Blabbers red and blue and yellow

Why do I love my home?

Because I need not face death casually and blantantly. Because suffering is temporary. Because life is so much more than gravels and graveyard. Because life is very much alive.
Because my mother is safely home. Because my house is sturdy and solid. Because my family goes for outings every weekend. Because I am surrounded by caring relatives. Because I have a cause.Because no matter how life test me, there is always that squint of hope. Yes, hope.

My Merdeka Haiku:

Durian smells bad

Rambutans are sickly sweet

How seasons collide

A haiku to sum my Merdeka post. I see an infinite beauty in Haiku. Small, precious and meaningful.


:::::Happy Merdeka Day:::::

Monday hisabs

At a stall in Convest:

::Service kat sini buruklah::

::mmph, Melayu!::

Look who's talking lady.

Taken during a ride with E.. haha...

It is annoying to contemplate over this issue over and over again. Let us face it, stereotyping our race will not bear any fruit, disintegration does not unite. But pint-pointing our weaknesses in general will. It's fresher that way. Self-righteous if you see it from another angle but no one can't beat freshness. No matter how many spoonful of msg or spice we use in a dish, a fresh medium with absolutely no added artificiality will taste better.

Convest in IIUM is an example of several weaknesses I will like to point out (in general of course) even 95% of the people who attended Convest are Muslim Malays. Hygene. Is it genetic? Is it highly genetic? It is definitely not. Just unhygienic parents and their unhygienic offspring. I say so because I'd seen IIUM programmes strictly for IIUM students and I can tell you in the face that there will not be rubbish on the roads or anywhere else. Hmph, they're such an embarrassment sometimes. >_<"

A makcik who sells Halal guidebooks got hold of two of my friends and she was practically ignoring me even though I was walking along them. She presented and explained the benefits of the Halal guidebook and being the curious person I am, I asked "Apa tadi?"

She snapped and dismissively spat and spoke (in broken English) "I'm talking to this two guys, don't sembunyi and curi-curi tengok."

::What the DODOL!::
I said nothing. I know. I know I look like a non-muslim. A Chinese. I also know that there are 40 million muslims in china in comparison to Malaysian 18 million. I kept my composure and did absolutely nothing. I did my part. I was being tolerant and as long as I have my Mycard, I will always be a hygienic tolerant Malaysian. I have to admit, we Malaysians are far more tolerant than any other civilians in the world. It is a fact. It is known knowledge. I am proud to be a Malaysian. I am proud to be born and nurtured in Malaysia.

That's my festive Minah beside a splendidly coloured Kancil, Another general ambiguity. IIUM stundent politics or Ah Long case? Who knows. They are related in one way or another. ::hint::hint::

Watched Crash. It's a great movie, better than any movies I'd watched so far. It has the right mix of racial issues and it revolves around people consciences and subconscious state minds that in the end, an understanding was reached, racial issues will never go away but tolerance, tolerance is the only means to curb subsequent misunderstanding. The only way to reach this green small sized vegetable. Tolerance.

I cried four times watching Crash and I'm pretty sure it was chosen the best movie in the Academy Awards because of its eye-opening reality of American racism. The American Administration should take a step back and re-instate peace in their own country rather than meddling with other countries' affair. Maybe the Mr.SemakSamun is not accustomed to the phrase:

O, how can thee see the germ on another island when thee see not the elephant set fourth in front of thy eyes.

Because Mr. SemakSamun was not brought up amidst peaceful poetic phrases but was surrounded by SuperHeroes with the likes of Superman and Spiderman. Saving lives but fail to save marriages and old aunt. another ::hint::hint::

I have to postpone the I am a Muslimah entry because I need more pictures.(being the perfectionist I am) Might as well fulfil all aspect of feminine fashion right?

Too the loo~

world peace?

Iran is back in action.

It was said that they are enriching their nuclear powerplant for pharmaceutical field and in diagnosing cancer but the west (US and Euro) thinks that the Iranians are lying.

