Random thoughts

Close your eyes, set up your headphone and imagine to this song...

Ariel with The Penitent Magdalene

Well, The Gospel of Judas is selling like currypuffs... Remember what I'd blogged about concerning Judas... eh.. those who don't get a dodol(chewing gum-like subtance used by the ISA to permanently damage tireless opposers' jaw structure) about it, buy the booklah.

Loads of people ignored compliment me on my 1 month-weight loss.

Busses in KL are -whatcanisay- perfecto! I find more reason to sleep travel about on busses nowadays.

There should be a radio that can sense the rythm of our brain pulse and counter-balance it with a suitable song. Imagine this lah: you're feeling depressed and down and all of a sudden, Hilary Duff's Why Not is aired! Throw the *bleep*ing radio!!! Why not?

I better be more careful when blogging. Uncle Lee's lurking about...

I'm more accustomed to daily praying now.. Since no one is forcing me do it. Same goes to my assignments; if only the lecturers could back off a little and give it a rest: "Students, remember 2nd of June.. Ya? 2nd of June ya sisters.." and she have been saying this 2-5 times a day, and by then you would thought that the students might get a hint? nay.. hands keeps on flying here and there.. everywhere!

Stupidity has no cure, right Mirul?


mirul said...

when my name is being mentioned along with the word stupid, it can only mean 2 things: either ure asking my opinion about stupidity or you want my name to be synonymous with stupidity.

now which one is it, ambiguous afiq?

and i wonder if the sudden magdalene appearence has anything to do with leonardo i mentioned 2 posts before.

Chemistry Grad said...

haha~ men's fight ke?

interesting..i wanna see who gonna 'cry' first!

only one tough guy wins!


afiq said...

peh.. i dont think i read ur blog about leornado.. and besides the picture suits the song.

mirul said...

last 2 posts means my comment in ur last 2 posts la afiq.

btw kita gaduh ke? takde niat langsung serius. it's an exchange of opinion event.

and ladies keep out ok. hehe.

afiq ni teruk gile ah...