Woah... this Aisha song is permanently stuck in moi. Stress is by now in ma blood and vein. In ma flesh and bonez. Everythin's passin by so quickly today. Allah had blessed me with extra dose of ignorance today, hastening it, conning the crawling second ticker. Talking about conning,
I'm addicted of the Hustle series! Stacie is ticking man.. ~n_n~ The deal is, when I usually watch DVD series, I'll skip alot, jumping from one plot to another but in Hustle, I can't usik-usik! If I do, I'm bound to be conned myself 0_o

The Gol and Gincu series are slowly becoming one of my favs. The plastic pan-asian cast are getting more comfortable in their own characters. Their acting is so... so... so real.. Reality based that is. The depression, confusion, break-ups; just my cuppa tea. I can relate since most of the characters are design students *perasan* Eih, that Sinclair guy is an architecture graduate from UUM you know.. talking about balls~

I've been 'selling' this joke lately:

Why one football match session is 45 minutes?

Aha, you see... there are 11 players in one team. There are 2 teams in a football match. So in total there's 22 players on the field.

One man has 2 balls-testicles-bollocks-nuts-local reference here: ______

So there's 44 balls altogether...

Including the ball they're playing on the field

There's 45 balls in total!

The 2 minute injury time you ask?

The referee's balls!



Aishah... (the chorus is a brainworm baby)

I am usually sceptical to acknowledge the hiphop-Islam culture but I'll make an exception to Outlandish. Oh dodol, their video is supercalifragilisticespialladodol... Alas, a muslim product of Denmark. Watch the video ya'll..

On other news, Umi is already in Makkah to perform Umrah.

I want to make it superdodol clear of the meaning of boolesheet and craparella

Boolesheet: What is anything in computers without boole's logic? And what is a fully running computer without its Boole sheet?

Craparella: Crap that is destined to marry a prince and live happily ever after.


A Diary of a Palestinian Wound
by Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish

I grew up along the wound,
and never asked my mother
what made her a tent at night
I have not misplaced my spring,
my address, and my name
Thus I saw in her dress
a million stars

My flag is black
And the port is a tomb
My back is an arch
O, the autumn of the world
which has collapsed in us
O, the spring of the world
that was born in us
my flower is red,
the port is open,
and my heart is a tree!

My language is the sound of the stream
in the river of storms
and the mirrors of the sun and wheat
in the arena of war
Maybe I erred in my
expressions sometimes
But I was--I am not ashamed
to say--splendid when I
substituted my heart for
the dictionary!"

A beautiful dark poem innit? The metaphores are so delicate that the essence of the context can almost be felt. An expression of eternal beauty by a raped land. Wrecked by American and Israeli perverts.


Futile and worthless.

I've been using those two words very often in blogosphere.

Because... if you blog about something and limit the issue on discussion, yea, we'll gain knowledge but what else can we achieve aside from that. Aside from being heard. Aside from getting attention. So really, isn't this load of craparilla:

Futile and worthless.

It would be a tad pleasing to know that you bloggers practice what you'd blog about. Otherwise, whatever point you're trying to make is

Futile and worthless.

Prove me wrong!

And there was a discussion in our studio about why ancient Greeks are leisurely in the nude in public places. So leisurely and ehem un-erotic. I guess there's no fun in the wholeness of a human body. The fun part is only unwrapping it. Like gifts and eggs. And bananas ; )

On other news *shuffles imaginary paper* My blog visitors sre decreasing by 10% with the current average of 140 people in number per day. *shuffles imaginary paper again* Good night and *pandang sebelah* salam sejahtera *says the imaginary anchor lady*

post-traumatic post

I am -what you call- a true blue Malay

Despite being recognized as a chinese, a korean and a russian(???) pedestrian, I am in fact a true blue Malay. I was brought up the malay way and was taught malay qualities.

As a child, tools like belts, hangers, rulers etc are used for 'taming' me. In other words, physical abuse was opted. I know for a fact that almost everyone my age had had their share of -rotan- experiences. Having to learn Islamic jurisprudence in IIU, I was baffled by the fact that physical punishments are only applicabe when one does not perform prayers. Ehem, I've never been hit for not praying in my life! Another streak of truth by a true blue malay son.

