Why are you so honest in your blog?
Why are you telling people private stuff of yourself?
How can you be so sincere in your writing?
How can I? How can I? If you know me long enough, you'll know that I possessed the talent ability to goreng or in other words to exaggerate or completely lie about something when I see the need of those actions and most of the time, I'll succeed. This habit had mounted throughout the years and I'd honed this trait to -near-perfection. This used to be a habit of mine but it evidently caused me mounting problems and so I'd stopped.

So really, truthfully, I find no trouble in exaggerating or lying when blogging and it also served me the right of having my own true space. Many entries were spiced up or completely fictional and very few of them are 100% truthful. It's the cyberspace after all where space are metaphysical and beyond the reality of truth. So why the hassle of confession? So why the need of honesty?

If truth be told, it is this one: do not believe what you read from this blog all the time, not entirely for the sake of mistrust. It is by the way afiq's BOOLESHEET.. Does the pronounciation means anything to you? And to make this entry even more ironic, would you be a dear and consider this entry to be an utter ranting of a person who was recently betrayed by his own honesty.

just a blunt appraisal of my frailty



afiq said...

Sorry for deleting the comments.

since there's 150 something readers daily, the comments were just too personal to be publish.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Irzan said...

you said it's getting personal, yet you update more often than ever.


looks like you're enjoying the attention as well. ;)

afiq said...

i think so too.. but not from my family and close friends..

i seek for attention.. i'm an attention seeker.. so be it

Irzan said...

and you label camwhoring people as "whores".

tsk tsk tsk.

pinkstiletos said...

fiq...y do sound so sad,depressed,lonely,its like u've been abandoned or something!! but i dont blame u cuz evrybody has a life rite? different from one another..!! and ur here saying and posting y r u being honest in ur blog? well..its normal u noe..cuz a llot of ppl..and some of my frens they make their own blog or page to express the way they feel..no one can blame u or hurt u cuz..maybe this is a way for u to like u said seek for attention..instead of going to counselling or go frens or family??!!so..dun worry okie fiq..just keep up the good work okie!! hehe..(oh my god..i sounds like a counselor pula dah!)
well..watever it is..this is just a comment okie!! hehe..well..gtg now..will log in to ur blog soon!! buh-bye!! have a nica day k!! da~ A'KUM!!! ^_^

afiq said...

thanbks Bee..


Anonymous said...

yo soy deprimida ...