Goofy movie

Due to the Petroleum price war... bla bla bla.. it's the weekends so unlike everybody else I indulge myself in my own fantasy..

What if I'm one of the actors in The Matrix Triology...

as Agent Madba from Pengkalan Chepa

me as The Crow

Just to show that you don't have to be in Hollywood for your promo pics. Afiq's in the house and will do the editing for you. (max charge 5 ringgit) Oh.. I'm serious.

May Resolution

29th of April.. It's almost May man! And I haven't tick off half of my new year resolution yet! Yikes! Heh, If you're feeling sympathetical towards me, turn off you monitor and observe your reflection. You hear me right: OBSERVE. Have your face trim down together with your weight considering the 4 months of resoluting --have to lose weight--

Let's start anew people! Let's do it! This Saturday or Sunday will be the time of change. The time of transformation. Metamorphosis. These are several ways to visualize change:

~Buy a new sketchbook. All empty and white and start the new page with: I'm reborn.
~Do this at night: hug your bantal busuk and say to him/her: for you, I will change.
~Do this at 12 in the afternoon: Talk to the abang kedai air and tell him all about your new resolution.
~Do this at midnight: Sing 'this boots are made for walking.........'
~And the most effective method: Go SHOPPING... yeehaw!

~Write down your resolution again and swallow it; I suggest writing them on a piece of bread with melted chocolate. Wait till it's hardened and do what you've been doing profusely for 4 months: eat it!

~Why am I doing this? This is so CLEOish....

triple sigh....

This decade marks the spot for late marriages, a far cry 10 years ago. Facts and surveys... you know them all! Work, money, time and (giggles) personal space. if you're 21 years old right now, a student and ambitious, you'll probably be married when you're 35.

35, the peak of womanhood. So right now you're more comfortable calling your spouse 'my boo'. --Marriage will have to wait-- I agree whole heartedly but my brain tells me otherwise. It just does. Tsk. How many 'boos' will you have to go through till you find true love?

see you next class e!!

Eragon the Movie!!!

Read Eragon or Eldest yet? Not yet ar? Go buy and read lah... so we can complain about the lack of details in the movie soon... alah, like what we did when we watched Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Fun what to be an Eragon know-it-all. We can whisper to our neighbours of what's going to happen next to Eragon in the cinema. Imagine this scenario:
friend: Have you watched Eragon?
you: not yet but I've read the book
friend: *impressed*
you: well.. u know me...
haha... cool kan? Oh... Afiq and his lame jokes

judge n bury

I've been buying teh ais every evening in UIA at the same shop since I studied here; making me a teh ais regular. But this random sequent of action was a tad disturbing when the abang air perpared me my teh ais when he caught me in sight yesterday.

abang air: Teh ais dek?
afiq: Nescafe ais satu *trying to sound confident despite my eagerness of drinking my teh ais*
abang air: Teh ais taknak dek?
afiq: bagi dua-dua lah

I threw away the Nescafe ais when he was no longer able to see me.. Ego you say? Maybe... But the point is: I hate being judged! So don't. No one likes to be judged!
Kepada abang kedai air:

And the Gubra post-trauma: It's a phucking FICTIONAL MOVIE. Not a bloody documentary!

To clear things up.. Al*** is Alema, a blogger. I don't think this kind of response is suitable from a person I didn't insult. Maybe tersilap orang kot....

Interesting day

Since I'm feeling rebelious for the time being --here u go-- a song from Fightstar

Ever walk pass a group of guys and gave them a simple gesture? let say.. a wave and a twitchy smile before realizing that you're being completely, I mean completely ignored. Yep, they were in a middle of guy-talking. *fact* Guy-talking is a mode of conversation that revolves around no particular subject; it's an apprehension of each other's machoism. For example:

guy1: Ko pergi tak Sungei Wang tadi?
guy2-5: *mumbles*
guy1: Boring Sial!
guy3: Looked at guy2's pants... and anounced Wei! Seluar baru siot!
guy1-5: *mumbles*

Well it's pretty much predictable from there on. Ala... there's always a macho acting group of boys anywhere in this world. So what to do lor... I was ignored.. A quick glance at them and before I was too far from them. "Oi Sh****! Lawa seluar dalam, Kiko ek?"

.....Gedegung.... Love every second of it.

... ............... ............ ............. .................. ...

And another interesting scenario that happened today includes a nerdy girl who had started hanging out with a couple of "cool" girls.