US had said before that Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction, the world aggreed and now people was dumbfounded when it was reported that there was no WMD, thanks to Michael Halton for commiting suicide, If he didn't they will be a WMD. Funny how things work in the West.

So naturally, the US officials' truth is the opposite of whatever statements they make.

So now, the US doesn't give a dodol about Iran's Nukeelar(as pronounced by Mr. SemakSamun)

It means that they are very WORRIED.

And Ahmadnejad said that the nuclear plants are used for peaceful purposes and he is probably telling the truth.

The Truth:

A nuclear bomb that hits the White House and kill the administration officers including Mr. SemakSamun and Mrs. Beras. If that happens, countries like Iraq and Afghanistan will enjoy freedom and the US will stop occupaying countries. Aha~

Voila, World Peace.....


Architectural terms has so much negativity that it is impossible not to get insulted when using the archi jargon. Tomorrow is my mock crit. See, Mock and Critic. The most hated word: Redo. Surprisingly, I'd never had my piece of meat tendered by this pounding word.

I've recently discover the identity of my current stalker. He's Bosnian, he's 32 and he is positively sick. I've been keeping his messages just in case.. well, let us not go there!

I HAVE to know which part of me attracts gay men so I can reduce its effectiveness. I have to. I can't let this go on.

I've been cycling around IIUM looking for fashionable muslimah lately. More to come this Saturday~~~

Aaah, the freezing studio and its occupying penguins;

The drafting process.
The Modeling process

The Pissing Off Process

Divert your attention from my lebam eyes and pale complexion. I'll be a full-time penguin from now till tomorrow morning.

Livita, Coffee, Kerepek, Mamee is now my survival food.

The T-Square is my sword and the scale ruler is its sheath.

Pens are my daggers and Erasers my mage enchantments.

The radio is my Gollum, it annoys me and keep me awake all the while influencing me to buy unnecessary stuff.

See, we are not Penguins! >_<

We are the Riders of Rohan...

*background music*(Tengg tedeng tededeng.. tededenggg deng dedeng deng dengg tededeng...)


It's surprising that many mega companies are owned by Jews. Check out the List: LIST

Some questioned about the involvement of Starbucks in the Israeli War. Yep, there's no valid proof but it is for certain that the BIG BOSS is a jew. And if I was a jew myself, I too will support the country that holds a certain amount of holy significance: Israel.
And that's why I boycott Israel dearest Aput. Because I'm able to read between the lines. Because I don't let Mr.Frappe and Mrs.Cappucino overwhelm my judgements. Plus, there's KOPIESATU, a Malaysian Brand owned by a chinese Businessman(non-muslim).
(-_-)" errr...

So what are you fudging waiting for?
Let's stop dreaming about being professional that earns monthly salary and start builiding businesses. It's Rasulullah's job once too you know.



Yep, I'm a Bob the Builder Fan

Sat a Day

note: Afiq is going to refer himself as a third person in this entry.

Afiq's Saturday around KL

Afiq woke up unusually early at 8.00 am and changed to his casual going-out-to-town wear which is usually consist of a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He thinks it's the best choice of outfit for him. I dissagree.

Afiq's stroll around Petaling Street turned into a turmoil comparable to the complication of seperating lingkaran ubat nyamuk without breaking the middle part. He remembered that a few friends of him cannot accept the fact that Afiq like any other man enjoys pornography and these mindless dimwits challenged him to buy a couple of Pornography CDs to prove them wrong.

Afiq ended up buying Disney Cartoons: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King:Simba's Pride and a collection of Gregorian Choir audio CD. -_-"

He was intrigued of the Piracy Syndicate tactic to squirm out of harm's (authority's) way. All of them has a walkie-talkie and will alert one another by having one representative to ride a motorbike loudly along PS, inviting comments like 'bullshit man' and 'fuckers' from US UFO's (Ugly Fat Obnoxious) And soon after the alert, the DVD stalls transforms into Nasi Lemak or Nasi Goreng or DimSum stalls. This highly sophisticated procedure is rumoured to keep off authorities for two decades. Other tactics includes accidentally handing over a few rolls of rm50s.