I was beaten because I lied a lot. I was beaten because the household is not always 'stable'. I was beaten because of stress. I was beaten because.... Was I merely a stress playtool? Was I a helpless functional mammal?

I can recall. Of all the things I remembered of my childhood, the most vivid scenarios are -rotan- scenarios. Rotan scenario? What a noun... Rotan... It is more appropriately called -abuse- in english. It doesn't sound humane innit? Abuse..

I was at the bathroom, scrubbing my ears with soap when I heard the master bedroom door slammed. Bliss is ignorance. Bliss of echoing drips of water. I changed. At my room. My door slammed. Red angry eyes. I know what I did. I lied about my report book. I hid it. I got an B. I hid it under my bed. I was expected to do better. I lied. A sequent a screaming questions. I only managed to hiss "sorry". I squeaked it "sorry". And in split second, I was hit. He used a belt. It never seem to end. I cried. I curled. I keep saying "tolong". Maybe it will stop soon if I mutter that word "tolong" Another moment of interrogation. I admit. "Sorry". Forgiving is not an issue. I knew. It stings. I curled earlier before I was hit. Inertia I thought. Maybe it will hurt less. It didn't. I was left alone. Nobody dared to be by my side. Maybe they're thinking "he deserves it". I never admit I deserved it. I was forced to stop schooling for a few days. I live in an emptied store room. It was dark. I was lonely. Bibik brought down food. I was isolated. I played with grass. With stones. I hid in the store room when my neighbor's kids came back from school. I started to think. "Maybe I deserved this?". That thought lasted for a while.

I am nineteen, no longer a boy. I am an adult. I can get married if I want to. I can quit university and work if I want to. I can decide by my own. A lecturer passed by with his son.

Arif, what did you get in your science test? An A. Save it, I can ask your teacher by phone you know... I got a B, I'm sorry. Hmph, you'll do better next time? *nods*

From one topic to another (again). I can't keep it straight... I just can't. It is as it is..

The road to Freedom

The Road to Guantanamo. Enlightening. An awakening of the spirit of Islam. An endurance through God given solace.

I almost cried when the US soldier kicked the Quran and how everyone protested even though they were constantly tortured when they made a slightest movement. A man's every limb was tied up because he prayed. And their enthusiasm kept on getting stronger albeit the consequences.

It's really inspiring. It's a really cool film. Serious dodol. Watch it.

universal message

To umi dearest... and to u lots yg perasan...

This video is dedicated to umi as she is going to perform Umrah on the 30th. All my blessings~

ep e dem ee

Blogostism: it is generally a disoder; a confused and tortured state of mind personafied through disturbing sequent of blog entries. There are 5 different form of Blogostism.

Warning: Blogostistic bloggers are advised to immediately turn on your mp3 player and select any song by Enya, stand up straight and do the macarena (for medical purposes).


A less intelligent version of smart-alecks. Their favourite colour is neon pink and whether they realize it or not, they are the most prominent bloggers in asian blogosphere. With the likes of Wendy from Xiaxue.blogspot.com and Joyce (Adam Carruther's gf) they have the most hits and their bitchy personality translates net sensation.

General knowledge
Bimboistic bloggers tend to have long term relationships with white men and cameras.

ada ramai jenis ni sebenarnye....
Bloggers who are too emotionally attached with their blogs. They are always hungry for attention and has a slight eating disoder. The entries are usually provocative beyond reason and issues that surfaced these entries are often about soul-searching. These bloggers may project a confused, searching image and strived to obtain any emotions that rhymes with pathy: empathy, sympathy, pathy ayam etc.

General knowledge
Praises and acknowledgements are drugs to these bloggers


Life is all about bitching and making a change by discouraging changes. Rebels with a cause and no direction. To them profanity are daffodils and roses. Same goes to vulgarity. Do not double cross with these bloggers because if we do, we are bad Malaysians... *oooh.. scary* They are very in tune in national politics and involved in communal dispute of valuable garbage.

