Pokok Kapla

Is it just me or whenever I speak or think in english, I'm a totally different person. I think its me.

It is weird that I cant make much sense with BM, just babbles of cliche phrases and a lot of yeke, ha'ah and yelah. And I feel that I conversed and interacted differently when using the queen's language.

Sarcasm works better in english.

I think BM is bouquet of bunga taik ayam: colourful concuction of complexed beauty that leaves a trail of a metaphysical longkang. Yes, we can speak beautifully in the language but we could also devestatedly corrupt it with rumours and secrets. There's no thin line of equality between both. At least I think there aren't any..

English is perplexedly fumed with sugarcoated jargon that it is impossible not to differentiate flattery from ehem, non-fiction. So I rest my case. English is a better language for moi.


And BM can't deliver simple facts like english can. I've kept on using the word nyah for menyahlukis, penyahcucian and other ridiculous nyah-combo. Right my BM sucks. Nope. My BM pasar sucks.

Dodol with 'bahasa jiwa bangsa' boolesheet! The bahasa it too faulty for my jiwa to stand.

Here, here...

::English GOOD::
::BM BAD::

I'm only a languagist (if there's such a term)
Shoot me.


Chemistry Grad said...

i just hate languages..any language never suits me. only numbers and symbols! haha~

(shah) 샿룰™ said...

kid - bahasa best tau... part guna nak mengata orang... i like to learn languages so i can kutuk people without they knowin' it... macam kalo geram kat orang dan terasa nak cakap babi, pastue x nak pulak dia tahu kita tgh bengang kat dia lantas keluarlah babi dalam bahasa lain...

sebagai orang johor... huhu... bahasa melayu akan digunakan dgn konteks yg soft... perli... kalau chep start perli dlm BM... hoho... silalah carik maksud tersirat time tue... huhu...

afiq - haha... x yahler guna 'nyah' tue... it does sounds funny, chep sokong... cakap ajerla in mix, to ur heart content la... i prefer it like that... i prefer 'defrost' than 'nyahbeku'... lagipun i am against usin' 'baku' since i use 'dialek johor-riau'

DaRk AnGeL said...

hehehe afiq~
we kinda face the same prob here.. i mean part yg ngata BM ni byk bahasa bunga2.. yup.. english is simpler with more direct forward words and meaning... tak yah nak pusing2 kalau nak sampaikan maksud.. heheheh

kid said...

oh chep, because of that reason la i hate languages..the same reason too i hardly layan the idiot box..

i dont talk much, because once i start talking, ppl just love to talk sumore with me. haha~ *time for kid to perahsan-tan*

ney, because i keep asking, and they have to answer me because they have the answers to my questions. haha~ and when my talking is confusing, they ask me back..so that's that..ppl just 'love' to talk sumore with me. haha~

body language lebih bermakna~ attitude babe, attitude..sila jaga!

nana said...

uh oh.. apa nak jadi ngan budak2 melayu zaman sekarang.. ish ish.. haha.. for me, both language is important and easy to converse with.. it depends on the situation.. like i've said before, the ability to talk and converse is a gift.. some people find it easy and some don't.. body language, is important but without the right language, it work only half as good :)
oh no wonderla masa kat utm tu u didn't say much.. pehal tak cakap nak cakap omputih.. kan sonang.. hihi..
walaupun hakikatnya bahasa melayu ni leceh sket, but then again kalau tak ada bahasa melayu, rasa2nya tak jadila kita Malaysia.. English penting, tapi bahasa kita pun penting gak.. not everyone have the previlage of learning we have, so not everybody in malaysia can understand both language.. and what would u say to those who doesn't know both at all?? pity rite...hihi
~nana signin out~

afiq said...

melayu? hahah, yea.. wat is melayu anyway. we r all mongrels. ask urself: wat race am i? i seriously doubt that the answer is malay. im chinese-bugis-thai.

wah, very the perasantan comment kid nie... ; )

i agree with dark angel and archivelore. yep, english is more straight forward. And i find it similar to arabic. its also a very emotional language..

you know how nicole richie likes to say this: LOVES IT.

afiq said...

u know what, i'm pissed with ur constant speculation.

dont treat me like ur personal rag aite..

Anonymous said...

Being Malaysian, mmg senang kene influence. Compared to Japanese, bahasa diorang lagik susah, diorang siap ade ayat simple which is for children, dan ayat bersambung (kanji). I didnt say BM senang cuz BM is full of ayat berlapik (pantun, syair), tats de beauty of it. English as in American punyer or British punyer cuz American, diorang memberontak kat british, they tend to change everything so dat tak samer dgn british, so yes they made english simpler.

sorry, maybe bcoz of the war between lebanon n frakkin' israel, lagik bengang dgn america. Or maybe coz ma cousins from singapore berlagak tak ingatnyer bout their english but their so-called BM is Boyan Language. BM"Nak tambah nasi lagi?" BL"Lagik makan?"

No offense singaporean.

afiq said...

we're heading somewhere now aren't we. I know not that u r a girl or gay and you are one of those ppl who speaks malay in real life but rojak in the networld.

hmmm.... i wonder...

aish, that pics is pretty deceiving, i'm not skinny lah. I just bobbed my head a little towards the cam to enlarge it.

i like singapore chicken rice

Anonymous said...

Mintak maaf banyak-banyak. I know not that "those ppl who speaks malay in real life but rojak in the networld" is somehow not welcome. Thanks.Hmmm, gay, i like dat. ( girl ker gay?)

afiq said...

hmph.. just testing my first impression skills. I meant gay as in very happy. very very happy.