Afiq: Hey Al***, dah check Afdlin Shauki punyer blog?
Al***: .......
Afiq: Al***! Haloo...
"cool" friend beside her: Dier cakap ngan u ke?
Al***: Ntah... rolled her eyes and fake a giggle..

To Al*** yang 'whatever', I know you're reading this... pronounce each letter out loud: Don't worry, you're just


Aiyo, we're in a University already lah kengkawan. We are no more in highschool! Gosh...

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it."

Double sigh......

Since I've loads of free time, I decided to make my own research on miscellaneous historical events. Sorting them and reassembled pieces of misinterpreted facts. It is only an amatuer research done by an 18 year old so it's up to you if you want to make sense of it....

First thing first: to my kind commenter Aput, there s no such person as Jesus Barabbas. You might have mistaken the word Barnabas which is the Gospel that had the story of Jesus's crucification.

Another fresh and shocking fact: The Gospel of Judas was just recovered last year and was restored this year, having 85% of its original content. (watch Discovery Channel lately?)

Muslims believed that Judas was the person crucified based on the Gospel of Barnabas. The Church denied Gospel of Barnabas's credibility, and was labelled as a product of forgery.

The new found Gospel of Judas has the story of Jesus's life, similar to the rest of the disciple's gospel but does not have the story of Jesus's crucification. It ends abruptly at the part where Jesus was supposedly caught. Why so? Logically, Judas was not present during the crucification! He was simply crucified.

The famous kiss given by Judas was therefore not an act of moral grotesque but simply a gesture of thanks from Jesus to Judas. Booyah!

Any transformation that had taken place: NO! Judas, to start off has a striking resemblance to Jesus. It was told in all the discples' Gospels that Judas features are similar to Jesus's and had many times confused Mary, Jesus's mother.

So that's that. Erm, yes... this is only an amatuer study and if I dissapear from this world in an abrupt manner, you have the church to blame. --just a playful disclaimer--

There're more I would like to discuss concerning the Last Supper painting particularly about MARY MAGDALENE, but I'll save that for later...


First day in

Me looking not too happy with my new haircut
Gotten my haircut 2 days ago. The result, as expected: chinese looking. As expected in terms of repeated experiences with different barbers. Malay barbers, Chinese barbers, Indian barbers... they all gave chinese haircuts. Dimanakah KEADILAN!!??

If you have no idea of whatever I was writing about in my previous post, rest assure that there's nothing wrong with you; it's me! It's all me!!! Sigh..(feeling pathetic)

Hiya! *popped out from under the closet with two celery sticks making sizzling noises* Afiq's back for good! UIA here I come!!!

Preperation wise: I bought a cool new bag. A bag I can customized into my own. A bag that will turn heads. Just a bag. To think of it, I'm pretty much a bag addict. At least I have non-beneficial / non-destructive addiction. I would like to be addicted to praying though.... Allah, If you're keen on reading blogs, make me a praying addict. Amin....

The bag's name... Vitruvian Bear

Very symbolic heh.. Ala... It means these ppl written on Vitruvian Bear's legs are my primary supporters: family ler....


Productive holiday. it had produce an extra inch on my waist. I've not blogged for a week. Good rest really.

Good rest indeed. PS2 all night long!!!! Back to business. Back to studying. To fuel new emotions, new experiences.

To other bloggers who had flooded my mail with 'where are u?? update update!" well, the picture above is dedicated to you.

Before you proceed, I want to make it clear that I'm not against Christianity at all.

I'd reread Davinci Code twice and made some research of my own; amatuerly done by the way. I'm no history professor! A bit of Dan Brown personal research was quite astounding especially the part that concluded that there were many hints of Mary Magdalene's significance to Christianity.

Especially in disney movies. Bare with me: It was said that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus PBUH and she carries Jesus's daughter and therefore a secret bloodline was introduced. Hmm.... Jesus had a wife and a daughter. Quite a stir isn't? To have such tales will invalidate the Roman Catholic Church (which is by the way, Male dominated) Everything about Christianity is male dominated with the exception of Protestants. If the tale is proven true, Vatican will be at no use and Priests are no longer needed. Again, hmm....

Mary Magdalene is now potrayed as a poor prostitute. Get it? The church labelled her so further study of her will be abolished. Read the book and make your own conclusionlah..