General knowledge
They tend to be nice in person

Dramascus Queenus

They grew up being the scriptwriter for reality class soap operas. They ochestrate real relationships and are often potrayed themselves as protoganist characters. The stage comprises of one beauty queen, her ugly best friend, countless casanovas and one brunette bitchy villain. Their entries are ingredients of a sought after Filipino soap: revenge, family affair, ugly turn beauty heroine, heart-breaking flirtin' and endless drama.

General knowledge
They are what they blog. Favourite colour: purple. Favourite soap: La Usurpadora


The mildest form of blogostism. Mostly known as celebrity bloggers. Entries are rare. Very rare. But being real life celebrities, their blogs are read repeatedly and comments could reach as high as 500 in numbers. They are seldom criticised and are praised like Gods by fans. Malaysian favourite celeb blogger: Afdlin Shauki lah....

General knowledge
These bloggers are very careful when blogging as any misunderstanding could result a column in local newspapers.

So are you blogostistic? O_o
are you, are you, are you

an intended dent?

Went to the dentist with e today.. The date, at a dental clinic! Peh. It was pretty interesting. Very real (youknowwhatImean?) Very wooden and soil. Not plastic at all.

Plastic as in a set up where a masquarade takes place. Charms and cliche flirting and everything that implys instant bonding which usually results sweats of regret. Regretting about what you should've said and should've done. It's very normal, this kind of date. So don't worry, we're all had our share of experiences on 'stage'.

But having a special person accompanying you doing what you usually do and enjoying bits of each other's habits is something I should've discovered earlier. It is very surreal in a very real manner. We went there by a cab and LRT and I discovered that she observes a lot, absorbing the surrounding rather than gathering unnecessary trivias. She smiled when the bus braked abruptly, we didn't eat breakfast so a skipping empty stomach is rather ticklish. She didn't realized she smiled of course; and by her confession alone, she defined the phrase smiling to life.

And like the ending of the recent Pride and Prejudice movie, we were seperated with a cool gust of nature that breathed down our necks and danced justly above our feets. And as soon as I turned my back on her, I realized a smile carved by my conscience. A very long smile. I turned to her and saw in a distant, that she too was smiling.

(Ignore the frowning Mr. Darcy... He obviously needs to learn how to smile~)

Israelis Death: 55

Lebanese Death: 354

condozeelasays: This is a different Middle East. It's a new Middle East.

bushsays: Israel has the right to defend itself.

afiqsays: Bullshit.

All year round

Great Expectations

Personally speaking(or writing), binded I am, binded you are. Binded we are.

Working 8 to 5, dinner with family, promotions, two cars, vacationing once in a while? Is this ideal for a future. A fulfilled future. Is it the future? An unseen time of beckoning. What if I die a second after?
im so fed up of my mum pressuring me to score in my exams...
A fulfilled life is every second I'm living. A fulfilled life is life itself. Every second of life is a fulfilled life if we do things that makes us content in discontent of reaching contentments. And what sourness of sweet is of the reckoning when we do so?
Osama is also just a set up!
Life is short. The world is emptying life as we're speaking. Doomsday will probably be experienced by us. So let's affect change and lengthen peace. It is possible.
For whatever reason, I wish dearly to kill George Bush. I really do.
"Working 8 to 5, dinner with family, promotions, two cars, vacationing once in a while?" may not be an option of our future...


Whatever happens, make sure you're on the right track: Allah is the only God and prophet Muhammad is his Massenger. period.

