For a Greener Future

Title: For a Greener Future

Duration: 50 seconds

Ok ok ok... diatas merupakan video iklan untuk Jerneh. Must have been the easiest video I made so far. It took only an hour of shooting and 3 hours of editing. 4 hours! Man! It goes to show that with good planning, I can actually save time producing stuff like this.

1. The funnest bit would be the part when I sweep the floor with my bare hands.

2. The least fun would be the throwing part. The recycling bin was apparently locked beside the staircase so it was effin dark so the visuals are not so... erm inviting. It is as if by throwing papers in recycling bins, there's a slight chance of us finding a dislocated limb or an abandoned baby, or worse, a bucket of KFC. That'll be torture. It's a whole bucket of Hot & Spicy BUT it's just beside a dirty bin. Oh God Almighty, what am I to do?

3. Aaah, and the magical hands... You may notice that some of the timing of the hand motion is slightly off... Blue screens can be tricky at times, especially a homemade one.

4.Yes apparently I have lady-like fingers. Fingers that can be very misleading to any near-sighted makciks.

"Ini Bendi berapa ringgit?"

The Call

I'm in the process of planning special effects for my upcoming commercial/public message. I think making music videos or commercials are my favourite form of design because it delivers instant understanding that will last a lifetime. When I'm making a video, I will absolutely do nothing else. I will eventually hate all my previous videos for its flaws and I think that's how I learn, by mistakes and failures. With success, not so much.

I love to live my life this way, with ideas and newfound techniques revolving around my my mind. And the torment of producing something is excruciatingly wonderful. Though it burned a hole in my pocket, I don't really mind. Skipping meals has never been more worthwhile.

So now I'm planning and buying stuffs for a Jerneh commercial video competition. I'll be on my way to my friend's house to borrow his digital camera (and belanja him makan)

Check out the music I'll be using for the commercial. Naik bulu roma dengar. The Call by Regina Spector. Watch out for her other hits like On The Radio and Fidelity. You might remember this song if you have already watched the new Narnia movie.

Lovely isn't it?
Luvvit to bits!


Title: afiq-o-matic

Directed, acted, edited and produced by Afiq Deen

Featuring Shasha (the cat)



Afiq trying to defy his age by means of transforming himself into an electrical appliances-human hybrid. Tengtedengggg....

I like criticism so don't be afraid to bash my video. I'll take it like a man. (I'm a man already you know... being 21 and all.)

I'm still saving up to buy myself my own video camera. Just imagine what I could do with it! I can make short films and shit... and I don't have to borrow my friends' digital cams anymore. No more pixelated and poorly define videos no more no more... ... ...

Happy Birthday!

How cool is this? I have the same birthday as the guy who'd made me fail my additional maths and physics exams several times, the most hypocritical american idol judge, the guy who compared the prophet with satan and the laziest cat on earth.
: D
Contradiction is not a sign of falsity, nor the lack of contradiction a sign of truth. -Blaise Pascal

Constructive criticism is about finding something good and positive to soften the blow to the real critique of what really went on. -Paula Abdul

The liveliness of literature lies in its exceptionality, in being the individual, idiosyncratic vision of one human being, in which, to our delight and great surprise, we may find our own vision reflected. -Salman Rushdie

Once again I'm saved by the miracle of... lasagne! -Garfield the Cat

The Day Before the Day After Tomorrow

Sepahchendra Palace

I'll be turning 21 tomorrow. 21. Oh my God. 21. I'm officially an adult.
Gosh. Aisehmen. Alamak.
A Man. That's a word I will learn to deserve and when I do, I will own up to it.
Unlike any of my past birthdays, this year's is a bit different because I reflected my life a week before my birthday. A week of contemplation is a selfless journey back to infancy. I locked myself in my room to sketch, write, read and plan. I swam every night, spinning, twirling in the womb-like warmth of my conscienceness despite the icy cold pool water. All this, all this to prepare myself for tomorrow.
Tonight will be the night of forgiveness. Tonight I will forgive those who had wronged me. Of all the people who had caused me strain, I am the capitan violater of myself thus forgiving myself is of vital importance. Let go. Let go and live. Let go and live and lead a life of greatness for life without greatness is the sea without its blue-green serenity, sun without its red-blue hue.
He who ascends to mountain-tops shall find
Their loftiest peaks most wrapt in clouds of snow;
He who surpasses or subdues mankind,
Must look down on the hate of those below.
Tho' high above the sun of glory glow,
far beneath the earth and ocean spread,
Round him are icy rocks, and loudly blow
Contending tempests on his naked head.
I've the hankering to swim today. So I will.


Icy water. Metal showerhead. Towel. Trusted loofah and foam. Heaven. The moment the stream of icy water touches my ears and covers my head I thought, this is so Godly. So heavenly. So heavenly Godly. In this brief moment, warm drops of tears mingled briefly with the icy Gombak water. God is Great. God is Great.
I guess this simplest form of pleasure will not be any different if I were to shower in a 7 star hotel suite at Burj Al-Arab or bathe at the Sungai Pusu waterfall. Water is the only property that constantly invades the intimate privacy of our bodies. It lingers and it flows. It clings it knows. Although sooted by society's expectations and money, small silly things like taking a shower will somehow bring us back to the very essence of pleasure and enjoyment.
*Rereads entry*
I've always wanted to go to Air Terjun Sungai Pusu. Maybe I will, tomorrow.
Maybe I will...

