It's surprising that many mega companies are owned by Jews. Check out the List: LIST

Some questioned about the involvement of Starbucks in the Israeli War. Yep, there's no valid proof but it is for certain that the BIG BOSS is a jew. And if I was a jew myself, I too will support the country that holds a certain amount of holy significance: Israel.
And that's why I boycott Israel dearest Aput. Because I'm able to read between the lines. Because I don't let Mr.Frappe and Mrs.Cappucino overwhelm my judgements. Plus, there's KOPIESATU, a Malaysian Brand owned by a chinese Businessman(non-muslim).
(-_-)" errr...

So what are you fudging waiting for?
Let's stop dreaming about being professional that earns monthly salary and start builiding businesses. It's Rasulullah's job once too you know.



Yep, I'm a Bob the Builder Fan


Hafidz Baharom said...

Afiq, urm...not all Jews support Israel. There are those who even spoke out against the formation of a country there.

And Jews do not view Israel as their Holy Land, because, according to their faith, they are a people of the entire world, and the formation of a such a location would bear the wrath of God.

These are Zionists, radical Jews. And that picture you put up there.....that's a US camp in Iraq. So they don't support Jews, they support Americans.

No, opening a coffee franchise is not suitable for Malaysia. Try open a place like this. In the morning, use it as a cafe'. At night, have an 'open microphone', which allows people to perform for the customers. That's my dream.

Anonymous said...

spongebob lagik cutee!!

afiq said...

US- jew - coalition

the link is undeniable.

and yet ppl faile to recognize it, putting a liberal front, a mimickry of freedom and general conscience. Again, the link is undeniable. Zionist exists everywhere including in Malaysia and there is no way for certain to recognize them you see so i dunno lah..

its a blurry target and so is my vision but the line of action is clear... u know lah.,.

nana said...

i can't agree more afiq :) anyways, if u can come, do drop by. bring your friends as well :)

p/s; i'm doing some stupid story in my blog on friendster. drop by and comment if u have time, kay :)
~everyone is invited~ ^_^