A hectic week, 3 submissions, 2 sleepless nights, 3 semisleepness nights, 2 presentations. I guess the lecturers were compensating for the coming holidays. Im very sure that the holi part is unassumingly means holly. If ur in my situation, freedom of work is so great to be put in words; holly! Slept yesterday at 7pm wearing my 'office' cloth and woke up at 12 wearing nothing. Im a sleep streaker. Who cares. Went for lunch with azim and slog....yes....slog....i...love...to...slog...*saliva dripping* Promise kid to bowl with her at mid but seriously going there from here(gombak) is just haphazard. setengah jam at the bus stop, 20 min of odd smells in the LRT, 15 min queuing for the commuter and its Saturday! Fav place for KLites to hang out: mid lah and the trip back. Phew. So mind u kid. Im just too phucking tired. Sowwy,,,,...,,.,.,,,.,.,,.,. expecting my two monkey brothers to crush into my pad. my mom's comng too.. Joy!

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