Saturn's Saturday

I had dinner at Sushi King with my former classmates, Dannie, Chealsea and Mike after an estranged 4 years of metamorphosis.

Dannie had finished her degree in MassCom and will be working in an advertizing company in Singapore for 3 years because of Singapore's subsidy aggreement. She became a temporary stun girl for Shu Qi (porno actress turn movie actress)

Chelsea is in her final year studying Law and will be working very soon. She had worked part time as a salesperson in shopping complexes. She sat beside me in class for a good 6 months.

Michael is working under his father's company, Hening agriculture machionary and has to travel around asia (HongKong, Singapore, Tapah, Sabah, etc.) and is currently known to bring about escorts (not implying anything)

Afiq is an archicture student who is hopeful of becoming his mother's successor in the field of construction. Fullstop. But for the time being, he is discovering as many options as he could.

As our conversation revolves around "So what are you doing now?" and "How's stuff?" I couldn't help remembering the most exchanged questions a few years back like "Have you finished your Math homework? and "Do you mind if I copy it?" Time is like a bullet train and memories are the billowing tracks. It screeched everytime the train decides to go back to its station for regular check ups.
And yes, there will be a r.U creative Workshop for AED students. This poster was designed by me btw. Jannah, be THERE or be geodesically metamorphed SQUARE

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