As If

I've nothing to say. I asked for it. I know.

I've nothing against authorities. I'm no rebel. People were amused that no one approached me for my hair. I told them "Kurangkan gula dalam minuman, tambahkan manis dalam senyuman." I don't see why so many people are fussing over a few strips of ash green. It's just hair, you know.

Just hair indeed. I was rather expecting this. My initial intention was actually to see how IIUM will react to someone with a questionable fashion sense and highlighted hair. I got my answer. Sorry to say lah, but the only people who questioned me are malays. Yes, malays. My own kin. When I met a group od Sudanese girls at Kyros, they smiled and exclaimed "Ooooh, I like your hair, did you made it yourself?" Others didn't care at all. But this malay lady in the other hand whispered something at his preteen son something and passed with a smug condescending expression on her face. I prayed at a mosque and a few lecturers passing by joked "Ai, boleh ke sembahyang dye dye rambut ni." I received a lot more rude remarks about my hair. It is as if my hair is an indirect portal to my personality.

As if.

Whiny Sunday

Yesterday I made Ice Kepal and sucked the syrup with my bare lips. They told me I'm embarassing myself and told some other people "Maap la ye, dia tak matured sangat lagi." I replied "What's wrong with Ice Kepal? My bapak eats it all the time four decades ago."
"But it's so uncivilized Afiq." Peah and Dina said in unison.
I sealed my lips, having the taste of blood sipping in to my already sweetened throat. I accidentally bit myself. Immature. Maybe. Then if I'm immature, what do you call people who grabbed the ass of a burnt mascot for a photo?
Eccentric as I may be, I am not without feelings.

Where Is Afiq and What Have You Done To Him?

I've been busy with business lately. I rented a space during KAEDFest and sold my old novels and CDs. I asked Dina, a Sudanese studiomate to help me out and she opened her Henna booth. I, on the other hand used my only eligable talent of that time which was reading people's personality through their handwriting. I asked one of Dina's customers to write Saya naik feri pagi tadi, studied her handwriting and presented my findings. She was flabbergasted. A few minutes later, there was a huge crowd queuing and laughing at eachother's personality disoder. I didn't mind, since I was charging them 50 cents each and after 4 hours of 'predicting' people's private emotion, I made 60 ringgit. I wasn't predicting. Aiya. It's written psychology, something I'd learned and mastered years ago.
Some Maarof Club Members accused me for promoting a syirik practice. I accused them for being stupid.
Dina did beautiful henna designs and whenever she's bored, she'll pick a random topic to discuss. She saw me telling a friend of mine about one banned book I was selling, The Line of Beauty. "Afiq, why do you speak english to Nadira even though both of you knows how to speak malay?"
"Because she wants to. I don't mind" I answered.
"Well I won't speak english when I'm with Noor or any of my arabic speaking friends. Why would we want to speak english to eachother?"
"Some of us malays distinguish and elevate their status by speaking good english, so to tell people around them that they are considerably rich or their family is of good breed."
"I don't understand."
"Me neither, well, put it this way. I'm speaking to you in english because I can, because I was schooled in an english speaking school. Schools with english as their medium are usually private schools, which indirectly leads to another conclusion. Some are just comfortable speaking english. Whatever the reason, I would never speak english to random people. So berlagak.
"Show off."
"It's just a language Dina. People who thinks English is something to be proud of are stupid. It's, it's unIslamic"
"Where is Afiq and what have you done to him?" Dina guffowed.

In the Syariah Court:

A child was seriously abused by his parents and when the neighbours reported the crime to authorities, the child was taken away and custody was to be granted to the most suitable parent or guardian.
Judge: You were reported to be abused by both of your parents severely resulting bruises on your face and body. You will now have the choice of selecting any parent or relatives you wish to live with until you turn 18. Do you still want to live with your parents?
Child: No. They beat me everyday when they get home from work after they quarrel.
Judge: Do you prefer to live with your grandparents?
Child: I'd lived with them before and they beat me whenever I do something wrong, even when I accidentally drop a glass of water.
Judge: Do you want to live with any of your aunts or uncles?
Child: No. They are the worst aunts and uncles anyone could ever have. They even helped my parents by beating me when my parents aren't home.
Judge: Considering your case, I will make it possible for you to seek foster care. Who do you recommend?
Child: The Malaysian Football Team
Court was silenced by the child's statement.
Judge: *confused* May I ask why?
Child: Because I heard they never beat anyone.

