world peace?

Iran is back in action.

It was said that they are enriching their nuclear powerplant for pharmaceutical field and in diagnosing cancer but the west (US and Euro) thinks that the Iranians are lying.

US had said before that Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction, the world aggreed and now people was dumbfounded when it was reported that there was no WMD, thanks to Michael Halton for commiting suicide, If he didn't they will be a WMD. Funny how things work in the West.

So naturally, the US officials' truth is the opposite of whatever statements they make.

So now, the US doesn't give a dodol about Iran's Nukeelar(as pronounced by Mr. SemakSamun)

It means that they are very WORRIED.

And Ahmadnejad said that the nuclear plants are used for peaceful purposes and he is probably telling the truth.

The Truth:

A nuclear bomb that hits the White House and kill the administration officers including Mr. SemakSamun and Mrs. Beras. If that happens, countries like Iraq and Afghanistan will enjoy freedom and the US will stop occupaying countries. Aha~

Voila, World Peace.....

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ikanrerama said...

twisted sense of justice and truth no?
i like...i like....