Closet, closet, water...des

I have several friends who are closet gays; huh? ppl who thinks they're gay but act like they're not. Bah. Well, that's how i put it. He actually think they are actually born to be gay. He wont admit it though but with subtle persuasion, i was successful of 'revealing' him. Its kinda weird really. I first noticed this when he has a spark of interest on good looking guys. He'll flush and try to avoid eye contact with whoever he considers goodlooking. I was like' k,(not real name) why are you looking at him like that?' It was weird at first but later i got used to it and started to 'play along'. 'hey,k. look at him...i think he's looking at you.' But seriously, i wish i could tell him that being gay is a psychological thing. Its not natural. hmm.... but being friends and all... i'll just watch over him from afar.. u know.. keeping him preoccupied..away from the related influences.

Baby uncle

Im going to my grandma's today. Its so troublesome... my unc is having some major communication breakdown with the family and he's trying to suck up to my grandma so she'll defend for him. N guess what? he's 28! A baby who never grows up. When he was 23, he even begged my grandma to sort things out with the administrator! He was 23. I common scenario, he came back home late, around midnight, check the fridge and ask my grangma to buy him nasigoreng at a stall nearby. Hello! you're 28. She's 69. Lesson learnt. Uncle indeed

London bridge is falling down,,,...

Most malays are muslims... not all muslims are malays.. Malays and their animistic beliefs.... Dont they realized that their muslims. Islam forbids animistic beliefs or the over-emphasized word: berkat. Adi putra the genius was proclaimed to be the smartest boy in Malaysia! There goes the kampong.. Grannies and housewives will queue up to his house, hoping to get his 'berkat'. Adi blows into their water bottle and voila, the water is now ajaib and capable of healing light fever, cramped legs and even cancer. Funny. How can all these kampong folk proffesed their islamic roots if their everyday beliefs are based on their ancestors. What these folks should do is collect money so adi can go to a proper university where he can actually learn how to make medicine to cure cancer. Tsk. Oh and uitm students r making loads of money making and selling pornos. Erm and.... london bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.

Stupid ASSignment

Studio work. We're required to interview architects, journalist, lecturers and medical doctors and i was assigned to interview an architect (doh-homersimpsonnish). Let's see, my mom's an architect, all her friends are architects, two of my uncles are architects. my godfather is an architect.... i hate this assignment! I want to interview a journalist.... Its no fun interviewing ppl that's connected to u one way or another. Im pleased to announce that i wont be dieting this holiday after i found out that i had lost 5 kg! yippee.. Erm,,,... ahh... change the blog template AGAIN. But this one is closer to my heart. Since u know wat happened. i did some customization like the scrolling intro and other stuff. and yes, the cartoon character looks sket2 like me. ngahahahahaah....

Im supposed to be at my makcik's or grandmother's but malaslah. The only thing i look forward to when im there is the PS2. Kalau takde bende Allah tu mmg i'll even.... not too drastic now,afiq... okie dokie...audieu..


Bored to hell. All my cousins and brothers are still in school. But i figure it couldn't be that boring in hell. Is getting whipped by hot iron and thumped by fiery boots boring. But if the angels kept doing it.... maybe it'll get boring then. Wargh.....

reincarnation of a darjah empat bully

Imagine this scenario: you left the lecture hall only to realized you've forgotten one of your folders. Sot there you are standing at the door, making sure that there's a folder to begin with. Then a guy intends to exit the lecture thetre, he saw you at the door and just whamed his way out without saying a word. Your chest is left swollen and your ego, hurt. What would you do in a situation like this:
a) Sings 'supercallifragilisticespialladocious'
b) Make plans to establish a 'i love pink roses' club
c) Contemplate with yourself: what a wonderful day, today....
z) Curse!
Well, I happened to select z and had done so after he left (i was waiting for his apology). The suspect's girlfriend who happens to be a good friend of mine heard it since she was behind me. (FYI, i wasn't even shouting, it was a whispery type of cursing). This friend of mind suddenly squeeled 'How Islamic of u...' and rolled her eyes. Just another day... a normal mundane day with few surprises...
Until that night. The suspect called out my name when i was doing finishing my assignment and directed a fist towards me. 'Ok...funnyguy.' His expression was blank, a mixture of asamboi, salt and colgate(with the exception of the minty breath after using colgate). Long story short: he intimidated me with the combination of his fist, a nearby table and a ridiculously askewed frowning brows. I was startled. Surprised. He initiated stuff about me wanting to carik gadoh. Successfullt intimidated, i asked him why exactly was he so steamed up for a fight. 'Ko panggil aku anak haram!' ko panggil aku' It was a stupidly foolish thing to do but i corrected him. 'bastard?' He doesn't even know how to properly pronounce it yet alone understand its meaning. My jammed up CPU got its pace going and in a few seconds, i very well know what's wrong with this guy. It seems that my so called good friend told him that i cursed and had given a full extended oxford dictionary meaning of the word. For a minute or two, i was not too sane to respond to the situation. My body cooked up a storm! i unwillingly apolagized and continued my inner boiling. For a friend who i'd knew since i came to IIU, before she even met her bf... she was out of line.... cool down....breathe in...breathe out.... i'd personally forgive her but she didn't seem to have the heart to smile back when i offer a friendly smile. For a friend, im willing to forgive and forget.... only time will tell if she realized her true priority. hmmm...... makes you think who ur real friends are....
A hectic week, 3 submissions, 2 sleepless nights, 3 semisleepness nights, 2 presentations. I guess the lecturers were compensating for the coming holidays. Im very sure that the holi part is unassumingly means holly. If ur in my situation, freedom of work is so great to be put in words; holly! Slept yesterday at 7pm wearing my 'office' cloth and woke up at 12 wearing nothing. Im a sleep streaker. Who cares. Went for lunch with azim and*saliva dripping* Promise kid to bowl with her at mid but seriously going there from here(gombak) is just haphazard. setengah jam at the bus stop, 20 min of odd smells in the LRT, 15 min queuing for the commuter and its Saturday! Fav place for KLites to hang out: mid lah and the trip back. Phew. So mind u kid. Im just too phucking tired. Sowwy,,,,...,,.,.,,,.,.,,.,. expecting my two monkey brothers to crush into my pad. my mom's comng too.. Joy!