Attention, Have you seen Adrian's sister, Jasmine? She's been missing since Tuesday. More details in Adrian's blog... I have a bad feeling...

spread the word

Here's a copy of the flyer I spread around in IIUM, well only 20 pieces of them, but it's a start.
We can talk about it, we can discuss about it and we can preach about it and sadly none of these actions will affect change in Lebanon. Even petitions are useless amidst the chaos and destruction happening in Lebanon. In retrospect, Lebanon is under the process of invasion, similar to the current economical imperialism in Afghanistan and Iraq.
.arab's royals are corrupted
We had let millions of our brothers and sisters to die in the hands of invaders. How many million more innocent deaths will we have to endure until we unite
release iran's wrath on israel
Every Ringgit we spent on products thats supports the Israeli regime is used to fire a bullet to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.
. fuck bush and blair
Brothers and sisters, let us do our part as muslim consumers. If we unite and weaken their most powerful fortress: their economy, we will win this war against injustice, insyaAllah.

Giorgio Armani
Ralph Lauren
Calvin Klein
Tommy Hilfiger
Hugo Boss

Wake up and smell the stench~

I hate McD's

Israelis attacks on Beirul was heart felt by all Muslims in UIA, including me for that matter. And again, the target: muslim civilians. The target was never Hizbullah, it's only an excuse comparable to Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. An excuse, like WTC and the Pentagon. Carefully manipulated and planned by the US and Israelis.

Why are they doing this?

My major speculation of the day is:

ISRAEL' LIFE LONG MISSION which is to conquer all the lands between the Euphrates river and Niles river to realize their dream: to receive a wide spread of land as they were promised by God.

Symbology is vital in this discovery. Observe the 2 blue lines in the Israel flag. It represents the the two rivers (Euphrates and Niles).

That's that. We'll contribute greatly to the failure of Israel's mission if we

stop buying American Products.

As is seems, muslims are too oblivious of Israel's invasion of Beirut, which makes me think: let's draw an insulting cartoon of Islam, have it printed in the US newspapers (spies needed to do this part) and wait for the chains of demonstration to happen. Follow-ups includes boycotts and withdrawal of muslim's wealth and money from American banks

Because, really, passive Muslims are like children: They need cartoons to stimulate their common sense!


I've heard this somewhere:

"Every hour wounds. The last one kills."

I don't have to be Afghanistan to be hit by uncomparable turmoil.
And whenever I think 'I'll go back to my roots to 'water' myself'.
The water will turn muddy and smoulder my feet.
It's bad enough walking through land minds, but with eternally wet mud all over my feet?

OK, 2 minutes of self-pitying is over, life goes on~~


My first and only project this semester is to design a kindergarten. So we (four representatives) visited a kindergarten in Damansara. It's nostalgic there, to be exact as the kindergarten's set up was almost identical to the kindergarten I attended.
There are two types of kindergartens in Malaysia, ones that opted traditional pre-school method and the 'open' method. This particular kindergarten we visited is an 'open' kindergarten.

The difference? Traditional kindergartens emphasizes on th 3R: writing, reading, arithmatic and the 'open' kindergarten is more or less a play school, emphasizing on cultivating creativity.

The boy hiding at the back looks exactly like Jared, an ex-classmate.

Just that KODAK moment you know...(and I'm using a Kodak Camera : p)

They're toilets are cleaner than any public toilets. *~tink~* Adults who doesn't know how to operate facilities in toilets should attend 2 months of kindergarten-ing!
Khalid(Morocco), Afiq (Sabah), Nadhira (US), Indian Careteker Lady and Saudari Something..

new beginning

*shrugs off ancient bits of misery* New sem officially starts today and so I decided, like every other student bloggers, to show a caption of my room. *tour starts* As you can see, my nightly supplements are well prepared to ensure my nocturnal design capabilities and as I would love to have my head linger to the serene unknown for a few minutes before going to lectures while drinking coffee, I'd stationed a family picture. I'll usually imagine them having breakfast with me. I know, its sad. Sad in a happily sad way. But still sad.

I stole a set of lampu lip-lap when from a dustbin at my kuliyyah. Wait, I'm recycling. Ahah, I do recycle~~~ everything's ready... Am I ready?
I'm ready baby! (The pic was taken when I woke up at 12 in the afternoon. No surprise there)
This is how Bilal college looks like at 12 in the afternoon.
There was an orientation dinner that night so I might as well slot a few pictures of the event. Not so keen of taking pictures during dinners though. Such a mood-spoiler. Less time taking pictures, more time munching!
Some people call this camera-whoring. But who's whoring who exactly. I bought the camera so the camera is pratically the whore. So I'm camera whoring. Oh. *concept sinking in* aaah.. I see...
And that's about it. I had fun. End of story.


