke?
Husnita: Tak boleh ke?
Aminah: Boleh je...

Spot it yet? There seems to be an hierarchy in the power of accent; and as the conversations above proved, the most prominent accent is Malay-chinese, the second prominent accent: Malay-english followed by KL-malay and lastly Kelantanese-malay.

It becomes more than enough prove to stir this concoction into a ready to be eaten dish: malays are simply frail, bendable and culturally.....

Racial tolerance doesn't mean we should give up our persona and simply adapt in accordance to our surrounding.

I think it means we should have an understanding of our diverse culture and to unify such values are only possible by understanding them. We could indulge in other people's culture but at the same time, keep a keystone of our own.

In a simpler and more understandable context, this underlying message could be applied in our accents. Speak malay like we do with our family lah, and people should do the same, with a certain understanding of our diverse culture...

What do you think..

It's weird that this is a mild, light purple entry... well, that's life sometimes... light purple..


Aurat... Aurat...Aurat....

Apa itu aurat??

If you're not tapping your feet furiously while listening to this song, you're probably lying to yourself.

Feet don't lie...

Like umi had written in her blog, dance, dance, dance.....

FYI, words that are red and bolded ada link
FYI 2, words that are in Italic are in malay (duh...)
FYI returns, my right foot is much larger than the other

limited vortex

Architecture sucks you in, chew on every bit of your protein before spitting you out. Once you're out, you are too accustomed to hunger, stress and sleepless nights that nothing, almost nothing in this world is impossible.
Fact is, only a minority of architecture students will ever be architects. It is an exposed truth, architecture will cause you fractures and burns, making you a veteran in the real world. It is also a truth that I have no more intention to be an architect. It is an unrealized dream of mine. A dream sugarcoated by the prospect of new ideas. I'll pass. Time is my only limit, and as it had proven, my patience had lasted long enough.
I had sold my ideas, defended them with all my efforts of research and had come out with unsangkarable ingenious ideas but in this world I'm living, I will always lose out to the mesmeric, beautifully coloured, -near-glossy-magazine-perfection- pieces of work.
Some students here even copied their way to high grades. So why? Why should I even bother? Why all the sleepless night thinking of design solutions when I could easily grab an anonymous architecture magazine and make it my own?
I had endured one too many bashing during my first year. All of them being satisfying and dramatically awe-inspiring. I'm not giving you up, architecture... I just think I could make heap of money without you... but yes, architecture, I need your assistance...
On my personal quest to be rich and powerful, I find architecture a perfect obstacle. So be it...

Architecture = tough love


It's a relief that none of my ex-classmates from Seri Insan or Maktab Nasional read my blog. They read blogs but they don't read mine. Why? Maybe because they think my blog is in Malay (I was by the way the BM top scorer in class) or maybe they just don't give a dodol about me anymore or (this is by far proven true) they are silent readers. Many of them are silent readers. Readers who read my 3 times a week entries but had firmly decided that -I'm better of invisible-

Despite the fact that I do know where you PEOPLE live and I HAVE access to your connection IP, thanks to Statcounter, I still prefer to blog like you guys never existed.

NEXT! Conciously or not, I can't help feeling nervous meeting any of my ex-classmates. The last time I met Riorn, he keep on praising my vocab. Being the self-absorbed, self-abused me, I shrugged it off with morale resistance.

And this week, I'll be meeting the meowish Cat in SI, Nori! Heck, I'm nervous to my knees (which could result spontaneous begging for mercy)

Worst case scenario:
1. She'll peck me on the face (you know the sort of thing Datins like to do) and I'll go "Sorry, you can't touch my cheeks. It's sinful." and maybe she'll ask "Buttcheeks?" and I'll pathetically reply "No, just my cheeks." and padded them with tissue paper to make a point.

2. She'll bring along her friends with revealing tops, limiting my parameter of permissable sight. I'll spend the whole day staring at the floor.

