How To Be A Datin

Hello hello hello! Since I published Teh Bersama Datin Sally dan Miss J, so many viewers requested for more Datin Sally videos. Since Datin Sally attracted a niche audience, here is a video that features the main woman herself.

I actually don't like making Datin Sally videos because 1. I have to dress up and put on very heavy boobs and 2. I don't want to kantoi. Mana tahu suddenly ada orang masuk bilik waktu afiq berlakon... But since there were many requests from Datin Sally's fans, I felt obligated to make her second youtube video. Are you happy now Datin?

For your information, this video does not reflect any particular Datin. I have a few Datins in my family and none of them are like the stereotype Datin Sally. So enjoy and share the video and tune in for next week's Afiqsays video. If you have any suggestions, you are welcomed to relay them to me via twitter or facebook.


Best Taekwondo Fight Ever

This is just toooo cute!

I can't help but to think that the two boys will somehow become life-long rivals like Ken and Ryu. SHURIKEN!

Where Is dRbook?

I'm not sure whether Rozmey was duped by the parody news by Weekly World News but the entrepreneur told the media that he is launching his own social network website dRbook. Like everyone else, I have my suspicion because this guy sells placebo-effect health drinks and has no background in erm.. technology.

So after the launching was postponed several times over 'technical' issues, they announced that it will operational after CNY. So here it is guys, after months of waiting for our very own social networking site, I present to you.....


MALAYSIAN YOUTUBERS: Afiqsays's Liker Chain

Liker Chain is a list of vloggers you personally like and would like to recommend to your friends. There are no Liker Chain in Malaysia so far so this is the first. After reading this, do your own Liker Chain on your blogs and promote YOUR favourite Youtubers.

Subscribe to MathLuthfi90

The first video I watched from his vlog is the infamous Selamat Hari Ibu video circulated in Facebook. Mathlufti, who is obviously a Kedahan, vlogs about everything under the sun and is known for his cute but sempoi attitude. I digg him because of his sense of humor, you know being an Orang Utara myself. This is his latest parody on typical film and drama scenes. Funny shit.

Subscribe to AdamLikesCereal

Adam is a Malaysian teenager living in the middle east with his family. And that's all I know about Adam other than the fact that he likes to make random vlogs about random subjects posted on random days. Even his youtube name is random. He has also collaborated with american vloggers like ckXcore and That'sJustZack. Here's a sample of Adam's random hilarity.

Subscribe to Aman Wan

Here's a vlogger I personally know. He is a budding comic artist/mangaka and an aspiring filmmaker. He was also my assistant director for my short film Maria. Oh the talent that this guy has is just plain scary. He is probably the most underrated vlogger there is because his vlogs are very well made and his sense of humor is that of a funny japanese comic book. Here's one of my favourite vlog from him.

Subscribe to Najwa595

Najwa is a petite indie singing sensation that sings covers in a car. Okaylah, Najwa is not a vlogger but a singer who posts recordings of her songs on youtube. On that note, I hope Najwa considers vlogging so she can differentiate herself from literally thousands of cover song singers. This is my personal favourite from Najwa Latif, the song Grenade originally by Bruno Mars.

Subscribe to IniAnwarHadi

Anwar Hadi is Malaysian's latest Youtube sensation and is most famous for his EwwwW video. This smiley chap also hails from Kedah and is currently studying in Australia. If you have seen some of his videos, you would know that his vlogs' main attraction is his take on current trends. And I'll be in denial if I don't tell you that his legions of female fans are attracted to his tongue rolling American accent and of course.... his Utara slang. His boy-next-door atau dalam BMnya.. bakal-menantu-mak appeal will most definitely carry his vlogger status to new heights so watch out Namewee!

Subscribe to NoSenseiProduction

NoSenseiProduction is headed by Sam Vun, a hyper college student I've met several times before. This Sabahan lad is also an aspiring filmmaker and is bent to infiltrate into Cannes Film Festival one day. He is most known for rapping a positive parody of Namewee infamous race-related rap song. After subscribing to him, flood his wall and tell him to make more rap videos!

So that's my Liker Chain. If you have the time, make your own via blog or vlog and share your favourite Malaysian youtubers.

Haram Ke Pegang Anjing?

Sorry for not uploading any videos for two weeks. Cuti-cuti siam.

This week vlog is about my past experience at Lipe Island, not the whole experience mind you but what happened when a fellow Malaysian Makcik saw me touching a husky. Keliling dia orang berbogel dia tak kisah pun tapi afiq pegang anjing nak kecoh-kecoh.

See the boxes behind me? I'll be moving soon to my own apartment so I'm packing up. You heard me right? My very own rented downtrodden apartment. It is a small, oddly located apartment but who am I to complain? I'll be living alone anyway so pedulik!

I have a new segment in my vlog where I review some of the youtube comments so look out for that, your crude hate-filled comment might wind up in that segment and people will be lining up to spam your walls with "Ko hengat ko bagos sangat ke hah?!?!"

I'll be vlogging about the hardship of moving next week so do subscribe to Afiqsays! Tu ha butang subscribe kat atas sekali tu...

The End of Afiqsays

It's the end. The end of Afiqsays and the beginning of Afiq Deen. I think I've inflicted too much damage with this blog and vlog and I think it's time for me to dissapear from the online world.



I need a female model for a quickie video shoot. Send your pictures and information to

Back From Pulau Lipe

Pulau Lipe is a beautiful Siamese Island. Cantik gila babs. After spending 4 days and 3 nights there, I have learnt and experienced several note-worthy things, like:
1. Boobs loses its charm and desire after too much public exposure. After googling dozens of exposed boobies, I think I've lost interest in them. Kecik, besar, pendek, panjang, I think I've covered almost all types of boobs. Yang paling tak tahan orangputeh yang dah tua. Makcik, lipat jelah kopek makcik tu.
2. Do not sleep at the beach after a whole-day snorkelling trip. An orangputeh woke me up and told me "Excuse me but you're making noises." You guessed it. I snored!
3. Even after layers and layers of sunblock, my skin is thoroughly sunburnt. Lain kali Mohd Afiq Deen, janganlah kamu fikir yang kamu ni orangputeh boleh nak gelapkan kulit sampai serupa kulit udang. Ini tidak, snorkelling sampai jadi keling.
4. Sam Manao maksudnya Ice Lemon Tea. Nak pergi toilet? Ti nai ming hong nam.
5. Huskies are not meant to live in tropical islands. There was a husky owned by a diving instructor that frequents the beach to cool off. Kesian dia, sebab panas sangat.
6. Tak guna bawa buku atau novel ke pantai sebab terlalu banyak distraction seperti exposed boobs (sila rujuk no.1) Susah nak concentrate. Kalau bawa pun boleh bawa sebagai alat cover skodeng.
When I got back from Lipe, I noticed that I have 140 youtube subscribers. Pergi siam 80 balik siam 140 apecer? Now I feel that I HAVE to upload an afiqsays video pronto. My next afiqsays video will be uploaded on Friday/Saturday. Till then, boobies!