Early dinner at HS

I queued with a gloomy expression, stared at the greesy tile floor, twitched a smile at the roti canai making mamak with a hint of smirk; You! You are the cause of this minyakish floor. It was a subtle smirk, an expression you'll normally get when a dog 'marks' your ex's car. I proceeded to the next stall to get my soya bean milk Ahh... an early dinner at the mamak stall. Nothing like it. I snatched my shoulder held bag and wandered through the mazes of tables while delicately balancing the plastic plate and polystyrene cup, a mixture of alice in wonderland and fear factor. Yay, found myself an empty four men table. I wasn't being selfish. I was, if i may put it this way, in the mood for medi-eating (meditate + eat). I reached for today's Star newspaper and carefully sorted out the Star2. Ngahngahngah (nasal laugh). Erm, forgot to wash my hand... oh well, extra spice for the curry. I love every moment of this, gorging myself with nasi kandar and fresh articles...
'Thump!' a sun of a gun gave me a friendly punch. If truth is to be told, i was more reluctant to shout 'what the f***!' but alas i recalled my roots, being courteous as a malay and muslim, i gave in to his macho-man gesture and timidly said 'Oi, ko nak mampos ke tumbuk orang tengah makan, tersedak nanti ko nak bayarkan ke bil klinik?' He faked a laugh and sat on the chair infront of me. 'eh ada...'. 'ada ape?' There was a puddle of spilled tea on the seat... 'takde ape-ape' serve you right! 'Eh apsal makan sorang-sorang ni. Ko takde kawan ke?' On the contrary, i was not offended by his 'melepasje' statement. i know what i'm doing and i'm quite sure that i'm doing the right thing. Here's why; my english teacher told me that people understand better in point form.
-I'm not eating alone. My cellphone was with me. Not forgetting the jinns and the two angels that's writing my deeds 24/7.
-No one is eating together; everyone is eating with the same people yesterday or the day before yesterday and so on and so fourth.
-The self-professed vogue ladies (pronounced vo-goo-eh by CT nurhaliza) are gossiping with their lookalikes, eating very little portion of their fried rice and exchanging smirks with their neighbors.
-Boys and girls with loaded parents who wears expensive jeans, horizantally striped tucked out shirt, heavy metalic watches and fresh cellphones are discussing nothing. Just small talk. Just wanting to be noticed.. -oh look at us-we're reach yada yada yada-
-Bosnians are with bosnians, iranians with iranians, blacks with other blacks, thais with thais, indons with indons.... malays with malays...
-Couples who savor every minute of their dinner expressing kindred love by looking blankly at each other... (pukes)
-And there's a group of friends who are being real, laughing their head out when the joker amongst them mimics an iraqi lecturer.
-And there's me, enjoying every minute looking at all these people's faces. Appreciating individuality and getting free tips on how to dress up. I love early dinners...
'Wei, ko mimpi ke.... ey, apsal seluar aku rase basah je nie....'

I dont get women!

If you have not notice, women's right to voice out opinion or vote for their political candidates were unheard of a century ago. The 21st century marked the spot; women's freedom is slowly but surely getting public acceptance over the years. Now everyone deserves to vote and voice out opinion as well as to take control of a country's management and administration. Malaysia is one good example; we have Rafidah Aziz and the likes of them. Yes she cried in public assemblies, yep, she cried in the parliament, and oh yes, she cried on TV. She is practically 'crying out' her weaknesses, demonstrating women's subconscious state of denial that they are male's equal counterpart.
Malay women.... they demand equal respect in order to succeed but retreat to their "but i'm only a woman!" when resistance to their near success appears. They are analogically chihuwawas; they bark as loud as any other dog in the neighborhood but could not even bare the idea of territorial fights. As a student, I found myself in a difficult position where women displays their good traits like being hardworking and inhumanely persistent but at the same time blanket their flaws with a niche statement: "but i'm a woman". Is equality there? It is very much there but malay women do not seem to understand the implication of the word equality is sexes. Or do they?
The idea of having Hilary Swank and Will Smith in the boxing ring is downright inappropriate because of their different physical strength but a scenario where a women debate team fights off an all male debate team is generally acceptable. Why? B It is because women and men's intelligence are in equal position. So why should Rafidah cry? It is so funny when Malay girls think they can decide anything but refuse to accept the responsibilities that lies within it. It is so funny when a Malay girl could underestimate a male counterpart but refused to be treated otherwise. It is funny that a friend of mine could tick me off in public but could not grasp the idea that I could hit back. I was not punching her on her foundation surfaced face. I was hitting back with my arguments backed by experience and knowledge. It is funny how Rafidah thinks everyone is getting a piece of her. It is funny how Malay girls just refuse to grow up. All the other women in the world had smelled the roses. Now it is your turn to smell them. Let us start in a more secure environment shall we; now pluck a hibiscus each, ladies!