3. She'll comment, "Afiq, you look fat." There you go, a backhoe just ran over moi!

4. BAD hair day!

5. She'll ajak me to eat at places I can't afford (I'm a student lah wei) like La Bodega and the likes.

List goes on.. At this point, I can't help but to be a pathetic pessimist. Help me people. Of all the blog entries, this one allows you to drop it like it's hot....

a preview of point number 4


I'm surviving. I am (prior to popular belief) NOT madly in love. I'm not even in Love. If you're a teenager like me, ask your parents whether they are in Love. They'll just sigh and change the topic.

So it doesn't make sense why we should be in love now: during our teen years. I just don't get it. I'm not a type of person who chases love. I'm not. I'm not a firm believer of Cinta.

I'm just not that sort of person. I'll get hyped whenever I see my potential wife but I never drool; post-traumatized... I decide the person I am. So this is me. So be it.

And yes, I am a strong opposer of the phrase main-main cinta; love till you drop persona. I don't believe is such frail commitment. I may surprised you with all this fact of myself yet nobody seems to appreciate my view on Love.

Love is by the way, very very subjective


Peace and quiet... at last...

Everything is so quiet. My roommate's radio was thrown out by monkeys (I'm serious), my CPU is permanently GONE. So after 14 hours of sleeping, I woke up with nature's music: mating birds, the gentle rush of river water in front of my hostel and jeritan-jeritan makcik cleaner yang disayangi. Solace. Tranquility. At this point, I don't need technology to make me happy.

Nothing happened.. just the simple joy of an early morning. Simple breakfast, an enjoyable walk to the sport complex, an hour of refreshing swimming, and a thoughtful walk back to my hostel.

Bliss. I rode my bike and went to a road with the highest slope and whoooosh... Cold misty wind... I visited IIUM's swamp and gave roti to storks. Would e enjoy my concept of relaxation, I'll never know. I sms-ed her: whatever happens, we will fulfill our life dreams, you will be a pilot one day and I will build an orphanage.

I went to the highest point in IIUM and just sat. Yup. How could something so simple be sooo fun.

Bliss.. I'm writing a new novel by the way since I'd lost 79 pages of my aspired fantasy novel! It'll be the first malaysian love story in English.......................

Yayaya... below is the heading of the novel... and the main character's name is Afiq. So what? And the princes's name is Puteri..

"You know what Afiq, most of the time, truth hurts.. But I never admitted pain from you. The truth is, I love you...

And for the first time in my life, there is no pain in this truth!"

To my princess, Puteri

Get on with it

Our site..

My proposed photocopy kiosk. It's beside the Gazebo; it's an attachment lah kira..
The model of the Photocopy Kiosk.
2 bedless nights. I've been sleeping on a couch in the design studio. I'm tired. Wait... my handphone is vibrating.. no no.. it's my tummy. Yes, I'm aware that I'm trying to avoid any contact with the word Architecture but I can't deny this:
I have an Architecture GINGA!
I have a tendency to create space whether I'm concious about it or not. So what to do lor? Yes architecture had treated me pretty badly yet I'm too fond over it to leave it be. So be it. Architecture, you are my tools of creativity as well as my motivater. You are in me. You are my baby.

On a personal note, I professed my feelings towards e via sms. She kept on bugging me who's my GF. Eh,,, I later found out that girls tend to do that; by doing so, they want a solid confirmation. I have no plan on bringing her to the mall or treat her to a wonderful dinner. None. Because I believe love has a simple logic. If you like her, you like her. Nothing can change that. Lurvy dovey activities has to wait until we get married. If my mom is reading this, I want her to know that I'm not a love enthusiast. I find love mundane but comforting. A very granpa-ish outlook of love for my age. Haha.

So no dinner! No malls! No beaches! No holding hands! Just lovely conversation at the cafeteria and library meet-ups. Nothing else. I like her and that's that.

Ah.. I'm finding more reason to be happy now. And strangely, I find this relationship the most effective way to perform my Subuh prayers. Thanks for waking me up e..


Too busy to blog : p Our group presentation is due tomorrow so I want to dedicate this entry to someone who craves something that looks like this

i am hot
i am crispy
i am sometimes sexy
fold me by the skin
and savour my curry
i am a karipap
Who am I???

