Aurat 2

I checked my Statcounter account and was pleasantly surprised to see that most people that accidentally stumbled upon my blog are people who wants more information about aurah or aurat.
It is true that in Islam, we muslims have to protect some parts of our body from sight in public. Why? Islam is not trying to limit freedom but it understood the intricate nature of women's dignity. Women's body are beatiful albeit their size and features. Their bodies are pleasantaries of sight and are comparable to jewels and diamonds.
Covering of the aurah is a way for the public to judge women through their intelligence and personality, not the size of their breasts and the diameter of their waist. No matter how you so called Liberalist think that men is at fault when they stare at women who exposed their aurah, it is men's nature to be attracted to women and their beauty.
I myself come from a family who do not bother of the requirements of aurah covering and what can I do about it? Nothing. Unless the woman in the family is my daughter or my wife, lecturing any one of them about their choices of clothing is rude and downright degrading. They themselves have the responsibility of safeguarding their beauty and their decisions can only be judge by God.
And whether or not people who covers their aurah are better than those who don't is a misconseption. I, like you, do not have the right to judge people based on their appearances but we (especially men) can curb the sight of aurah by lowering our gaze and advise the women (nicely) to dress modestly.

Lie a lie

In case you haven't notice, allegations of Iran's nuclear bomb develepment is a hoax as informations given by the American CIA was reported to be a fake.

Wake up! Remember how CNN showed us satelites pictures of Bombs and Missiles in Iraq and when the American finally occupy Iraq, there Missiles and Bombs dissapeared. Oh my, how could that be happening? Fairy Dust? A little hijjabed Twinkle Bell took them to Qaedahland?

It's another occupation attempt by the United States. Another attempt to steal Iran's oil. It's another attempt to kill Muslims.

I personally support Iran's nuclear development, not only because it can generate energy for the use of Iranians but it also will scare of the hill billies from attacking another muslim country.

Ali Baba

A few weeks ago, Pak Lah issued a statement that concerns the lending of government development projects. He was angered by how projects are given to Bumiputera contractors but will eventually end up in the hands of non-bumi contractors. He also told reporters that the Ali Baba trade shound be stopped among Bumi contractors..
I don't think the problem is rooted with Bumi contractors entirely. Yes, some may succumed to the practice of selling projects to more experienced chinese contractors but it seems that the real plague lies within the process of tender giving. Most of the time, projects are given to big time political figures' 'unofficial' construction companies. Soon after the handing over of the tender, such companies will then sell the project to other non-bumi companies..
Even though many people whose work revolves around the field of construction are well-informed of the politics of tender-handing, exposing it will distrupt their own businesses or even the well being of family members.
So, shhhhh.......

Ignorance = Bliss?

Americans and their ignorance. It is even more dumbfounded to see them in action. Amusing as it can be, the level of prejudism and misconception induced by the idiot box is even more overwhelming. As they called for Liberalization of other countries, Liberty, the mere word is alien to most Americans.


Fat and stupid, they lead comfortable lives, outsourcing the world's production by all means. The only thing that could possibly wake them up from ignorance is death. Death of their beloved who joined the army. The deceased family members, like any other will look into tha cause of their beloved's death. A strange connection will then materialize in their rusty grey matter and by then, all is lost. And the army recruited in Iraq? They'll rape and kill. Rape and kill. Taunt and kill. Torture and kill. Occupy and kill.

Ask away, Afiq...

In this entry, I decided to ask my unforgiving alter-ego, Madba to answer some of the most sought after inquiries to date.

What is your response to the Nuclear enrichment in Iran?

My response? US, UK and Israel has nuclear weapons. Why not Iran? They are equipping themselves with the most advanced weapon and they are totally entitled to self-defense. They (Iran) is now the only oil reserve that had yet to be imperialized by the world's super power.

Do you support Anwar Ibrahim?

As far as horniness is concern, he ranks first. He, like any other politicians has a darker side and I can't blame him for going after guys since he was a former MCKK student.

What do you think of Mahathir?

He has guts. He has a vision. He's deeply misunderstood by the public. He is by far, the most honest politician in Malaysia.

An-Nisa Games?

Let them play sports without us ogling over their goodies.

Do you believe in super power conspiracy?

I do actually. I do. Illuminati. Satanist. Apertheid. The whole damn thing. I'll introduce you to my Japanese friend: SUE ME!

The flooding of Johor: who is to blame?

Natural disasters happens everywhere around the world. The blame game will not resolve anything. It is a fact hovewer that this country do not take the extra mile in preventing or at least minimizing the effects of natural disasters.

What do you make of films like Gubra and Sepet?