Bersih, Cekap, Amanah.

Respiration and exhaustion made Afiq rely on energy drinks to keep up his stamina for the day(yesterday). In defiance of his own boycott plan, Afiq struggled and strived to look for substitutes. Alas.. CARABAO made its debut into Afiq's sensitive throat.

Mr. Heat and Mrs. Sun forced Afiq to retreat to his favourite mall. Guesslah where? Afiq is also annoyed of advertisments especially those that claims stateship. Observe the advertisment above.

Afiq had Ramyon for Branch. He did so to examplify Naruto's addiction with Ramen and since there was no Ramen around, Afiq opted a neighbourly version of Ramen.
Supposedly funny, Click had been successful of making Afiq cry twice. He used his -alamak, habuk dari kerusi masuk mata pulak- tactic to ensure his confidence and macho-ness.

Afiq was disturbed by this girl's attempt to boast her visible cellulite thus he took a picture of her to keep his disbelief eternal through this blog. The girl who noticed Afiq's visual persuit of her layers of buttocks could only frowned as she was on the other side of the monorail station. Ngoh ngoh ngoh~~
This -unintededly- poser gave me her ska-poyo pose when my camera was directed towards her. I asked her afterwards whether she minds being photographed. She answered: "Oh yeke, tak perasan pulak." As soon as Afiq turned his back from her, he made the -nak muntah- look and smiled at her to justify his unnoticable insult.The Ramyon eaten before had somehow affected Afiq's digestive system and he had to comply with it by visiting the 8th heaven.
Afiq, as you can see has a self-involved-narcisistic side which only flourish in toiletsHe return to his room after the 11 hours urban expedition and slept his ass off.

He got up at 11 am when his mother called him...

and continued sleeping -_- zzzzzzz

dengtedeng teng dengggg deng

Do you think I'm secular? A secularist.
i think my promo bike is working.. rating is higher than usual this week
To be clear, being a secularist is being a non-muslim because Islam does not acknowledge secularism.
so sial lah dis com.. so many porn.. cc com. must be those afros...aiya
The term secular, from the Latin Saeculum, conveys a meaning with a marked dual connotation of time and location.
unc lim still has the best roti kahwin..
I pray, I fast, I read the Quran, I cover my aurah, I seek knowledge. I'm a secularist?

Typical. Well I figure I have to stop wearing jeans and colderoy and wear slacks, replace my Vans shoes with Chapal and wear a kopiah.. Now I'm no longer a secularist right? Typical.
sex sales eh?
Some people judge others to the point that it gives me the impression of these people being excused from being judged by the almighty. On a personal(and emotional) note: GO TO HELL~
why is kid posting things that will make ppl undermine other muslims? -_-~
But I guess God will determine that. So that's that. Sudahlah. I'm getting sick of being called a secularist! So so so sick.
i think blogging is a burden sometimes
Aiseh, I'm out of undies... Off to the washing machine~
i have a total of 40 mini briefs and 5 boxer(i wear to sleeplah) 5 singlets....
Happy Saturday
to people who thinks I'm a secualarist:
Happy Self-realization-of-going-to-hell Day

You know I'm Joking...


Kid Yahoo messages:

maybe u r a malay who looks like chinese
ppl always think u r one
thats why u dont care about malay...but malaysia~?
u dont do u dont think that way~

Hmm. I don't do philosophy huh?

I would like to explain why I reject notions revolving race and country, why I don't associate myself with the Lina Joy protest, why I hate being called a Malay.

I want to share you some pieces of information I collected from the library last semester. I vowed then that I will support any relevant Islamic Revolution that is in sync with my search for truth.

The Islamic Renaissance: the empirical succession of Islam that once conquered and converted half of the world. The Ottoman Empire.

How is it that the Empire had been so successful to capture half of the world's mind and heart to accept and live Islam?