And since the gospel of Judas was introduced and luckily protected from the church, it shows an extremely shocking outlook of Jesus's crucifiction. An outlook that validates Islam's perspective on how Jesus died: he did not die. His body was simply replaced by the betrayer WHICH was Judas!

Everything is making sense now! Okay... not everything.,,

The bit about the Disney movie:

In the Little Mermaid, Ariel was potrayed to be a princess with long red hair and there was a bit in the movie where the painting of The Penitent Magdalene by Georges de la Tour was in Ariel's under water home.

There's more but I think I'll save some for later.



(syok sendiri log)

Writer's block.. Not like I'm one. *bwek* but it seems that too much relaxation is sometimes hazardous.. Sometimes. Sometimes enlightening. But always so very boring.. So very boring.

Handphone ader rosak sket.... so hantar service yang suke meng sms tuh... pahe pahe jolah...

I'm 5kg phucking fatter.. thanks to santan! Santan is evil I tell you.... That's why dier dekat dekat ngan Satan. Santan is Satan's food. Buahahahaaha...

Hair out of order.. Everytime I shower I'll go -phoo phoo- tgh tiup hair outta my mouth.

Call me fatty fatty boom boom...


Modern Hijab Poem

*Merci Lubna*
What do you see when you look at me
Do you see someone limited, or someone free
All some people can do is just look and stare
Simply because they can't see my hair
Others think I am controlled and uneducated
They think that I am limited and un-liberated
They are so thankful that they are not me
Because they would like to remain 'free'
Well free isn't exactly the word I would've used
Describing women who are cheated on and abused
They think that I do not have opinions or voice
They think that being hooded isn't my choice
They think that the hood makes me look caged
That my husband or dad are totally outraged
All they can do is look at me in fear
And in my eye there is a tear
Not because I have been stared at or made fun of
But because people are ignoring the One up above
On the day of judgment they will be the fools
Because they were too ashamed to play by their own rules
Maybe the guys won't think I am a cutie
But at least I am filled with more inner beauty
See I have declined from being a guy's toy
Because I won't let myself be controlled by a boy
Real men are able to appreciate my mind
And aren't busy looking at my behind
Hooded girls are the ones really helping the Muslim cause
The role that we play definitely deserves applause
I will be recognized because I am smart and bright
And because some people are inspired by my sight
The smart ones are attracted by my tranquility
In the back of their mind they wish they were me
We have the strength to do what we think is right
Even if it means putting up a life long fight
You see we are not controlled by a mini skirt and tight shirt
We are given only respect, and never treated like dirt
So you see, we are the ones that are free and liberated
We are not the ones that are sexually terrorized and violated
We are the ones that are free and pure
We're free of STD's that have no cure
So when people ask you how you feel about the hood
Just sum it up by saying, 'Baby its all good'

Tudung, hijjab: to wear or not to wear?

Currently reading The Davinci Code

SO what's up lah?

Hijjab. Tudung. To wear or not to wear?

My first impression on this issue is a blunt YES but considering my family background and friends, it seems that no one (except my mom lah) wears hijjab. No one. Why ah? I would be considered ignorant if I were to start this topic with a statement like this ~ It's a Muslim women's responsibility to cover their aurah and therefore...

But will I wear a tudung if I'm a woman? With my basic fundamentals of Islam, will I do it? It is painful to admit this but seriously, I don't really want to wear one (don't get the wrong idea now...) Why? Why? Why?

Another question struck while I'm contemplating on this issue.. Why is it a norm to see Malaysian Muslims wearing the hijjab when they reach the peak of their life; or simply when they are 55 - 70 years old. When they are no longer beautiful and vibrant. When their skin creased and their hair thinning. Seriously, I don't know.

Is it considered liberal to NOT wear a hijjab? Bluntly again, I'll say YES. I'm not saying this based on ignorance but experience. Because I live in a community where the stereotypes are often reality. Because I live in a multicultural country where opinions differ but misconceptions are similar. Because I simply believe the streotype and at the same time, encouraging it.

-Haikal's sister had to take off her hijjab to work in a high profile company.
-My mom replaced her hijjab with a fancy hat so she won't be treated as a Makcik Lemak lady in Putrajaya.
-My aunt don't wear hijjab because she doesn't want to quit being friends with non-muslims.
-Another aunt told me her PR job will be hellish if she wears a hijjab.
-My cousins blurted..."Macam ustazah!"
-My dad will call anyone and I do mean anyone Ustazah if she wears a hijjab.

