Kick on the butt baby!

Just when you think the porno blog: Sabul is out of town, a new kind of desease kicked in. A blog on cerita seks melayu!

Sigh. I guess blabbering about it will be not much of a use if malay surfers will always be a sex jakun once they get online.

Look at it this way then:
Malay popular drinks includes Kopi Jantan, Longjack, Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah.. etc. These drinks or medications are specified for people who wants to improve their sexual abilities. And most of the buyers are....
*press buzzer* "Malays?"
"10 points to Afiq!"

Chinese popular drinks like herb tea, Ginseng and other medicated drinks emulate good health. It clearly shows that Malaysian chinese prefer to consume anything that will improve their health hence improves their energy exertion.

Another racist thought of mine...


Anonymous said...

Afiq, do you know that in matric, Aika cafe has "Tongkat Ali" ice blended?! ... since it yummily chocolate, even girls buy it!!

Anonymous said...

btw anonymous above is Puteri =)

Chemistry Grad said...

euu..i hate tongkat ali! tak sedap! anyway afiq, ur post pendek, but sgt menyengat!

*aduuh, sakit kepalaku* nay the iklan in radio Eran kid still remember. it was soo funny!

"malay surfers will always be a sex jakun"

afiq slalu pi CC, so obvious they do that eh? afiq pun bengang! haha..apa nak buat?! menteri pelajatan masih was2 utk memperkenalkan sex education. ish ish ish...

afiq said...

heh. i really dont know why this is the case for most malay surfers. I think its the taboo stigma.. lagi org tak bagi buat, lagi dier nak buat.

The aftermath of this habit is destructive; i wouldn't want this to sound too personal but my father is one of them and what he did is had affected the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Afiq,
Good mind matter here. Well, I am sometimes surprised too that Malays are so engrossed in sex?! Drinks to boost sexual prowess, ubat from the street peddlar to cure ED, etc. You know why Chinese are not THAT into sex? We're kiasu and we're too darn busy thinking of ways to make money. And anyway, having too many kids is one sure way to burn a hole in the pockets. That, and the fact that we think 2 kids are more than enough. Also, it is believed that having too much sex is bad for health. It weakens your kidney energy and makes you age faster (lose too much energy mah). Moderation is the key. Chinese2thecore