It's That Time of The Year Again

I was uncharacteristically somber last night. I reminisced about my painful past and shed a few warm tears under the comforter for several hours. Maybe it was the DVD I just watched. Yeah, maybe it was "The Homeless Student". Maybe it was the first episode of Parenthood. Maybe it was Kiyoshi Kurokawa's Cure. Or maybe, it's that time of the year.
My point of existence is looming and I am beginning to feel melancholic. I know what this is. It's my annual pre-birthday depression. Every year, a week before the 19th of June, I will unexplainably become a self-pitiful and emotionally vulnerable wreck. Even though these bouts of depressions are psychological, it sometimes takes its toll physically as well.
But not this year, no no. I have too many things to do this month to reciprocate this cycle of belligerence. I will do my very best to stay positive before and after my birthday. FIGHTING!
I am also still selling 2 tickets to any european country or Los Angeles so I can buy an iMac this month to edit and render Projek Merdeka Adik in HD. So please please please spread the word.


ina said...

the tickets kan, ada a certain month ke kena pergi? like during july je ke?

n how much r u selling? ke depend on which country i choose?

Afiq Deen said...

Its from july to november. Its only 3000 to any european countries or LA (return ticket). You have to confirm the ticket a month b4 departure.