Some Pictures of My Trip to Bali

Afiq and his surfing instructor

Barong Dance

Art Museum

Silver earrings


Monyet miang

Popiah Ubud


Kecak Dance

Kuta Beach entrance

Denpasar airport

Stranded traveller

Selipar Bata dan tikar


I've been thinking.
Why Islam forbids personification and potrayal of religious icons? Why do we not see pictures of angels and satan fashionably swirling around muffs of clouds? Why do we not see potraits of the birth of Muhammad, alongside the spirits of selected women? Why muslims are not allowed to showcase lively statues in their homes?
Right. Let's all imagine resurrection. Or the flight to heaven. You will notice that our imagination is not much different from the potrayal of heaven and hell by Christian artists during the Renaissance period. Heaven: pearly gates beside a golden desk where an admin angel can be spotted. Four thirst-quenching rivers consisting of wine, milk, pure water and honey. Etcetra, etcetra. Angels in our imagination are beings with fluffy swan-like wings and has an inhumanely beautiful complexion. So beautiful, indulging in mere sight of it is blinding. Satan is standing goat with horns, typically red with fashionable hardcore-rock bracings.
For most, this mystical collaboration is accepted as the definite images of the unimaginable. Abominable as it is, we can never hold guard to the temptation of thinking the unthinkable, it is something a lot of us hold on to, something we can all work for. Thus strengthening our steadfastness and discipline in our religion. But all is done in a quest of uncertainty with these qualities, when bloated with nonsensical promises will result complacency, contentment and ignorance.
I thought about this a long time ago about how sentences in the Quran successfully translated scientific details in chemistry, geography, arts, history and physics. So specific that western scientist are referring to the Quran to guide their next discovery, all the while decyphering the mysterious content of the Quran. And here we are, thinking angels are flying humanlike beings and heaven being a fantasy island where we can relinquish our longed fantasy.
I do believe the mysterious occurence of prophets but I do believe however that their hikmats or mystical gifts are scientific applications beyond the understanding of the current times.
There's no such thing as magic. There is of course illusions created by satan to manipulate human minds as to capture their attention and bring the deviant believers to the podium of worship. Because Lucifer had promised God to divert our beliefs and will do everything he possibly can to bring chaos and disaster. And that's that.
It was mentioned in holy scribes that there's an angel that coats the earth with his wings to protect it from disasters. Instead of imagining a large beautiful man hugging the globe with its cascading wings, I am positive that it is a term used to describe the ozone layer. Angels are but natural elements guided by a mysterious single force; God. I do however comply with the possibility of angels embodying human being. I do not consider it as a mystical phenomena but a process of becoming, not known in my generation.

It is not hard to think why God allowed pictures and paintings of religious icons during the early years of christianity, when the religion is still valid. With the abundance of illiteracy and ignorance, images are the only comprehendable model in which the teaching of God can be understood by a vast audience. Same goes to Judaism. With the coming of time and modern technology that speeds up the discovery of every aspect of life, Christianity and Judaism began to evolve into different sects of understanding, which is in my opinion, an insult to human perception of a higher power(when a human being is responsible of correcting and changing god's words.)

Iqra'. Read. It is perfect conceptual redefining of human belief. When the rest of the world defy their religious teachings, thinking it to be step back from the future, we muslims should embrace it as its content and understanding is vital in revitalizing peace, while it lasts. I for one, want a safe environment for my future kids and wife and should we all diminish the misconception of Islam, peace is acquirable.

This is the age of knowledge. The age where knowledge is used to sustain the world. And subsequently encourage the coming of its destruction.

Should you believe or agree in whatever written here, I wish that you make your own collection of thoughts to rectify my understanding. I, in this course of life, have to admit that being twenty, my knowledge on certain things are limited. Tengtedennnnng~~~


Yesterday I and four other friends were eating supper at Human Science Canteen. Three guys, two girls. A group of heavily clad sisters approached us and gave me a small paper. "Oh nak mintak derma ke?" was my first thought. I focused my attention from them to the paper and read:

Maaf jikalau anda adalah pasangan suami isteri. Kalau tidak, tidak sopan jika lelaki dan perempuan bergaul bersama. Adalah tanggungjawab kami untuk menegur sesama sendiri. Hormatlah peraturan Universiti. Hormatlah Agama Islam!