I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always A day A way!

Mondays : )

A for Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat

why not...

A for Alamak
B for Bak kut teh
C for Cha cha cha

We're Malaysian what...

Self note:: Mother's Day had not been so motherly to me::
I walked everywhere around UIA yesterday. My computer was infected and damaged by a virus transmitted by my assignment group member. So the computer shut itself down along with everything in it. To make things worse, my article review and group presentation was saved in the computer and both of them were due the next day. Well, well.... Puteri posted this website in the bulletin board and it had a -panadol acti-fast- effect on me.


~My bike you ask? All the screws and nats were stolen 2 days ago and something magical happened this morning. The thief returned everything back! He didn't re-assemble my bike though but at least he has a clear consience... Oh I tell you... My bike Minah could haunt you in your sleep!!!

~Broke! For the last few days, notes of 1 ringgit were korek-ed from all my pants and I collected 10 ringgit!

~And on the group presentation, I postponed it to next Wednesday. The lecturer agreed when I showed the virus in my camera. She, who still had a severe case of post-computer virus trauma symphatised me and gave our group another chance.

~As for today,I had a wonderful pau breakfast with e and her friends. I now know the meaning of the word Gedebe. Pau breakfast... you should try it too..

You know what? I Love MONDAYS!

sigh sigh sigh

I cried reading my mom's first blog entry. Gosh. She suffered so much all her life for me and my brothers. She is my superwoman. She is my savior. She is my teacher. She is my mother. She is Umi.

Her first Blog entry:

Afternoon everybody, umi busy everyday making up home as clean as possible n importantly next week exam week for my 2 sons. Got 2 sit n listen 2 their studies. Any idea or best way 2 give best performance as mother, teacher, friend n workers in d short 24 hours. Next week got this progress meeting n busy preparing d report. Most important have only RM60 in my pocket with 5 people 2 share. Well i've always use d key words n food for my strength. That is Tawakal. I have work hard n i pray ALMIGHTY ALLAH will bless me n my sons with prosperity n wealth ASAP.At times i wonder why we have 2 strive so hard, well n d answer 2 that is i want 2 share with others n i have 2 have the means to do so. My old age ie at 55 i want 2 share my love n caring 2 street children. I want them 2 grow n have those love feeling as a mother though u only have d street to stay. We can change our destiny and with hard work n strong will ALLAH will fulfill our request either now or then. However who can keep u sober all the time especially when d other occupants are taking your share of wealth unduly, corruption. How starving me n my sons we will not succumb to this. WHY !!!! the answer is ALLAH forbid so n why question more.I can only enjoy sleeping alternately 3-4 hours a day coz my daily routine require 26 hours a day n do i feel sad n tired !!!! NO coz i'm still aok n seing my 3 children squabbling and shouting what more to ask a normal happy me n my sons.


prep n tech

What can I say, Mother's Day is approaching! What can I say, I'm broke. Broke in definition: I'll check all my pockets for change and every cent means -oh-so-much- to me. Haha.. I love being broke sometimes... I'll come to realize the beauty of the parliament building, the gasing, and the infamous wau.

I'm not too troubled by the fact that mother's day is approaching.

1. I make crafts for this kind of event.
2. Hand made crafts does not cost a cent.
3. Mailing them to Sabah will.
4. I beg to differ, every second of me is troubled.

But alas, the essence of Mother's Day will prevail. I'll manage. Hopefully.

I'll manage.


Does the phrase Stupid Malay Men ring a bell?

The newly proposed amendments on the Islamic Family Law was largely disagreed and many were simply against it. Many in number and influence. Marina Mahathir was among them, followed by Nori and Hannis. These VVIP daughters may not have in depth knowledge on Islamic law and jurisprudence but they, at their best, speak out on this issue.

The amendment? To increase the amount of disputed properties of the husband after divorce.