This is a slog. A self log, an entry I feel interpersonally attached to me. I'm vulnerable right now.. So What?

Afiq? Introvert? Are you kidding me? Sure or not?~~~

I may find yourself emphatizing my pathetic confession, mainly based on disbelief. And why should I be bothered? I mean really, it's really my fault, really.

I have a major breakdown today after recollecting scenes from the past; relationships, friendship, etc. I found out that I'm emotionally corked. My empathy doesn't reach out to anyone in particular and having this known without the help of other people, I was in my -don't touch me- mode. Defensive for a purpose not known to myself.

And it hit me harder than I anticipated, flashbacks and takes of lifes flew back and fourth within a second. A second of self-pity. A second that would make anyone curl to themselves and flush in vivid scarlet. I realize now, more than ever, that I'm incapable of connecting with people in a personal level. I realize now, more than ever that that may be my biggest and most challenging weakness.

If only anyone who reads this know me as I am not as how I chose to present myself. I'm sure you could detect the thin layer of masquarade as my 'written' self does not reflect my being.

Anyone who does know a piece of me, I need your help, please be a dear and tell me "you're faking it, relax" whenever I start clowning myself. Sadly, no one really cares that much to bother. So I'll rest my case.


Blogs in Malaysia are spurting like taugeh. Its growth can be easily defined as quiet and rampant; and with users of diverse background, race, age and culture, another brand of ROJAK is born.

I myself, a student who had only lived through a miniscule trace of this journey we call life could swim the depth of experiences and dive into the many colours of culture. It is a treat as well as a threat. A threat by personal definition: the possibility of absorbing bits of distasteful misconduct is very high. The possibility of getting corrupted? Probably higher!

I'd visited several new blogs for the last few days and came upon many blogs written by adults and personally, I was net-severely (regret only expressed in the blogosphere) dissapointed. As a young adult who believes in a world contained by the power of virtues and values, I was awed by how profanity divulged the net-lives of these bloggers.

And profanity, the word, the very defintion of that word is not only showcased in the language it presented itself in blogs but the culture and lifestyle that potrays and enspirits vulgarity.

It is understood that most bloggers would think that blogging is all about spilling hearts out, to express dissatisfaction in the most candid and raw way but really, is it appopriate?

For example, mak nyahs (not reffering to anyone specific) who had boldly paraded their extremely _______(your own adjective please~) lifestyle in blogs are blooming in full colours. They write about how they they keep up with their abusive lifestyle (well, ehem, I don't know about you but anything that concerns sodomy is personally abusive to me).

Relatively, it was much more of a pleasure to read these entries, they are surprisingly animated and wickedly funny but (sigh) the content is always about flirting and gettin' it 'ON' with *nyah linggo* anak ayam, bapak gajah and lastly anak ikan.

anak ayam: pimped tranvestites
bapak gajah: rich, legendary, psychotic casanovas
anak ikan: more or less underage boys

yes, underaged boys! Disturbing innit? Well, before you net-virtually lurch or let out an imaginative spit on the computer screen, imagine yourself as a parent and imagine seeing your son being photographed by a forty something men based on lust. Imagine them cultivating saliva in the far corner of their lips, before the pearl of lust smoulder pictures of your son. And imagine your son being photographed in places you've never seen before, on a white bed beside white cased pillows with beige duvet..

How will you react knowing these lustful photographers are your son's lecturer or teacher?

What if the teachers leads double life?

Have you full track of your son's activities?
Have they been to their paedophile teachers' house before.
Have they been in their teachers' hotel room during 'camping trips'?

It is weird that tranvestites prefers the academic world to be their carik makan spot..