............ ... ........... ...

This is reality baby! This is it! This how things will be if we keep it up. If the misconceptions are treated seriously. If blurry eyes are kept binded.

Discuss and make sense of it. We are HUMAN beings. I don't appreciate ignorant statements like -If you don't do so, you'll go to hell- or hypocrisy... I prefer the truth; eye opening truth, constructive and subjective truth. Truth. Personal truth. Not a 'believed' truth but pure and unaffected....


Read my poem on my experience to Sungai Lintang Lipur at

Oh gosh.. A week had passed.. another week of holiday left! I spent 3 whole days reading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince only to know that my favourite character, Dumbledore's dead! *Dush* What a waste of time. Shouldn't have read it. So wat to do lah now? I really don't know..

I'm currently catching up with my sleep, sleeping for over 10 hours a day to compensate all the sleepless nights I endured in UIA.. sometimes 12 hours.. sometimes the whole day.. it depends lah. If I have the chance to get drunk, mabuk halal: by eating loads of tapai with vanilla ice-cream, I'll sleep for a whole day. So that's that, another week to go....

I'm currently artistically rebelious; having known of the absence of creativity from my life, anything strange and psychotic would be meaningful to me. Anything at all. Try me,,,

In the toilet... pelik tapi benaaar!~

Reflection on bubbly.. camera moves upwards........

An unusual head with glossy hair submerged..... Not to mention a pair of thick angry eyebrows

It's alive! It's ALIVE!!! An overweight Afiq looks on a glass of bubbly.

Reflection, reflection.... Look at how the waiter pour the bottle of bubbly.. Amazing innit? What balance.. What sophistication? What pride? What kind of deoderant do you use, brother? Not bad lah the smell..

The snail-grapper-mathingy...


Aside from architecture and writing, I love... LOVE *imagine me shouting hysterically* Pasta and CHEESE. I'm an expert of pasta cooking, cheese foundueing, and their history and origin..and other stuff that involves these two beautiful words ever invented: PASTA .. CHEESE..

FYI, I know how to cook 10 different pastas in 2 to 3 different different rendition. So kalau nak ajak ke rumah tuh... *ehem ehem* ask me for the list of ingredients lah so I can cook one up in a storm.


Aaaah... Cloud watching.... Love it....
Holiday tantrums I guess; I was artistically rebelious, a feeling an arch student is very much used too: unused-no project-no sketching-no library

What better activity than to watch clouds as it transforms into many shapes; and how I relate those new found shapes with my visual memory... Lists goes on:
-Swan with dragon tail
-Flying dinosour
-Beauty and the beast
-Big bad wolf
-A phoenix
-A monster going "Arrgh!!"
-Tumbuk Belacan
-Slaughtered chicken
-Slaughtered chicken brought back to life
-Chicken jadi chic
-Goofy and his mother


Gubra. By definition: anxiety, panic.
Gubra. I was by the way, in the best sense gabrah when my jiran wayang is A. Samad Said. Yikes. Gulp. No more trips to the loo during movie....

Gubra. The film has a steady flow of emotion with moods striking your vulnerable spots; triggering much anticipated tears and laughter. A film of much drama and yet, it remains a piece of art.

Gubra. Moving captions of lives. Intricately weaved, resulting a beautiful pattern, with complications but with clear visualization of our lost soul. Lost in love, relationship; lost, in life. Lost. Discovery, as it seems, is the essence of everything.. Of life and death. Of religeon and love. Of submission and passion. Of everything.

Gubra. How my tearducts functioned perfectly when the shadow of Orked's past struck me by surprise. The ringing cellphone. The letters. How could I not remember? But alas Gubra is a stage of many puppets, different backdrops, yet similar to its core foundation.

Gubra. The ignorance of misconception. The beauty of tragedy. A flower in the sea. Reflected yet aimlessy floats for its bare beauty.

Gubra. The lamps are different but the light is the same.

Secrets.. Shhhh.....

Out or not?
Out or not?

Is it appopriate? Is it accepted? Is it?

Generally it's a taboo. A taboo in which it metaphorically means slapping your parents in public. Smearing shit on somebody's face. Giving acupuncture try outs to an innocent kitten. And yet, we love to indulge ourselves in it, pleasuring every guilty moment of exploiting the essence hidden underneath secrets. Shhhh... No one knows... Shhhh... Yet everybody's doing it. Subconsiously. Consiously. In their sleeps. Some lullabied themselves with the pleasure knowing somebody's secret. Some endured the pain of having secrets out. Most experienced both. Secrets. It is a desease as it is a medication. It is taboo as it is public.

