Stupid ASSignment

Studio work. We're required to interview architects, journalist, lecturers and medical doctors and i was assigned to interview an architect (doh-homersimpsonnish). Let's see, my mom's an architect, all her friends are architects, two of my uncles are architects. my godfather is an architect.... i hate this assignment! I want to interview a journalist.... Its no fun interviewing ppl that's connected to u one way or another. Im pleased to announce that i wont be dieting this holiday after i found out that i had lost 5 kg! yippee.. Erm,,,... ahh... change the blog template AGAIN. But this one is closer to my heart. Since u know wat happened. i did some customization like the scrolling intro and other stuff. and yes, the cartoon character looks sket2 like me. ngahahahahaah....

Im supposed to be at my makcik's or grandmother's but malaslah. The only thing i look forward to when im there is the PS2. Kalau takde bende Allah tu mmg i'll even.... not too drastic now,afiq... okie dokie...audieu..

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