I myself was almost a victim of paedophile teachers when I was in highschool. A music teacher of mine, Mr. Pontious had attempted to 'turn me in' after sequents of innocent visits to the museum, school plays etc but to no avail. It was very scary to know his true intention but luckily I was able to think rationally and had complained to the school counselor.

--From a topic to another.--
You may have notice the sudden leap of discussion but I'm feeling a wee bit emotional to keep things straight.

note to self:
be more polite.
no more McD's and KFC.
no more Coke?
no more books on Vampirism (I'd read 3 vampire novels in a row)
do more laundry (weekly) (I'm almost out of undies)

Hmm.. I was tagged by kid. hmph.. I'm so not in the mood.. but what the dodol~

probably my hair, i'll make sure its presentable in a -rebelious- kinda way.


*in japanese* surveys are stupid des

The sprawling kind

Green in envy... or naturally green? I would say. Aiya, cant answer this question lah~

*checking* Raja Zairah.. which is umi

A catchy song by Vannesa Mae

A sponsor shirt (petronas and redbull) probably one of my dads' collared tees

Sometimes I do. When I'm mildly suicidal~ *whispers* ....suicide....

I didn't full attention to the brand so I wouldn't have known. Peh.

Both can ah? A combination of bright and dark is dramatic, very sketchy and stage-like

Erm.. Like every other -free- midnights, reading lor..

*checking again* no.44 jln ss17/2f 47500 subang jaya (this is so troublesome)


it's only natural & so be it


none.. haha, I'm clean baby~~


1 day old.. must've been the happiest day of my parents life


*ignores question* when is this going to end...?

emm... selamat mati sementara.. to my roomate.

kaching... the 6 figure could easily change a major regret

no comment.

BUSTED year 3000

I wanna tag anyonw who had managed to stay sane after reading my insanely boring answers

USha jer...

The misguided, atrocious, malicious, villainous WAY,
The American WAY !

If you had a discussion on terrorism and you brought up the 9/11 incident, what will you say if someone suggested that it was all a set up?

And as a student of architecture, the idea of a building with massive primary columns and the added exterior columns were defeated by a single blow is ridiculous. Ignoring architectural circumstances; logically, is it possible that the WTC collapsed in 8.6 seconds, the same amount of time needed for a small pebble to reach the ground from the highest floor? This includes the fact that WTC collapsed without resistance, which is, (I repeat) ridiculous!

We're witnessing the biggest fraud in the planet and sadly, not many know about this and most who knew it could only babble about it.

And by this fraud alone, America had invaded the whole world and those who opposed him are labelled the 'Axis of Evil'. They had invaded majority of us Malaysians, unnoticably of course and they're main aim: to suck the wealth out of Muslim Countries before destroying the religeon. I'm accusing you say?

How am I guilty of accusing knowing that they had destroyed lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. How am I guilty of accusing knowing that Iraq is the second largest oil reserve and Afghanistan controls major oil-pipelines. How am I guilty of accusing knowing Iran, the largest oil reserve is on the verge of war with the US.

What can I do to prevent this modern-day Imperialism? What? Whistle blowers are everywhere but very few world-citizens heeds them.

Who's fault is it? The US? It's actually our fault. We're suckers! (pun very much intended). We never seem to read between the lines. We're so obsessed with MALAYISM to care so much about Islam. Every riggit we spent on US products are used to shoot our own brothers and sisters. And knowing this, how can anyone eat in McDonald's without lurching, without throwing up. It's because we don't see it. The CNN never showed us visuals of people killed in Iraq. They don't. They are colonized by the US. The world media is controlled by the US! And that is coming out of my mouth a matter-of-factly.

"What can I do?"

~I won't purchase anything under a US-based brand. ex: McD's, KFC, NIKE, and the likes

~I'll support hollywood movies DVD piracy...