I am enthralled by the reality of both movies and would love to watch more of Yasmin's work. I've once dated a chinese girl and I have to say that interracial dating is never a problem in this country.

Do you think Malays are lazy?

No. I think Malays never learn from their mistakes. Full stop. I've heard a saying that goes: The most stupid people are people who never learn from their mistakes. There you go, a value intervention: malays are stupid.


Frowning upon the indecent act of reprising my chaining action-reaction mechanism, I could not help to think that that there are so many things alien in me. Peculiar, unpredictable emotions and feelings and behaviours. It is as if I am living in a body that nullifies grace for vulgarity, in the most explainable ways. Enjoyment or pleasure of sleeping from 5am to 2 pm for example, the trickling heat and glaring sun that would have wake me up in an instant is now, pleasurable. So is basking of the midnight moon. A kind of pleasure that comes in a package wrapped with guilt. But still, a package or a present, wrapped in anything; surat khabar lama or butter paper is still irresistable.

Another emotion that strucked my conscience (this kind of feeling will only surface when I'm alone, which I was for the past 3 days) is selective ignorance. Gone are the days where fake grins and cheap statements are fashionable to me. The trend of being non-nonsensical in the most briskly friendly way is IN. This bendy yet straight 'curve' approach is by far, the most effective and honest method of befriending people and yet many would have it compare to cynisicm or -kau giler ke apenism-

Yes, I'm almost a wacko, almost a cracked-head and almost too spilling to stay aloft in the local arena. I'm not saying that I would be better off in London, God Forbids, 'Cheerios' will remain a kind of sweet food or breakfast cerial. Never a greeting! I'm just saying that sugarcoated friendship is so downtroddenly annoying, like lace. Expensive but fragile. Effort-effective but ineffective. Lainlah kalau lace underwear kan? I just think there are very few truly honest people that I would love to have conversations with but alas, generalization here is like nasi lemak for breakfast. If I do so: make my move and befriend -orangputeh- acting people (as people might call them) I will forsake my identity. Heck, pictures of me with my former classmates (all of them chinese) had already sparked a -afiq macam tu rupanye- persona. I'm not blaming them or their parents. Just the government for encouraging seperate schools and 'according-to-race' parties. Far-fetched? Reality bites baby!

And now here I am, still unable to reason with myself on why I plot my entries when I know that I am an impulsive writer. See, no matter how we try to gain control of our actions with our grey matter (to inexperienced readers: grey matter=brain) we can't... We?

Okaylah, not you lah... (repeats sentence)

See, no matter how I try to gain control of MY actions with MY grey matter......



I was recently surprised when Susuk was proclaimed to be Islamic. ????? Susuk ayat, a kind of susuk that enhances one's appearance through the ayat of the Quran is by far, the most absurd thing I've ever heard which makes Muslims who believed it even more absurd.

Susuk is a practice in which a Bomoh will insert silver or golden pins into one's face to make one more beautiful and enticing. The practice is very common in south-east Asia and the involvement of various artistes strengthened the practice. To a certain extend, many users of Susuk felt justified because their Susuk was done in an Islamic method where the Bomoh will read a couple of sentences from the Quran.

If reading the Quran while doing something sinful is Islamic so is raping Islamic if the raper reads the Al-Fatihah while cajoling with a struggling underage girl? Is it Islamic if a murderer slits the throat of an innocent single mother while reciting the Yassin?

And if Susuk is so Islamic, why do the users of Susuk have to pull the foreign objects out of their faces before encountering death? And why is that the users of Susuk who had failed to do so suffered terrible deaths, having to sustain the constant gagging of an unwilling soul? Why you ask?

Because by inserting Susuk into one's face, one will have the allure provided by satan but it comes with a cost: one can never pray for as long as he/she possessed the Susuk.

So is it Islamic? No. It's satanic. Susuk is as satanic as the drinking of goat's blood of the cult sharing of the midnight blood. Susuk is evil. Susuk is an embodiment of satanic mischief. Susuk is Haram. And now Susuk is so popular that it has become the most sought after beauty treatment in Malaysia for Muslim women.

Hah, satan-faced women! Desperate sangat ke? Sangap sangat ke? Cuba lah try something a little bit sensible than cocok-cocok your face with susuk. May I suggest apples.

An apple a day will keep the Bomoh away!

Rosnah Mat Aris Bleached Bitch


In all fairness, how is that statement not offensive? Bleached Bitch. There you go. So from now on, whenever anyone search for Rosnah Mat Aris on Google, she will be known as the bleached bitch.