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the vainest of them all?
I stared at myself, my imperfections emboldened above all, my eyes searching for more. I stared at myself. My round red lips, a sealed gate of secrets amidst screeching narrations. My pear-shaped ears, listening the morning songs of birds and makcik cleaners and alarm clocks. My eyebrows, thick and angry, sick and weary. I frowned. My eyes gleamed with deep hope. As deep as the endless Indah Water manhole. So deep it struggles to keep afloat, so deep, so knackered, so hush!
I stared at myself, a silhoutte of light clothed my bare skin revealing hills of flesh and bones and veins. Oriental and olive, yellow but pale. I stretched. Oh the beauty of a boy's innocence lost under growing lumps of manhood. Over time, limbs as smooth as flower stems grew into tree trunks. How time flies, carrying napkin covered innocence. An erection surfaced the thin fabric that bordered shame and propriety. An ambassador of hypocrisy I call them, our morning erections. It stood and stood and stood, I stood and stood and stood. "You are no more an amazement, old friend. You are no more a sensational surprise, old friend. No more no more. You lost this war 3 years ago. Begone and try again tomorrow for you will lose yet another war"
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the vainest of them all?
Surely not I nor him, the person in front of me.
I stared at myself and see no beauty from it. If it is there it is lost to me. "How am I vain when I don't even love myself?" I asked the mirror. The mirror on the wall.
"To leave your body unloved by yourself is the very essence of vainity." The mirror answered. "To leave yourself wither with your thoughts of loss is the very fuel of vainity. To leave yourself undignified with budding warts is the very body of vainity."
"Oh shit! My mirror speaks!"


Again with the Songkok issue.
DAP should really pack up their things in their rockets and fly back to China.
Or we will prepare our own rockets and aim them at DAP.
Too much lah DAP and their kebiaDAPan.
It is not as if you'll be brainwashed into becoming Paklah's slaves when wearing the headgear. Stupid like fuck betol.

Heritage Studies Exhibition

teaser istana 2

The exhibition will be held tomorrow (Monday) to Tuesday. It's a free exhibition and those who finds architecture boring, worry not. It'll be a fusion of culture, heritage and history and this building is a historical virgin which means it was never documented ever ever ever ever.
There will also be photos, documentaries and presentations on 4 other historical buildings, 3 from Syria and another Kedah heritage building, Rumah Tok Menteri.
And plus I'll be there to be your unofficial curator.
I'm still not gay.

Heritage Studies Exhibition at KAED Gallery on Monday and Tuesday

1.There's absolutely nothing wrong with sexing up the blog. It's not even my aurat mind you. And sexing up is not the correct term. It is not as if upon visiting this blog, you'll suddenly experience orgasmic tremors. Very very unlikely-_-lah.
2.And I find it extremely sexist that my studiomates commented on me when I wore shorts last night. It covered my aurat goddamnit! YOU, YOU and YOUR shoulder baring tops and tight pants should be commented upon. Ghastly! Gah!
3.My life is unaffected by the fuel price hike because I made it a point to walk whenever necessary. The rice price hike is not a problem too, I never liked eating rice. It will affect me in a few weeks when other life necessities will become expensive. Like hairgel, deodarant and catfood.
4.We'd finished our heritage studies documentary and it'll be shown for all to see this Monday to Tuesday at the KAED Gallery. It's a free exhibition so feel free to drop by. I don't feel it's right to brag about it because it's really a group effort. I'm only the creative and music director and overall editor, though that will not be in the credits. Haha. Well, having a talentless megalomaniac leader who will never acknowledge anyone's efforts except for his own, I don't mind that my contributions are not properly stated. There are only two options in the multimedia process; it is either taking control in an obvious manner, get detested and rejected by him and ending up not having any control over the video at all or do my best and convince him that whatever I did is his work.
Like I said. I don't care
5.I'll be insanely schedule free for the next 25 days. I intend to filled those 25 days making money. I'll get my gaji soon and I'll invest it in a few projects one of them being an online manga trading site. I'm not an otaku no but I acknowledge the length most otakus will go to get their mangas. And what better way to acknowledge such commitment than to aid it?
6.And Puteri and I met recently to record her voice, she narrated the heritage studies video you see.. and she was constantly praised by lecturers for her voice quality. We talked about Haikal. Alah you know... Haikal. The guy I had a crush on a few years back. She told me it's okay to be gay. I told her that it was just a phase. A phase in which I regretted because I was so vocal about it. I shrugged to this. I find shoving my penis in holes that were created to excrete shit disgusting if not grotesque. No, it's not the same. Urine is sterile and germs free and useful. Shit is just, you know.. shitty.I told her that there's no such thing as straight because love can be shared by everyone and everything. If I love my cat for example, does it mean I want to mate with it? So there's absolutely nothing wrong in loving a guy, as long as we don't make love lah. I love my friends and will do almost anything to help them. See? Nothing homoerotic about that right?