I'm Going to Japan

I initally wanted to go to either Korea or Japan. Korea because of its kimchi (I LOVE KIMCHI) and Park Chan Wook and Japan for its alien cultures. After much deliberation, I decided to choose Japan because the country and its inhabitants are my no.1 source of inspiration.
I've always been intrigued by the Japanese culture. They are courteous yet extreme. Introverted yet expressive. Methodic yet creative. They created Naruto. Period.

My favourite writer Haruki Murakami is from Japan. My favourite mangaka Tsugumi Ohma (Death Note) is from Japan. Even one of my favourite film directors Kiyoshi Kurokawa is Japanese.

It is suffice to say that Japan plays a big role in influencing the way I approach my art. My most admired trait of Japanese people are their inventiveness. Films like Cure, Battle Royale, Suicide Club and Tokyo Story (Ozu's) helped shaped my approach in filmmaking.

I also love their work ethics. I once watched a documentary about a filmmaker's life in Japan. Basically the camera crew followed the filmmaker around for one whole day to discover where he gets his inspiration (because he is so awesome) When they arrived at his home, I was surprised to find out that he lives in a small but practical apartment. This revelation sent shivers down my spine.

Here is a blockbuster film director who can easily afford a luxurious condominium or bungalow house in the village but he decided to live in a small apartment. Why? He said because his enjoyment doesn't come from the size of his living room or his furnitures. I can vividly remember the subtitles "My bliss comes from my art and its process."

*Inspirational tears*

I bought audio lessons and I am currently learning how to speak Japanese to prepare for my one week trip there this September. I also find it odd that some of the most exciting things that comes in mind when I fantasize about going to Japan are the pod hotels:

Criss-crossing roads for pedestrians:

and their street performance and cosplay exhibition at Harajuku:

Hah! Watashi wa j┼Źdan o itte iru!

That's more like it. Shugoi desne?


hana said...

japan, cherry blossom ^_^

azuwa said...

it's 'sugoi desu ne.' must work more on your Nihongo :p

Afiq Deen said...

Is it now? I'm learning Japanese with mp3 audio lessons so part tulis menulis bahasa jepun (in english) afiq tak tahu. You've been to Japan?

Siti said...

Afiq,i sent u a mail about buying your tickets.

azuwa said...

hahaa.. never been there. but I studied Nihongo myself. not too much but I know the basic grammar, tho.

you should start learning Hiragana and Katakana. and with the internet your learning process should be easier.

Nihongo isn't hard, so good luck and have fun!

Gambatte ne :)