I laughed my head off.

Telco Sentiments

Been busy with university registration and stuff...
One uncle had once told me to switch to Celcom because it's a malay company. A malay company. And Digi's a Jewish company. And Maxis and Ho'link (as pronounced by Siti) are Indian companies.
True. Very true. But it's really very weird when we get down to business and the business I'm talking about is BigBucks Telco Commercialism. They're all about advertising their brand, positively everywhere to anyone. And woohoo-jolly-meat-slacker-slap-me, it's all good. What's not good is perhaps the contradicting reality of the much spoken sentiment.
Digi for starters had used its flat rate as its forte as they would charge our calls in a static price. This of course is a great move as we could plan our calls more ardently. The advertisment KuBersamaMu is rather yellow. Just Fat. And Yellow. And Chinese. No comment. I would love to see a fat yellow indian for a change. Its telly commercial is rather rooted and local. But still chinese. You know what? Chinese has always been the tell-tale example of quality spending. So I rest my case.
Hotlink's rate is amazingly confusing, confusingly fun. It's like a game by itself, except that you'll be spending a whole lot of money that revolves around edges and corners, and pitts. And when the month comes to the end, you'll sulk over how much you'd spent. Like a spiritually wounded otaku gamer. The advertisment is locally relatable and very TeenyBopish. Dekat KL free hair, dekat Terengganu pakai tudung. They don't really hit the spot when it comes to their telly commercial. All in all, you'll have no idea that it is runned by an Indian.
Celcom's is Bangbangboom (<--note that it's a song by the Moffats). Loud and expressive. Its call rates rockets and sinks. Boinkboink. Celcom is a wise choice for consumers who has no concern of their mobile phone expenditure because it has so many things to offer and it could possibly ease your life a bit but squeeze your pocket as you go along with it. Like a temple monkey. Its advertisment is extremely expensive. Good branding lah but take a better look at it and you'll realize that it's very orangputeh oriented. You know how malays just adore orangputeh lookalikes or orangputeh themselves. (otak masih dijajah) So yes, very malay. Very typical. You know how malay consumers are amiable suckers. So there you go.
Sentiments. Can't live without it.

Day Two

Guess what. Remember the Orangputeh I blogged about in the later entry? We had breakfast together. Cycle of life. He's from New Zealand. Being a timid Asian, I withdrew myself from his ideal chat. Typical of Malaysians.
I did a little bit of surfing in the morning and bodysurfed in the evening. I prefer body surfing. It's easier (and cheaper) The board cost 50 thousand rupiah as oppose to the long surfing board's 100 thousand rupiah. RM1 = 2500 rupiah. You do the math. My face is now several shades darker along with my forearms and legs. I had myself a tattoo. Fake lah. Inai. A gecko. I accidentally ate ham (pork). It tasted different from beef ham so I asked the waiter lah, astaga mas, kenapanya tidak bilang! He shook his shoulders.
I got my self tanned but only for an hour. English people, and their endless remarks. Gossipy, those British folks. My highlights are becoming obvious than ever, thanks to the sea water. Now how am I supposed to return to UIA, with my highlighted hair and over-tanned skin. Otaku-style caucasian lah. Biarlah mereka dan umpatan mereka. They (UIA admin) should learn a few things about diversity of culture. Moie. Otaku Justice! Yataaa.
The television shows here are so different. Their context quality is poorer than RTM's. Serious shit. The actors are too goodlooking. The girls are super slutty. And the good guys either wear a tudung or kopiah. Stereotype habis.
I'd come to find that we Malaysians are very katak di bawah tempurung with the telly inside the tempurung. As in we know a lot ot trivial facts but refuse to indulge in it. Malaysians. Not chinese nor malay. Not indians. Malaysians. Malaysians here likes to visit temples and beaches only to take pictures of themselves with an alien backdrop. Click-click-click. Most of the Balinese were surprised that I took the effort to talk to them. Yep, to talk to them. Orang Malaysier sombong bangat, kata mereka. I don't know how far this is from truth but coming out from their mouths... I can't help to wonder.
No offence.
And I think I know why we Malaysians like to read controversial news and trivial facts rather than real life experiences:
Malaysia's most watched show: Bulletin Utama.
Most read material: Newspaper.
Figures. Life is more than fly-over accidents and affairs and Siti Mengandung? Much more than inflation.