How is that Islam had spanned throughout lands and islands without the help of computers, telephone and other devices?

How is that Islam brought peace to the world with no question and desperation for political ideologies like Democracy, Communism etc?

It is simply because the Caliphs (leaders) of that time directly followed Prophet Muhammad's traits and leadership style as well as his solutions to spread Islam. They followed the Prophet's Sunnah. His direction. His Pattern. Aren't we suppose to live by his Sunnah?

It is important to point out that some of my findings includes the method of Rasulullah's reforming actions. Indeed, Rasulullah is the greatest reformer in the world. Michael H. Hart hailed Prophet Muhammad to be the most influential person in the world.

Reflecting on the public's enthusiastic approach of race dominance and nationalism, do you know that Rasulullah had abolished Tribalism and Nationalism?

He had and if he had not done so, Islam will never achieve its Renaissance. Instead, he opted for Universalism. One of the examples is the appoinment of Bilal bin Rabbah to be the first Muezzin. Why didn't Rasulullah choose another Arab like him? Why did he select a black slave from a distant land?

And here we are giving extra merits in accordance of a person's race and religion.

In the days of Prophet's Muhammad's Governance;

~Muslims and Jew lived in a community

~If people of both religion were to attack by a third party, all of them are responsible of counter-attacking the intruders.

~To install peace, it is desirable that it is done so in consultation of eachother.

~Equal distribution of wealth, either to Non-Muslims or Muslims.

~Developed the policy of the appointment of the governors, judges and officers without any discrimination.

Under the prophet's ruling, there were no Hak Istimewa Orang Arab
There were no Hak Istimewa Orang Islam

And so why are we all out protecting Malay rights and Muslim's right? The Syariah Court is insulted. Right. So do what the prophet did. EXECUTE LINA JOY if she really wants to be Murtad.

It is the command from Allah through his massenger and the Syariah Court is suppose to carry out its duties by applying the Islamic Jurisprudence.

We are all Muslims and had promised to live by the Quran and Sunnah. Don't you think we will be question later by the Almighty on why we were so blantant on protecting our tribal rights? Why we neglected our Muslim brothers? Why we allow SISTER IN ISLAM? Why we scare people with our aggression in the name of Islam?

Will we not be questioned by the Almighty?


Why don't we strive for that where we can practiced Allah's Law and lead the world with knowledge, power and technology. Where the the central government will be in Makkah and Nationalism, Democracy and large-scale association will be replaced by one Brand: Islam.

Insya Allah~

knitting faults and errors

during FFM
"I sound stupid when I speak in Malay, so I will make my speech in English."
She does sound stupid when she speaks in Malay you know... Sharifah Amani has a mismatched Utara-KL accent that will bother either KLites or Utara people. It's like me trying to speak Kelantanese or Terangganu for that matter. Jalang-jalang carik makang~
And the fuss is surreal. It just shows how Malays are so afraid of losing their identity. So afraid of having speech done in English. So afraid and intimidated and insulted. So very pathetic.
Let's face it Encik Rais, the art scene revolves around english as the main medium. Kakiseni who largely contributes to the Malaysian art scene uses english in its website. Most Actors and Actresses in quality movies and theatres are more fluent in English. Gavin Yap, Sharifah Amani, Patrick Teo, Ida Nerina, helooooo~ Datin Seri Tiara etc.
And yelah, Gubra corrupts societies when
-Bilal patted a dog
-A married couple engaged in foreplay
-Bilal is nice to hookers
But other movies invigorates and enhances malay tradition when
-Awi and Erra hugged at night when it's raining
-Adam kissed Misha Omar (mouth 2 mouth)
-Aqasha groped breasts and grind his body with another woman's
.Sharifah Amani traitor
Anyone spot the pattern? I just did but I'm not going to tell you. Biarlah Rahsia~~ Right Siti?
.sharifah amani FFM
It is a few of those things that makes me embarrassed to proclaim myself as orang melayu. So for the time being:
Foreigner: Where are you from brother?
Afiq: Nan Yang, Northern Province of Mainland China.


