Architectural terms has so much negativity that it is impossible not to get insulted when using the archi jargon. Tomorrow is my mock crit. See, Mock and Critic. The most hated word: Redo. Surprisingly, I'd never had my piece of meat tendered by this pounding word.

I've recently discover the identity of my current stalker. He's Bosnian, he's 32 and he is positively sick. I've been keeping his messages just in case.. well, let us not go there!

I HAVE to know which part of me attracts gay men so I can reduce its effectiveness. I have to. I can't let this go on.

I've been cycling around IIUM looking for fashionable muslimah lately. More to come this Saturday~~~

Aaah, the freezing studio and its occupying penguins;

The drafting process.
The Modeling process

The Pissing Off Process

Divert your attention from my lebam eyes and pale complexion. I'll be a full-time penguin from now till tomorrow morning.

Livita, Coffee, Kerepek, Mamee is now my survival food.

The T-Square is my sword and the scale ruler is its sheath.

Pens are my daggers and Erasers my mage enchantments.

The radio is my Gollum, it annoys me and keep me awake all the while influencing me to buy unnecessary stuff.

See, we are not Penguins! >_<

We are the Riders of Rohan...

*background music*(Tengg tedeng tededeng.. tededenggg deng dedeng deng dengg tededeng...)


Szakif said...

i'm shocked to know about the gay thing? bosnian? haha~ afiq... cover you face with hijab i think is the best way to reduce the "effectiveness".. well... up to you.... :D

Anonymous said...

gay suke the metrosexual type,so try not to wear "smart but simple". hmm, and maybe babyface sgt kot?? i have a gay fren, and he likes guys with long hair.