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Shooting Projek Merdeka Adik

It is our first production as a team and I cannot be anymore prouder to be a part of it. The whole day was filled with chaos and adrenaline but it was all good fun. I cannot remember having more fun than I had that day. I know for surelah, that my purpose in life is to direct films. All the photos you're about to see were taken by my cool uncle Paksu Art.

Fun. Fun. Fun. I can't wait to start working for a production house. Can you imagine.... every day would be like last Saturday... Heaven man, Heaven!

Hannah Yeoh Community Meeting at SS17

To date, I've been to UMNO, PKR and PAS's community meetings but never to DAP's. So when I saw banners around Subang Jaya SS17 that promotes DAP's community meeting, I made it a point to be present during the meeting.

The atmosphere is very different compared to any other meetings I attended because it was very non-political. There were no procession, no entourage and notably no ass kissing (sponsors)

Issues raised were about the welfare of the community. In the UMNO community meeting I attended at Keramat, issues raised were like 'Anwar Ibrahim agen yahudi' and 'Nik Aziz dah nyanyuk'. Hannah Yeoh highlighted problems faced by the community like parking, security, accomodations for disabled people etc.
The Q&A session was also very different from all the community meetings I attended. The people here asked about increasing crime rate and the yes (sigh), the lack of parking space. I attended the Q&A session with Azmin Ali at Gombak and one of the question asked was "Adakah BN sudah terdesak sehingga menggunakan taktik buruk seperti....blablabla"
If you haven't notice it yet, we can see here how the rakyat shaped our leaders. Because people in SS17 are well off and adequately educated, their concerns are mostly about the neighbourhood's welfare whereas in Gombak, people there are more interested in political ideologies.
So in a nutshell, for teenagers out there who have yet to incline yourselves with any political ideologies, we the rakyat shape our leaders. Sample with any case studies and you will find that this is true anywhere.

The World Is Coming To An End

I hear people say "Kiamat dah dekat" so many times nowadays that even though I know for a fact that doomsday is inevitable, I'll pretend to be an atheist and tell them otherwise, just to annoy them. Get over it.

I also know for a fact that these muslims are not the only people obsessed about doomsday.

We Meet Again

Hi blog, long time no see. I've been so busy lately that I didn't have any spare thoughts (or time) for my blog. People usually blog a lot where there are so many things going on for them. I blog less because I don't blog about my life. I'm boring like that yo!
I'm currently writing the narration for my first ever TV commercial video that will be screened on Astro. At first, I wanted it to be in english but after much consideration, I've decided to change it to malay.
From a personal point of view, english seems like a better choice because I express my ideas more aptly in english. But by having the commercial done in english I will alienate the malay majority because the commercial will be screened on channels like Astro Prima and Ria, channels dedicated to malay viewers.
And also, all the press I got so far are from english newpapers, magazines and news portal. I've only been in Utusan Malaysia once! After noting the pros and cons of changing the narration from english to malay, it became apparent to me that this commercial video might be my 'debut' in the malay media world.
As I'm writing this, I remembered how very badly I wanted to be a creative director for commercial videos two years ago. I can't believe I am a step closer of achieving exactly that so I better make this one count!

Shooting of Projek Merdeka Adik This Saturday

WE NEED EXTRAS for an exciting Merdeka Project! : D
We were commisioned to make a short and sweet Merdeka PSA (Public Service Announcement) video. The commercial video will then be screened on Astro Prima from August to September.
Our PSA is entitled "Projek Merdeka Adik". It's about a little girl who inspires her neighbours to pull a rope for no known reason. (it's actually a huge flag. shhhh....)
We need 50 extras to pull off this epic project.
If you're living near Subang Jaya like Shah Alam or Petaling Jaya, you are more than invited to join in the fun. If you live further away but still want to be included in the video, by all means!
You can also bring your family and friends because we will also have a picnic right after shooting.
Benefits of being an Extra for "Projek Merdeka Adik":
-You get to be on Astro Prima
-DVD of the video and behind the scenes clips will be given to all participants.
-Enjoyable picnic (with family and friends)
-Wear clothes that you would normally wear to a playground.
-Clothes must be of certain combination of colours:
1. White
2. Any shade of Gray
3. Black
4. Light Purple
5. Light Blue
6. Light Pink
7. Light Green.
-Please avoid wearing anything Yellow, Red and Dark Blue.
Details are as followed:
Video: Merdeka commercial video
Date: 26th June 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 1.30pm - 5pm
Location: SS17 Playground Subang Jaya (near Subang Parade and Empire Shopping Complex)
To confirm your participation, state your 1.Name and 2.Phone number to: via Facebook,email or my phone 0162899681