And the response, my goodness. Ridiculous. Poached in a sauce of ignorance. If I were to be present on the set, I'll shout

"Ay, Rasulullah dan Isterinya bukan hal main-main."

Who wouldn't?

Instead the audience laughed and chuckled.

Saturn's Saturday

I had dinner at Sushi King with my former classmates, Dannie, Chealsea and Mike after an estranged 4 years of metamorphosis.

Dannie had finished her degree in MassCom and will be working in an advertizing company in Singapore for 3 years because of Singapore's subsidy aggreement. She became a temporary stun girl for Shu Qi (porno actress turn movie actress)

Chelsea is in her final year studying Law and will be working very soon. She had worked part time as a salesperson in shopping complexes. She sat beside me in class for a good 6 months.

Michael is working under his father's company, Hening agriculture machionary and has to travel around asia (HongKong, Singapore, Tapah, Sabah, etc.) and is currently known to bring about escorts (not implying anything)

Afiq is an archicture student who is hopeful of becoming his mother's successor in the field of construction. Fullstop. But for the time being, he is discovering as many options as he could.

As our conversation revolves around "So what are you doing now?" and "How's stuff?" I couldn't help remembering the most exchanged questions a few years back like "Have you finished your Math homework? and "Do you mind if I copy it?" Time is like a bullet train and memories are the billowing tracks. It screeched everytime the train decides to go back to its station for regular check ups.
And yes, there will be a r.U creative Workshop for AED students. This poster was designed by me btw. Jannah, be THERE or be geodesically metamorphed SQUARE

ignored facts

I'll let you on a chase. A conspiracy puzzle you bloggers will enjoy. Try and link all the pictures below and summarize your findings in the simplest form possible. Winners will fart themselves to space. Go!
Selamat Maju Jaya!

Being comical is not too much fun, fyi. Although it has its advantages like being able to befriend anyone anytime anywhere, it can be relentlessly self-destructing. It can be depressing. Sad sad clown.

Island of Eagles

I think I've found myself. I found the placid core hidden beneath layers and layers of insecurities. A placid core I've known all my life (and I've finally come to love.)
It is simple really, to find myself. The recipe? A strip of ocean and pure white grains of sand that coats it. And being alone with someone I truly love, God. I saw myself in different streaks and was flabbergasted by my shortcomings. The indifference came to me when I was alone, in total silence and the only thing talking to me were my feelings. Gossipy and hissing, it reared its evil head over a white silky shit-shaped emotion we human call denial. Again, denial is not a river in Egypt, it is a whole ocean.

The pyro show was explicably fonding since it was performed by random tourists. I for one, wouldn't want to spend the rest of my days sulking over burns so.,.,.,, pass! There were all king of orangputeh surrounding the fire, talking about absolutely nothing, joy bubbled from stacks of six-packs.

Did I mentioned how heavenly the sand was? I could sleep at the beach if it weren't for the lingering tranvestites and prostitutes and nyamuks.
The hanging bridge at Gunung Mat Cincang is by far the scariest piece of architecture. How on earth do they construct such a nerve-wrecking bridge? Imagine being one of the welders, having to hang onto shaky scaffholding. One must ponder upon such atrocities of a mega-construction.
Makam Mahsuri. Mahsuri's Curse. It shows how the doa(prayer) of the down-trodden is so powerful that it had affected a whole island for seven generations.
I call them God boggers.
I was one of the very few who didn't even flinch when riding the tour boat. Terima kasih saya ucapkan pada Umi saya yang sering bawak saya naik kapal dari kecik sampai dah tua dan Bapak saya yang bawak saya naik speedboat untuk pancing Ikan taktala waktu cuti.
The journey back to KL was painfully dreadful, if not grudging. It is like tearing a piece of solace that coats my heart, it reaps and coils, like a vengeful spirit. But upon departure, the coating of temporary serenity freshened the very cavings of order. Refreshing, Reigniting, Recreating. Farewell was excruciating but solemnly peaceful. Like a crying homebird. Soaking the skies with memories.
I keep in touch with my former classmates from time to time. And everytime I do so, conversation will be adrift upon experiences that seemingly flow in waves of fury. From London to Ranau, and from Ranau to Nepal, just after a quickie at Madhura. I'll find myself silenced, impressed and green with envy. Sure, most of them are lower than average in their public exams but are more affluent to seasons across the world.

I can't imagine asking my parents money to go anywhere outside Malaysia without them coming along with me. It's just not Malay! Un-Malay! Yalam!

stop the press...

What is Afiqsays famous for you ask?

You tell me!








I have no idea why, but I can conclude that Afiqsays is (in the internet) synanomous to Malay Sex.

God, have mercy on me...