Sat a Day

note: Afiq is going to refer himself as a third person in this entry.

Afiq's Saturday around KL

Afiq woke up unusually early at 8.00 am and changed to his casual going-out-to-town wear which is usually consist of a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He thinks it's the best choice of outfit for him. I dissagree.

Afiq's stroll around Petaling Street turned into a turmoil comparable to the complication of seperating lingkaran ubat nyamuk without breaking the middle part. He remembered that a few friends of him cannot accept the fact that Afiq like any other man enjoys pornography and these mindless dimwits challenged him to buy a couple of Pornography CDs to prove them wrong.

Afiq ended up buying Disney Cartoons: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King:Simba's Pride and a collection of Gregorian Choir audio CD. -_-"

He was intrigued of the Piracy Syndicate tactic to squirm out of harm's (authority's) way. All of them has a walkie-talkie and will alert one another by having one representative to ride a motorbike loudly along PS, inviting comments like 'bullshit man' and 'fuckers' from US UFO's (Ugly Fat Obnoxious) And soon after the alert, the DVD stalls transforms into Nasi Lemak or Nasi Goreng or DimSum stalls. This highly sophisticated procedure is rumoured to keep off authorities for two decades. Other tactics includes accidentally handing over a few rolls of rm50s.

Bersih, Cekap, Amanah.

Respiration and exhaustion made Afiq rely on energy drinks to keep up his stamina for the day(yesterday). In defiance of his own boycott plan, Afiq struggled and strived to look for substitutes. Alas.. CARABAO made its debut into Afiq's sensitive throat.

Mr. Heat and Mrs. Sun forced Afiq to retreat to his favourite mall. Guesslah where? Afiq is also annoyed of advertisments especially those that claims stateship. Observe the advertisment above.

Afiq had Ramyon for Branch. He did so to examplify Naruto's addiction with Ramen and since there was no Ramen around, Afiq opted a neighbourly version of Ramen.
Supposedly funny, Click had been successful of making Afiq cry twice. He used his -alamak, habuk dari kerusi masuk mata pulak- tactic to ensure his confidence and macho-ness.

Afiq was disturbed by this girl's attempt to boast her visible cellulite thus he took a picture of her to keep his disbelief eternal through this blog. The girl who noticed Afiq's visual persuit of her layers of buttocks could only frowned as she was on the other side of the monorail station. Ngoh ngoh ngoh~~
This -unintededly- poser gave me her ska-poyo pose when my camera was directed towards her. I asked her afterwards whether she minds being photographed. She answered: "Oh yeke, tak perasan pulak." As soon as Afiq turned his back from her, he made the -nak muntah- look and smiled at her to justify his unnoticable insult.The Ramyon eaten before had somehow affected Afiq's digestive system and he had to comply with it by visiting the 8th heaven.
Afiq, as you can see has a self-involved-narcisistic side which only flourish in toiletsHe return to his room after the 11 hours urban expedition and slept his ass off.

He got up at 11 am when his mother called him...

and continued sleeping -_- zzzzzzz


zati said...

kul 11....letih sgt nampak.
: )

mesti pening pun dah hilang kan???

nana said...

ahaaa... u look cuter by each picture :) (haa mesti da blush tu!!) u seemed to have no problem whatsoever to merayap although u have a very hectic life... so i am sure u'll have no problem to drop by our archifest on the 2nd september rite? hehe.. sorry aritu tak smpat tgk your reply in the box.. :p anyways, really hope u guys could drop by :)

Hafidz Baharom said... be able to sleep till 11 a.m, how I miss such days....

Nyna Kayle said...

You are so *chumel* & kelakar! Never failed to make me smile when reading your blog... :)

DaRk AnGeL said...

owh..barulah nmpk the real afiq..

wah.. jalan sorg2 ker? penat tapi i know its worth it~!
[bunyi mcm dah biasa buat jugak ok.. hehehe]

a lot of nice pics.. i enjoy.. this time ur entry is a bit santai and i kinda like it... ;)

and yeah, i also dont like the ad about ini wilayah siapa, ini wilayah dia bla bla bla.. sebab i use maxis~! [lebih ramai yg memilih maxis...]

and click is very the sedap ceritanya. best2~!

ps-and errm... no more dropping by comments in my blog? *wink*

afiq said...

halo e... letih sangat kalau nak tahu tapi tak seletih kalau pergi ngan kawan..

cute is actually ugly but adorable but i think u meant well. but at this age i don't makan compliments like cute but i prefer macho but i guess i'll never be that. this janggut cannot tumbuh i tell you.. mesti beli baja sapu malam2 kot.

wtheck, i haven't been bloghopping for a while now. i'll visit ur bloggo dark angelo

it was sunday.. its santai entry~ Regulars will notice this.

nana said...

dearest afiq.. cute means ugly but adorable yeah, but lets not focus on the 'ugly' part... lets focus on the 'adorable' part kay :) hey, nowadays, cute doesn't only applies to babies mind you. are you sure u want to be known as 'macho'? which by the way means stocky (short and buffed). girls nowadays goes for the cute ones rather than handsome or macho.. hehe :)
p/s; and u still hadn't answer me... u're coming or not?

afiq said...

not surelah.. it depends on where i'll be spending my mid sem holiday.