Budak Kurang Ajar

Kurang Ajar is an overrated expression because it now serves as a curse word, not an apt expression of frustration for the behavior it describes. I've even heard a mat rempit shouting 'kurang ajar' to another mat rempit because the other mat rempit forgot to pay his mamak bill
The meaning and definition of kurang ajar is now so diluted it can be used to express dissatisfaction in general. Because KL youths use kurang ajar to each other often, could it be that they are themselves the very personafication of kurang ajar?
Okay, maybe I'm a little 'kampung' and therefore judgemental but KL teenagers are getting more and more kurang ajar nowadays. Last year when my cousin's friends from KL spent a night at my grandmother's house, they didn't make any initiative to interact with our family at all. Instead they acted rowdy and expected to be served like glorified guests.
The same can be said to a pair of girls who visited us 3 nights ago. For an hour, they did nothing but texting on their blackberries, ignoring the whole famiy. That is what I call 'kurang ajar'.
A friend told me that the kurang ajar attitude is common among KL teenagers. "They are extremely calculative Afiq. If they don't see how they can get anything in return by being nice, they won't."
"But don't their parents teach them basic manners?" I inquired.
"They are the products of the latch key kids generation. Their interaction with older people are kept to a minimum like during Raya and... yea, just Raya."
I also notice that my friends who comes from other states are adequately respectful to older people so my assumption that the 'kurang ajar' attitude stems from cultures cauldrened by KL is reinforced.
If we blame the bustling life of KL city as the cause of their kurang-ajarness, Tokyo is a few times busier than KL and yet their citizens are considered as one of the most polite people in the world.

Yesterday, it was announced that they are demolishing the old prison because it was considered an eyesore. I was livid when I heard the announcement. Pudu Prison is a heritage site so how can it even considered as an eyesore? It's not hard to read between the lines though, I'm sure we are all thinking the same thing: valuable land = redevelopment = profit = duh. My cousin Hariz supported the demolition. He said we shouldn't keep old buildings because it serves no purpose to us. I disagreed.

"So should we throw away photos and journals of our ancestors? We might as well kill 'purpose-less' folks at the old folks home."

And these KL teenagers, sure they are not literally killing their grandparents but they are killing any chance of learning anything from them by shutting them away from their lives.

Is that how we view things of relatively old age now? And is it the same attitude we opt for older people who we think will not serve us any return benefits?

Will Internet kill the video star?



I had an amazing birthday. It was fun, exciting, guilt-free and exhilarating all bundled up in a cool Levi's recycle bag. My last few days were filled with one of christian's greatest sins: gluttony!

I had more than enough pasta carbonara, mee hoon sup (lembu), ribs and a dozen of japanese dishes. I felt very blessed to be surrounded by my beloved family who loves me unconditionally.

The highlight of my awesome birthday was something I've been wanting for ages. Since the age of 11, I've always wanted a G-Shock watch. Every year, I would reserve a G-Shock watch as one of my birthday gift wishes (which never came true). As I get older, I only mention G-Shock in passing, thinking that it's good to keep my dreams alive just for the sake of it. Like last year, I jokingly listed G-Shock watch on the FOUR GIFTS I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE:

Who would've known that 13 years later, that dream came true and I'm now a proud owner of a Tough Solar G-Shock watch!

Dreams DO come true.

: )

I'm 23 Today!

I'm unusually happy today. No surprises, no cakes, no celebration but I'm freakishly happy. I think I'm extremely happy because:
1. I went to Sunway Lagoon with my cousins Nael and Nisa. They are the actors who starred in Tok Nab's Guest Room.
2. In approximately one week, we will start shooting Projek Merdeka Adik.
3. In three months, I will go to Japan.
4. I am in good health, although I am aiming to lose 10kg before the Japan trip.
5. I am learning the keyboard/piano. At last!
That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are heaps more but I will not overthink the cosmic cycle of bliss.
So Afiq, you're 23. What will you want to do next?
I want make a feature film to be showcased in Malaysian cinemas. I want to join international film festival circuits. I want to make a zombie movie. I want to make music videos for international artistes. I want to be a good muslim. I want to write and publish a fantasy novel. I want to run a full marathon. I want to be featured in KLUE. I want to be a good muslim.

I'm Going to Japan

I initally wanted to go to either Korea or Japan. Korea because of its kimchi (I LOVE KIMCHI) and Park Chan Wook and Japan for its alien cultures. After much deliberation, I decided to choose Japan because the country and its inhabitants are my no.1 source of inspiration.
I've always been intrigued by the Japanese culture. They are courteous yet extreme. Introverted yet expressive. Methodic yet creative. They created Naruto. Period.

My favourite writer Haruki Murakami is from Japan. My favourite mangaka Tsugumi Ohma (Death Note) is from Japan. Even one of my favourite film directors Kiyoshi Kurokawa is Japanese.

It is suffice to say that Japan plays a big role in influencing the way I approach my art. My most admired trait of Japanese people are their inventiveness. Films like Cure, Battle Royale, Suicide Club and Tokyo Story (Ozu's) helped shaped my approach in filmmaking.