It is like sin as it is one. Secrets. I used to wonder why Rasulullah prohibited his umat to whisper, as he firmly puts it as a method of conversation for satans. I wondered then; I know now that secrets are sins. Secrets are pain. Secrets are pleasure. Secrets. Shhhhh.....

As we dwelled in our own secrets, we foresee our troubled time when our secrets are out. Secrets devours our soul. Secrets are never kept in coffins. They are, in fact kept insecurely in people's mind. A story, tales of many judgements that will dissapear once we are no more. No more. No one cares then. So why should they care now. Secrets, like chocolates, are temporary pleasure. Pleasure of a minute, of a few seconds. A pleasure that had proved lethal in the long run. A knife. A dagger. What pain when you stab yourself when you're still alive! Will it be painful once you're dead?

So why mold a knife? Why hid the dagger in its sheath?Why? Secrets... we'll keep this article between us, won't we? Shhhh.....

Autumn's End

Petals of summer's gold
Golden, crisp yet unyielding,
Crisp yet unyielding,
Only to a slight touch
To the wind's clutch
Virgin of green
Of gold and of eternity
Virgin of life
Blow a sigh
Blow a sigh
Blow it all way
In hands of grime
Why endure such hate
Unyielding hate
With refined nature
Of you soft, golden spirit
Yellow or not
A dusk's sky glows
The dusk, it glows!
Silent bliss
Silently dying
Do you not see the wrath?
Of the yellowing dusk?
Never to surrender
To darkness
Never for once
For a lifetime
Do you not see the beauty?
The ending chapter
Of the virgin's repulsion
The ending chapter
Of your being
Why no beauty could belie
Your appreciation
Your affection
Your appraisal
As you are
no more


After my almost midnight shower last night. Phone rang... e! it's e! OMG OMG OMG OMG... *thinks amidst the gelabah prone ringtone* Maybe wrong number kot.. Yeah.. Maybe.. But I soon found out that she really wanted to call me. Gah.. Lemonade-tak-cukup-gula guilt.

She called me again..

I ran towards the phone, the tip of my towel was hooked to my cupboard and there you go: I anwered the phone wearing my birthday suit! We talked about holidays and stuff... didn't went too smoothly because we kept on bumping onto eachother's sentence and then we laughed, feeling foolish; I felt even more foolish, covering my bits from my window neighbors.

Gosh... this is when Datuk Sazali Ramlee aka Uncle Lee is at use: I'll force him to give me a free for life sim card. Lantaklah!

We both love cats. Talking about cats, I adopted one yesterday, called her Palm because she likes to cuddle in my hand. Cupped her and she curled.. *melts* gave her milk and now she kept on following me sampai ke CC. Now she's at my lap sleeping and the bangla CC guy looks confused. I think I'm gonna travel around Semenanjung with Palm. Won't we?? InsyaAllah....

*Palm purrs*

I would really want to show you Palm but my cam rosak... baru hantar kat kedai at Sungei Wang

Funny day..Saturday

I spent my Saturday at Petaling Street, accompanying a friend of mine... He has to balik kampung: Sarawak and needed a larger than life bag. I'm not so accustomed of PS strolling so I askedlah.. "Syakir, gimme some tips to shop here?"

"If somone offers you porn, just walk away!"
*sings Kelly Clarkson's latest hit intuitively* "Just walk away..."
"Oh ok, Set!"

A few minutes later, after a toilet break etc etc.. We embark the PETALING STREET banner as valiant knights would.. *pasang you head phone because I prepared a suitable song for this post* No bother... Orang putih...CD haram, goods that looks cheap because of its setting but were ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously BAPAK expensive!

While Syakir bargained with the salesman, I was looking around, thinking: "nothing comes cheap in KL..." A guy started to follow me and hissed something. "orlo.... orlo,,,"

I gave him a cold glance and said "Wo bu hui chang hwa yee. Wo bu tse hua ren." which means I'm chinese illiterate and I'm not chinese.

He stopped and left a few paces between him and me and shouted. "Oi, I SAID PORNO, I SPEAKING ENGLISH ONE STUPID. PORNO! PORNO!" Everyone looked at him, including a KPDN officer dressed casually but with a KPDN badge. Haha.. Wah.. Afiq helped basmi pirated CDs..