~And that is all I could think of now.... I'll ponder upon this issue later and will probably come out with more "what can I do"s


Melayu Cina kena berjaga-jaga
India dan Punjabi pun macam tu juga
Pasai bukan semua kita kaya raya
Buleh lari ke Ostrolia dan Amerika
Ramai kita la ni papa kedana
Zaman hadhari lagi teruk merana
Menega kecik entah ke mana
Harga naik bertimpa-timpa
Pak Lah kata nak belen bajet
Bagi subsidi kerja merepek
Dia suruh Melayu Cina berdikari
Tapi anak menantu, dia tulung mati-mati
Duit subsidi tu dari sapa?
Bukankah cukai rakyat jelata?
Yang dia dok kedekut tu pasai apa?
Gaji dia pun hasil letih lelah kita.
Ni lah bala dengar oxford-Cambridge
Cakap hebat mulut sampai berbuih
Kunun nak telus macam orang putih
Kerajaan cekap terbilang dan terpilih
Tapi itu cakap mulut
Duit negara depa bolot
Hidup rakyat terus merosot
Semua janji habis dibelot.
Rakyat disuruh jimat cermat
Change your lifestyle pesan azimat
Belanja berhemat arahan keramat
Macam-macam harga naik apa nak buat
Tapi depa belanja berjuta-juta tak pa
Renovate rumah jelajah dunia
Rakyat minta subsidi depa kata tak kena
Takut-takut IMF turunkan rating kita.
Melayu Cina kena jaga-jaga
Kadazan dan Iban pun macam tu juga
Bukan semu kita kaya raya
Boleh lari ke Ostrolia dan Kanada
Melayu kaya duit berjuta
Ada rumah di merata dunia
Cina kaya dia beli semua
La ni kereta api depa dok ura-ura.
Menteri bercuti di luar negara
YTL layan baik tak terkira
Sampai lupa negeri ditimpa bala
Menteri tak balik sampai lama.
YTL ni cukuplah hebat
Banyak Menteri jadi sahabat
Dia beli harta Melayu sapa tak sekat
Dia buat IPP kita yang melarat.
Wahai Melayu, Cina dan India
Murut dan Iban rakyat Malaysia
Apa nak jadi masa depan kita
Bila kerajaan buat tak macam kata?
Konon ada Menteri pi Singapura
Sambuyt hari jadi macam raja-raja
Vintage wine sajian utama
Tari-menari tak payah cerita.
Just in case the authorities are pissed off with this entry, it's not my doing.

Mat Tunjuang Enterprise

Dia yang buat~~


Superman, an iconic superhero created by Joe Shuster in 1932 hit headlines for comic geeks everwhere for being the strongest superhero of all time. It is important to point out that with the exception of Kryptonite, Superman has no other weakness. His nicknames includes 'The Man of Steel', 'The Man of Tomorrow', 'The Last Son of Krypton' and 'Metropolis Favourite Son'.
But in the newly released movie, Superman Returns, Superman was often called 'The Saviour' and the plot of the whole movie seems clearly symbolic. It is more or less a fictional reflection of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. His return from his home planet can be easily suggested as Jesus Christ's return from heaven. Other scenes that reflects the foretold resurrection includes the destruction of the whole planet by One Person, Lex Luther.

In my opinion, Joe Shuster tried to hush critics that believes Lex Luthor is the symbol of the son of the devil by making him bold; the son of the devil has a 666 birthmark on his head.

Superman's suit also potrays similarity of the potrayal of Jesus Christ, having to use of two colours: blue and red. Religeous art have been repeating the potrayal of Jesus in robes of the same colours for centuries as it is a colour code for holiness.

The most important plot of this movie is of course, the existence of Superman's son. With novels and movies hinting the same retrospect, is it possible that this version of Superman is trying to strengthen the belief of Jesus's bloodline?

Do we have to take the symbology behind this film seriously? And if we do, what will come out of it? Is it any important as to change our direction of belief? What other hints does this movie provide that is a vital point of movement in this world.

Afiqsays~ it's hard to tell, but with movies like The Omen and The Davinci Code, the prospect of having the symbology of this film believable is probable.

Diva personafied..

Fight Fight Fight Fight...

