How To Be A Datin

Hello hello hello! Since I published Teh Bersama Datin Sally dan Miss J, so many viewers requested for more Datin Sally videos. Since Datin Sally attracted a niche audience, here is a video that features the main woman herself.

I actually don't like making Datin Sally videos because 1. I have to dress up and put on very heavy boobs and 2. I don't want to kantoi. Mana tahu suddenly ada orang masuk bilik waktu afiq berlakon... But since there were many requests from Datin Sally's fans, I felt obligated to make her second youtube video. Are you happy now Datin?

For your information, this video does not reflect any particular Datin. I have a few Datins in my family and none of them are like the stereotype Datin Sally. So enjoy and share the video and tune in for next week's Afiqsays video. If you have any suggestions, you are welcomed to relay them to me via twitter or facebook.



~Ain Jimat~ said...

datin sally lagi popular dari afiq??

Daya SooYoung H said...

sumpah kelakar , dah gelak golek2 di pg ahad. :))

okay , U should stay like a guy . more cuter. Hopefully stay funny Datin Sally and Miss J.

Wuucin Kimora said...

lips with gloss? i like! hahahha

sicomot-comel said...

what a nice outfit Datin Sallyfiq!
SCC enjoy la tgk video ni..

keep on doing more videos ye afiq..suka tgk!!!! =D

khairie rahman said...

eh! heavy boobs? i thought you're using balloons. so, what were those?! hahaha!!

Embun Pagi said...

ahaa..comel giloz video nie..