I just don't get it >: /
It's weird how my -wit- capacity changes when meeting different people. It's strange how I'm funny to some people and lame to others. It's funny that I don't feel like laughing when I think about this.

Sense of Humour differs. So is dodol. Some dodol are dodoling dodoler than other dodols. But to think that people who think of me as lame will have that mental image forever is just TAK BEST!

Eh. Gambar hiasan se eye-eye. Those two are my younger brothers.

To tell you the truth, I'm the least sarcastic person to be around with, however I tend to act as humour. To be humour. In other words to clown myself. To be a clown. I will act perverted or childish or blur or fidgety to get laughs. Some may call it ADD: Attention Deficit Disoder but I think my case is more of a Afiq's Do Dol. It's my personal problem worth pondering by others. Isn't this blog itself another method of getting attention?

But really, as predictable as I may be, you can't probably make a prediction of me. Because I'm an actor infront of you and an Afiq when alone. And that's why I prefer to be alone. Period.

It's a deceased desease. It's too late. I will forever more be a dodol. Forever. Dodol. Forever. I like writing short sentences. Dodol..........


The fuss on Lina Joy's case is making me mental. Seriously.

Petitions. Protests. Demonstrations. Rubbish. Sampah. Sarap.

Let me ask you something?

In Islam, what is more important: a person's appearance or Akidah?

Quality or Quantity?

Pakistan is a full Islamic country that practices Hudud: but have you not seen extremely poor people there asking for money at car windows? -Verily, poverty will lead to Kufur-

Muslims who drinks, casually commit adultery, never perform any prayers; what if they convert into Christianity. Will it make any difference?

Let me put it simply: we are blaming others for our own mistakes. It is a reflection of our ignorance. It is our fault.

And what better way to confront this issue than looking at ourself in the mirror.
Hit is Michael~

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself,

And Then Make A Change


So damn tired today. Wake up Ah Chai!


Well~ I realized today how fortunate I am to have loads of friends. And yeah, I hate fakesters in Friendsters. Narcisistic Bastardos.

I think I overexert myself recently. I think coffee is lovely. I think I love my blog. I think I will learn more chinese. Oh nope, I'm not thinking of you.

: P~~~~~ (muntah)

72 hours later...

There's nothing new about going to Penanglah. But the trip was much more enjoyable because there were studiomates tagging along. It was sober fun. Nothing surreal. Nothing that interesting. But it was something. Something we'll be talking about for the rest of our lives.
Note: the Penang flag is much bigger than the Malaysian flag
Ahh.. The highlight of local tourists: jeruk especially buah Pala. I'm allergic to these delicacies you see~ they'll make moi throat and face swell.
Oh gosh. gosh. gosh.

"Ya marpama, yade ko paap ne pappadom ey twenty two. Ah Chai, Line Clear~~~"

Wat da DOdoL!

I wanted to say -I'm not an Ah Chai. I'm a Abu or Mamat. Or or Kadiaq- Ignorance is bliss. Its necessary. Haha.

The best NASI KANDAR in the world baby *lips trembles as I type* Line Clear. The history of Line Clear goes back as far as my parents' childhood. The Nasi Kandar veiled me with a visual trance of cruising on white puffy clouds along side Ganesh and other Hindu Gods.

Nasi + Udang + Sotong + Telur Sotong = RM22

Coconut Shake = RM1.50

Sirap Limau =RM1

The joy of saying "Line Clear" and by definition really meant it after the meal:


A very unwise t-shirt selection. I swear there was steam coming out from my pants when I got back from the site.

This is something we do very very very very often. Checking shot pictures. This picture is a tribute to Kak Zihan (miss smiley) She made breakfast. And ironed my t-shirts. It's good to be nineteen~

Pearl of the orient baby...

