The Call

I'm in the process of planning special effects for my upcoming commercial/public message. I think making music videos or commercials are my favourite form of design because it delivers instant understanding that will last a lifetime. When I'm making a video, I will absolutely do nothing else. I will eventually hate all my previous videos for its flaws and I think that's how I learn, by mistakes and failures. With success, not so much.

I love to live my life this way, with ideas and newfound techniques revolving around my my mind. And the torment of producing something is excruciatingly wonderful. Though it burned a hole in my pocket, I don't really mind. Skipping meals has never been more worthwhile.

So now I'm planning and buying stuffs for a Jerneh commercial video competition. I'll be on my way to my friend's house to borrow his digital camera (and belanja him makan)

Check out the music I'll be using for the commercial. Naik bulu roma dengar. The Call by Regina Spector. Watch out for her other hits like On The Radio and Fidelity. You might remember this song if you have already watched the new Narnia movie.

Lovely isn't it?
Luvvit to bits!