I also love their work ethics. I once watched a documentary about a filmmaker's life in Japan. Basically the camera crew followed the filmmaker around for one whole day to discover where he gets his inspiration (because he is so awesome) When they arrived at his home, I was surprised to find out that he lives in a small but practical apartment. This revelation sent shivers down my spine.

Here is a blockbuster film director who can easily afford a luxurious condominium or bungalow house in the village but he decided to live in a small apartment. Why? He said because his enjoyment doesn't come from the size of his living room or his furnitures. I can vividly remember the subtitles "My bliss comes from my art and its process."

*Inspirational tears*

I bought audio lessons and I am currently learning how to speak Japanese to prepare for my one week trip there this September. I also find it odd that some of the most exciting things that comes in mind when I fantasize about going to Japan are the pod hotels:

Criss-crossing roads for pedestrians:

and their street performance and cosplay exhibition at Harajuku:

Hah! Watashi wa j┼Źdan o itte iru!

That's more like it. Shugoi desne?

It's That Time of The Year Again

I was uncharacteristically somber last night. I reminisced about my painful past and shed a few warm tears under the comforter for several hours. Maybe it was the DVD I just watched. Yeah, maybe it was "The Homeless Student". Maybe it was the first episode of Parenthood. Maybe it was Kiyoshi Kurokawa's Cure. Or maybe, it's that time of the year.
My point of existence is looming and I am beginning to feel melancholic. I know what this is. It's my annual pre-birthday depression. Every year, a week before the 19th of June, I will unexplainably become a self-pitiful and emotionally vulnerable wreck. Even though these bouts of depressions are psychological, it sometimes takes its toll physically as well.
But not this year, no no. I have too many things to do this month to reciprocate this cycle of belligerence. I will do my very best to stay positive before and after my birthday. FIGHTING!
I am also still selling 2 tickets to any european country or Los Angeles so I can buy an iMac this month to edit and render Projek Merdeka Adik in HD. So please please please spread the word.

Another Hiatus - Making Projek Merdeka Adik

This blog is going through yet another hiatus. My hiatus is when I blog about films, emotions, feelings, music, you know, subjects people would usually ignore. I know how people expect me to write about current issues in a pseudo-liberal perspective but because I'm currently focusing on my new creation, I won't be able to 'say it as it is'.
Because fiction is more fun.
So it's not exactly a hiatus. It's just a hiatus from contemporary issues.
I'm currently going over and over and over with Projek Merdeka Adik's script. It'll be my first televised video so I want to impart as much 'Afiq-ness' as I possible can but at the same time, make the video approachable to the masses.
What in the re-incarnated bejeebus is Afiq-ness? If I only I knew. I like to draw my inspirations from works by Park Chan Wook and Kiyoshi Kurosawa. For me, both filmmakers are sages when it comes to expressing a relatable human emotion in the most bizzare way possible. Their films also have a certain black sorrow quality. It is a sort of sorrow that it literally unexpressable and yet, viewers will feel strong emotions that are NOT expressed by the actors.
Even though Projek Merdeka Adik has a simple and playful storyline, I want people to smile when they watch the video for the first time and feel a ball of sorrow stuck in their throat when they think about the video the next day.
Is that even possible?
There's only one way to find out!

Insignificant Moments

It's pretty random since I only take pictures when I feel like it. Most of the pictures were taken during insignificant moments because I only take pictures with my phone when I'm bored and I don't get bored easily.

This here is a huge ass chandelier in Masjid Wilayah. It is by far the scariest looking chandelier I have ever seen. I will totally avoid praying underneath this Final Destination catalyst of death.
I went back to Alor Setar to belanja the whole family sushi and steamboat. There's no steamboat in this picture because Bapak hasn't arrived yet with the pots and what not.
Sushi from the only sushi shop in Alor Setar, Mr. Miyata.
I bought a beginner's keyboard at Alor Setar. Damn cheap!
Sleeping on the train is not exactly a pleasant experience but it is an experience I'm addicted to.
Mock Cheque giving ceremony.
Briefing with other winners at UPM
Sedap betul Mee Kuah ni. I had 5 helpings of these strangely addictive noodles.
At Kinokuniya's film section. I spent an hour reading up on noir.
The contrast between the ceiling and floor is amusing.
Mac and Cheese yang tak berapa jadi because I used two too many yolks.
Once a beautiful fountain, this cesspool is now a public toilet for joggers with bladder problems at Taman Rimba.
Oren the cat.
An unfinished train structure. If I am not mistaken, it was bombed by the Japanese.

I've always wanted to take a dump on a vibrating toilet seat, but this will do for now.
TV9 is leading Tok's weekly Doa.
Imma moth.
On my way to Alor Setar by car. This landscape somehow reminded me of LOTR.
Revenge served cold (to a branded shop promoter yang berlagak nak mampos)
One of Knifey's outings.
Stuck in traffic jam.

Uneventful lunar eclipse. We had Paddlepops.