Why? Because Islam says so... Think deeper people.. think in depth of knowledge.
Because men has more responsibility domestically. Because in Islam's jurisprudence, MEN has the responsibilty to take care of their ex-wife and children and by this, it clearly points out that MEN has to carry out their financial duties, divorce or not.

Stupid Malay Men.. From what I've seen and experienced, divorced men does not find this fact reality based. They just don't. Take my father for example: his divorced, remarried and has three kids. According to the Islamic Law, he has to pay for the house rent, our daily supply of food, the car, everything! because he is the leader of the family but up to this point, my mother is potraying superwoman, earning money for the family as well as carrying out her domestic responsibilities.

To put it simply, MOST divorced malay men ignored this fact and manipulated their status as free, single, and more-than happy-to-start-a-new-life men.

And for this fact alone, WOMEN must act diligently and complain. Complain to the Makhamah Shariah. Equal rights? Then have them used effectively. Speak out.

And as far as I am concern, the amendment has to wait until the phrase stupid malay men is once again fictitious.

Aaah Mondays

Got into a fight with the kakak air at the Human Science Cafeteria yesterday. To start off, I only drink Soya Bean milk there. Nothing else. So that makes me a regular. Well last night's soya bean milk was expired.. dah basi. And it tasted like air longkang. Yes I drank air longkang before. Don't ask. Yet another conversation:

afiq: Kak, soya bean dah basi.
kakak: Mana ada dek, kaler dia ok je?
madba: Susu basi berketul-ketul pun white karer oso stupid
afiq: Cuba kak raser...
*I gave my soya bean milk and she sipped it, gave a -yuck!- look and... *
kakak: Memang macam nie dek.
afiq: Mana ada..
*went to a table of strangers and persuaded them to drink the milk*
stranger1: memang basi nih..

*everyone started to kecoh.. This boy again... Here we go again*

afiq: Saya nak tukar air kak...

The kakak air was obviously new. She just don't get it. I want what I want and won't get away until I freaking get it! The abang air bisiked to her.

kakak: Yelah, yelah, nak air ape dik?
madba: Your air muka..
afiq: air yang sebelah tuh.... sebenarnya kakak takleh tipu saye sebab saya minum susu soya dari baby lagi..
kakak: minta maaf ye dek..
madba: ehem..
afiq: so that's that.. oit jap jap..

So that's that. So now the whole row of food stalls in the cafeteria had had their lesson from this very, very, very fussy customer:

Customers are always right!


It's sunday..
everybody who's not an afiqsays regular SUX..
oh yea, the graph above makes me pissed.. the surfers from Germany, UK and Ireland are malay students who was searching for malay porn.. and guess which blog they ended up into....
*buzzer glowing with metaphoric humanly anticipation*
me..oh..me me (imagine Hermione waving her hand like a crazy overworked underpaid traffic officer)
yes.. your answer would be..
*tet* oh nothing.. the buzzer seems so metaphorically humanly anticipated.
*tet* that makes two of us..


Just for fun...


Kick on the butt baby!

Just when you think the porno blog: Sabul is out of town, a new kind of desease kicked in. A blog on cerita seks melayu!

Sigh. I guess blabbering about it will be not much of a use if malay surfers will always be a sex jakun once they get online.

Look at it this way then:
Malay popular drinks includes Kopi Jantan, Longjack, Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah.. etc. These drinks or medications are specified for people who wants to improve their sexual abilities. And most of the buyers are....
*press buzzer* "Malays?"
"10 points to Afiq!"

Chinese popular drinks like herb tea, Ginseng and other medicated drinks emulate good health. It clearly shows that Malaysian chinese prefer to consume anything that will improve their health hence improves their energy exertion.

Another racist thought of mine...
Self contemplation on Hijjab... kid, you should read this... it's really interesting.


We live in trees...

Jungle People??

I did a survey infront of a tunnel for our current project analysis and had came across quite a number of foreigner. Some of them were unmistakably foreign: africans and arab but others were malaysian looking. Thais, Chinese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Philipinos etc are pretty hard to be distinguished as non-malaysians.