Yeah okay, my laptop's name is officially Eton IT. So here are the names of my favourite kampong girls:

Minah :: bicycle
Goyah :: cell phone (NGAGE)
Eton IT :: Laptop

And the visiting ang moh/mat salleh:

Lauren :: diary

I'm grinning the whole day because I will be spending my weekends in Penang with studiomates, all of them! Hopes everything goes well but I have a feeling that it's going to be~~ seminar-ish. Tea time, sukaneka, "ok, children, we'll gather here by 10 sharp" and no, nononono, curfew! But then again, can archi students even plan successfully? Nay. Things will probably go askew in a fun funky way. FUNKIFUNIBABoombam!
Hmph. A Bosnian guy hit on me a few hours ago. Aah, I'm getting used to this already~ gave him my fake number of course. What's up with them anyways? I find it amusing as well, figuratively speaking. I have a feeling that I attract more guys than girls. I still find it amusing, mind you.
Aaah, yes. Do you know fitnah is a crime worse than murder? Well some people have been spreading rumours of my mother and I sure as hell that they will burn in the deepest pit of Jahanam. Well all I'm saying is it involved a former police marine's wife and her bitchy-than-thou shithole we call mouth. Yes you can spread rumours but I can spread hot butter on your husband's hidden and well-kept bribery cases. I longed for the day corrupted policemen goes to jail and has to pay all their corruption debts while they're enjoying their retirement and the wife will be forced to work as mak-guards to meet end's meet.
It's such a pleasant surprise~ So very pleasant...
to SAC2 Tuan Hamdan 's wife:

RUN bitch RUN.



Don't ask me why. I just blog everywhere. I'm currently in Concorde, assisting umi; she just got back from Makkah.

From observations, why is it that most malay sisters in IIU has a typical -ustazah- attitude? Timid, shy, urgh, restricted. It's not the system. It's not the country. It's them. Why is it that most foreigners I'd met are more empowered than our sisters?

Be empowered, be responsible of your actions, be professional, be a dodol scholar. Hello ustazah, look up, look around and smell the afternoon teh tarik! Owh... bf dalam fon tu berani nak gado-gado, apek tipu you pasrah jer. Aish, you ustazah pissed me off so dodoling much! Whenever I cycle passed them, they'll lompat and keep their gaze on the road and will only speak when I'm out of sight. "Masya Allah, apa bangang betol budak tu bawak basikal kat sini."

Lawanya bahasa~ why don't you just say it out loud and face me like a human being. But no~~ you want to haunt my conscience by your stinging aftermath.. oooh, scary and puaka sungguh ustazah...

Please, don't over do it baby. You'll be stunned on how much I know about Islam despite my chinese looking face and funky bike.

Ok~~ I'm judging people aren't I.

Well, ustazah-ustazah, put on your larger than life hijab, swirl it into a knob and kungfu me with it! fushushushushu... haiya... but no~~` you'll do it the magical way...the so called 'Islamic' way.


rest assure~

Met Puteri at the Economics Cafeteria yesterday and gave her the promised b'day box. We talked for 27 minutes. And as always, my way back to my studio was stenched with regret. Did I opened up too much? Did I made the proper gestures? Was my posture defined? And I was struck by a phrase long forgotten, fuming in the crevices of my conscience:

"Time spent wishing are time wasted"

And so I stopped wishing and start. Just start. Start whatever.

I spent my evening at a deserted gallery, just watching the receeding clouds and contoured hills. Went back down as soon as I spotted a red gleam and stumbled upon Lubna and Aufa. They were talking rather, rather 'girlishly' and I flashed a metal bounded smile. As a specialist of dismissive looks, I was more than content to leave them be.
Success. The view from the gallery is sweeter than success. There is no such thing as success. Success is only a mirage. I may visualize a well in the middle of a dessert. I may even reach the well but as soon as I tip it with my index finger, it'll dissapear and another well will appear a few yards away. So I might as well enjoy the long walk, enjoy the tickling sand.
What is success to be defined anyway? I don't know what success means to you but I'm sure as hell that I myself is currently and will forever be lost in translation. Today, I dismissed the idea that success is how they view as success. Who are they? Have you heard "They said that...." Who the dodol are they? They are expectations. They are the heat that produces mirage wells. They are everywhere. They are here. They are around us. They will not get me.
They never will.
I smiled cycling, thinking, if an accident occurs a few seconds later, I would like to smile when it happens. I would like the thought to be there (in my mind) for eternity.
"Time spent wishing are time wasted"

sunny sunday

Sundays. A time for us to reflect upon our passed week.