Another guy was showing a granny a pirated CD of Nanny Mcphee. She turned away, not interested and with that, in the speed of lightning, he hawked other victims. And as soon as he saw me, he flipped the CD case and showed me A Night to Remember starring Lucy Stars, Nicollete Rim and Kevin Rod: Pornolah! From Nanny McPhee to A Night to Remember... made me think.. do I look like a pervert? Five more CD sellers showed me Porn as we strolled on. Never to Syakir!

"Syakir, do I look like a pervert to you?"

So that's that. To end this controversial day, I watched Victoria Secret Catwalk with Haikal.
Nah.... BUSTED!!!

Confession of a Broken Heart

I have a confession
I know you're reading this bapak

I'm 18, at the brink of adolescent. Soon enough I will be an adult. An adult. Pretentious, masked adult.

Last night I copied some video clips from Haikal's computer and checked it out once I got into my room. As soon as I watched Lindsay Lohan's video: Confession of a Broken Heart, my head rang. Not knowing the reason why I was so weirdly hooked by the imagery, I closed all my windows and listened....just listened....I played it again, this time, speaker's volume at its limit. By then, I was in tantrum, pushing myself against the wall and shouted, sang and cried.

I must warn you if you dislike personal expressions, stop reading

I have a confession
Confession of what we hid for so long
What you hid for so long
Do you remember? The parade in masquerade?
Do you remember? What you had said?

It's all too fresh to recall, a wound never healed by time
By comfort or by your smile
A wound I'll carry on forever, a wound I'd inflicted to anyone who tried to love me. A wound torched by your doings and pained by your sealing
Do you remember hurting my body? Hitting my bare flesh with your vicious blows?
Do you remember hanging me upside down? How my tears glowed...
In the dark, by haunting of your insults. My burning scars, your remnant?
Do you remember how I was fearful of you? Of your presence.
Do you remember how you keep telling me that I'm not a son of yours?
Do you remember how you keep repeating that like counting scores
Do you remember how you stopped me from schooling?
And locked me up in the basement tearing? How I dwelled with my emotions. Flamed by the love of my mother from the other side of the door. Her eternal devotion.
How I felt her presence with wood in between...

Do you remember how you made umi cry? Do you know that I was crying with her? Do you know that we cried together?

Why? I am 18. Yet I can't justify your doings. You justified it well. I was a wild child. So wild as to be punished like animals with grotesque sins. You spat at me with disgrace and repugnance, and with that spit, my trust, my love, my bond of you is gone. Swept away from my life's pavement.
You pointed a gun at my mother with hopes of resurrection
But believes in the reality of bitter exculpation
You threaten the whole family with promises of genocide
It swelled fear. Digging in deep deep inside.
How you opened the car's door when you were speeding on the highway.
How my fingers bleed from holding the car's lock, crying away.
By your desperate scrapings
How umi cried. How she screamed.
How I screamed. 'Bapak, jangan! Bapak please jangan!'
"BAPAK! Please jangan...!"

You decided not to, yet you reflected your lies and kept trying
But umi had had enough
She fought you and she won
And by a splatter of blood, you're gone; tracing grime. It is not your blood that painted our house's floor. It's ours. It's my mother's and mine.

Confessions Of A Broken Heart - Lindsay Lohan
I wait for the postman to bring me a letter
and I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better
And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders
Family in crisis that only grows older
Why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go
Daughter to father,
daughter to father I am broken but I am hopin'
Daughter to father, daughter to father
I am crying, a part of me's dying and
and These are, these are confessions of a broken heart
And I wear all your old clothes, your polo sweater I dream of another you
The one who would never (never)
Leave me alone to pick up the pieces
Daddy to hold me, that's what I needed
So why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go!!
Daughter to father,
daughter to father I don't know you, but I still want to
Daughter to father, daughter to father
Tell me the truth, did you ever love me
Cause these are, these are confessions of a broken heart, of a broken heart
I love you I love you I love you I....!
I loved you!!
Daughter to father, daughter to father
I don't know you, but I still want to
Daughter to father, daughter to father
Tell me the truth...
Did you ever love me!!!?
Did you ever love me!!!? T
hese are..... The confessions...of a broken heart
And I wait for the postman to bring me a letter...