Prior to this, I had many times mistaken them as Malaysians and spoke malay to them before knowing their true origin. What surprised me was how they reacted to it.

"No!" a law student from Maldives frowned. "I'm not Malay. Do I look like one?"
"Ermm.. a bit."
I was taken aback by her reaction. "Sorry, I thought.."
"Well, see an eye doctor or something!" She returned to her flock of friends and shook her head furiously.

The Maldive girl had been in KL for 3 years and yet she can't speak malay. She was even pissed when referred as one!

What's wrong with speaking malay? Why is it so embarassing to be a malay? What's wrong with learning the language?

When I was in Germany during the school holidays, I learned that German despised the English language for its reputable history. So to get them to speak English, I had to speak malay bluntly to them and then they'll probably ask "Do you speak English?" Why, most Malaysians or Asians who came to Germany had learned the language before studying or working there.

In comparison, we are seemingly accustomed of having Mat Sallehs asking "Can you speak english?" I saw a Mat Salleh asking a Makcik at a bus stop and when she signalled the Mat Salleh that she can't, he murmered "Jungle people..."

Just a thought...

Gosh, what beautiful skin!

Guess who's this???
With easy payment of 5 ringgit, u don't need to put on make up or write something like "me having a bad day" or such when you look like you're having a bad day everyday on your friendster picture description.

Afiqsays will get rid of your pimples, scars, blemishes, blackheads and so on and so fourth. Why waste money on facial creams and pimple gel when you can get clean luminous skin by only paying 5 ringgit. It's that easy! So what are you waiting for? (gosh this is so fake *laughs*)

People may call it photo editing...
But we call it 'bringing out the real you!'

leave the link of your picture and we'll do the work for you!
or you can call 016-2899681
yes, 016-2899681

(hahahahahaha) (btw I'm serious)
Heh. Fake company of ours. NOCTA..

more in http://nocta8.blogspot.com

Senyum psycho and phone camera whoring during group meeting.. B-ware, Brace face!

hoho... Have you seen the Sunsilk advert in the IIUM library? We, me and e re-enact that scene but of course she had her companions along. Islamic style baby! Wah.. cannot imagine how nervous I was! It was worse than my first dentist appointment. Ends well.. well.. not too well, I had a running nose so some snorting was in between our conversation.

I noticed some change in the way I talk when I was with her. My voice was gruffier and deeper. Weird huh, considering the squeeky nature of it. She heard every sentence perfectly; which was the first time since I talk like a bullet train. There was an air of understanding; and I used to wonder, since she loves canto-pop and Hong Kong movies..... *ends abruptly*Secret msg: If ur reading this e, i want u to know that im really happy that we meet eachother.. seriously. ur a lovely person inside and out.

Unc Lims and Mr Bean

The labour of Blogging.... To get away from it all... Away.. up up and away.. to the MALL!

2 days passed and I have to say it was a multi-million weekend. 2 nights ago I've gotten an idea that could possibly make me a fortune; a long term business plan. A promising idea it is. InsyaAllah...

Labour? The only people who are resting their posterior are employed workers; businessmen run wild during this time of the year, making gigantic profit.

A company I would like to point out that had continued it's business in a very progressive manner is Uncle Lim's. It is a homegrown franchise that had sprouted all over Kuala Lumpur and undoubtedly has the BEST roti kahwin in the world.

They had made it. Why hasn't any malay legendary restaurants follow their footsteps. Heard of the the 'best in the world mee udang in Sungai Dua' or Mee Abu in Alor Setar. They are practically legends or more precisely historical legends: living in history. Dying legends.

1.5% business properties in Malaysia are owned by Malays. 35% Chinese.

Employ yourself, fellow readers. Employ yourself. Entrapenuership heeds those who are valiant. It's a sunnah. Prophet Muhammad was a fellow businessman himself.

Where have I been? Mr Bean? Where I was rhymes...

With Natalia at Roti Kahwin Heaven: Uncle Lim's

Oh God... *faints*

Saper bleh habiskan nie deserves a tabik hormat!