I learned that I am a very balanced person when it comes to sleeping. No matter how I resist sleeping (sometimes for days) I will avenge sandman and get my fair share of sleep during the weekends.

I learned that I seclude myself from the world when I feel like it, locking myself in my room and stick a "I'm hibernating. I'll eat your heads off if you come nearer." sign on the door.

I learned that I hate posh-acting peers who has rich and corrupted parents

I learned that I have a monumental problem with commitments

I learned that I hate doing laundries but love to sit on the washing machine when it dry-spins my clothes. I like how it shakes my behind (and kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya)

I learned that I lose and gain weight easily. I learned that I should be appreciative of my bodily traits because it is a clear indication of -you are what you ate- phrase. Thank you Oprah.

I learned that I like to have a lot of friends than sticking to one or two. I also learned that I can be a spectacular (you hear me right...) spectacular PR.

I learned that I love country music.

And lastly

I learned that:


Pokok Kapla

Is it just me or whenever I speak or think in english, I'm a totally different person. I think its me.

It is weird that I cant make much sense with BM, just babbles of cliche phrases and a lot of yeke, ha'ah and yelah. And I feel that I conversed and interacted differently when using the queen's language.

Sarcasm works better in english.

I think BM is bouquet of bunga taik ayam: colourful concuction of complexed beauty that leaves a trail of a metaphysical longkang. Yes, we can speak beautifully in the language but we could also devestatedly corrupt it with rumours and secrets. There's no thin line of equality between both. At least I think there aren't any..

English is perplexedly fumed with sugarcoated jargon that it is impossible not to differentiate flattery from ehem, non-fiction. So I rest my case. English is a better language for moi.


And BM can't deliver simple facts like english can. I've kept on using the word nyah for menyahlukis, penyahcucian and other ridiculous nyah-combo. Right my BM sucks. Nope. My BM pasar sucks.

Dodol with 'bahasa jiwa bangsa' boolesheet! The bahasa it too faulty for my jiwa to stand.

Here, here...

::English GOOD::
::BM BAD::

I'm only a languagist (if there's such a term)
Shoot me.

Lonely soul.

Minah's story

Sooted and rusted of age, Minah waited for his man. She knew well that's she has the most dissaponting assets compared to her peers. She peered to both sides and watched as her mates were taken along for a ride. How she longed for her man. Is it the price I sold myself to, is it too cheap? She had to admit, she is the cheapest in the streak of big solid beauties. Exasperated by dissapoinment, she lulled her head with the sharp evening wind.

She woke up almost immediately when she felt that someone was touching her head and reeling her for a walk. A gentleman of him to walk beside her to an unknown destination. A pearl of sweat dropped on her neck. She is too tired to look up, to flustered to stop.

He bought new things for her and shone her with TLC. She didn'y resist a bit. "Maybe I deserved this kind of treatment. Her pride glowed as her body was caressed with wet soapy hands. She moaned as the rust of her body was scraped gently from her. He stopped for a while and fetched a towel to dry her body. "I'm loved." Minah hummed repeatedly. And something magical happened. It had been so long since she last experienced this entrancing moment. He held hands tightly and manuevered his way to her behind. He streched his legs open and settled on her buttocks, appreciating her sleek and tonned body. He held his breath and secured his legs to Minah's and rode her~~~

Afiq's story

I brought my bike, Minah to the bike shop, had her fixed, washed her and rode my way back to the hostel.