Imagine those chants; quite new to our country I suppose. I myself will avoid watching schoolfights, quietly retreating from the scene until the fight stops. I was regrettably the PBSM president so I'm telling you for a fact that bloodied head and broken nose are not as scary as the reactions of the parents and teachers.

I was blog-surfing and spotted a fightclub video..

This is something I will usually look forward to..
1. It's a catfight
2. The fighters are form3 girls
3. I'm a big WWE fan and my favourite scenes are always battles between Divas..

But this kind of battle is a bit disturbing and there a some complains of the publication of this video, claiming that it will disintergrate Malaysian Chinese's dignity.

review: Just 3 or 4 pissed offs girl interrogating a long-haired victim. There are punches and power slaps throughout the video and it seemed that the whole 'punishment' was well organized. There were several boys that mediate this joyous occasion, making sure the girls didn't do too much damage...

Afiqsays: Let the BATTLE begin!

holly mollie

All in a day's work.. if you could even call it 'work'. I was self-occupied most of the time.
Meeting from morning to afternoon with workers and suppliers. All are done to make sure site work is running smoothly like banana moccha frappucino..
Tukar kereta, my parents divided their chores and today, my mom has the priviledge of using the prado, her favourite of all her four wheels. In case you don't know, in Sabah, almost everybody uses this kind of cars.
And whenever she goes for a quick meeting, I'll go for my quick reading.
At the mall to buy some baby accecories for my umi's mandur(supervisor) newly-born son

We got home by 5.30 and had caught the ever pretentious Putra doing his Playschool homework (which is next to impossible) in the pick up.

All in a day

A waft of sea wind rummaged through the PickUp truck, ruffled my nearly dry hair and salted my buttered saliva. As my parents religeously manuvered their fags from finger to finger or (gulp) from hand to hand, I indulged myself in literal fantasy all the while blowing off strands of hair in sight. It is our journey to the construction site. But given a time shift, it would be a ritual ride to school. Oddly enough, such simple repetition served a nostalgic dose of empathy. Empathy that links the journey and me.
I tagged along with my day-time boss, umi as she goes through her ever-changing errands. Naturally appointed as her apprentice, I gave my full attention to how things are done in this trade. This is not my first time observing her job but strangely enough, everything she worked with, the people and surrounding have never been the same. As she would have experience it herself, I understood now how ironic the word she'd accustomed herself with: contractor. A con -tractor.

Like a cat, she is a princip-based charmer, delicately swimming her way through ignorance, arrogance and carelessness under the accursedly hot condition. Having that locked in the furthest corner of my mind, knowing that this trade will by chance be pupperteered by me, I courteously shrugged off bolts and cement and continued diving into my realm of fantasy; my idea of a holiday.


I am at Burger King KLIA.

I attended a kenduri yesterday and had found out that I'm allergic to the Kampung. Should I write that down in my MPH book club application form?

The intense humidity and unexpected chicken droppings is toleratable. Not so with the people and the environment shaped by them. It's like visiting an alien nation.

Assalamualaikum Pakcik..
*turn at his friend* Pandai cakap melayu budak ni!
Terima kasihlah sebab..
Kamu ni Cino ke? Dari mane ni?
Takdelah, saya dari Sabah, Orang melayu..
Orang Sabah ye? Orang Cino Sabah lah kiranye
Tak tak... orang Melayu..
Buat ape skarang nie?
Belajar dekat Universiti Islam Antarabangsa.. UIA..
Oh.. Yelah...

I diverted my attention to the Kuih Muih when I heard the same pakcik talking to his group of friends. He speaks rather loudly, a norm here.

Budak tu dari Universiti Sabah. Orang Cino tuh..


The women are humble and lovely but there's always a hint of mockery in each sentences. Bragging is never a sin in Kampungland. It was done so casually that I'd thought that it was a different language altogether.

The men talks about nothing. No surprise there.. I myself enjoy leisure -nothingness- once in a while.

The teenagers.. *realizes that I am one myself* they are so unworldly. So much that I would love to have them work or study in KL. Fags in hand, they shout when talking, bidding attention as they Oi and Ei their peers, followed by usage of crude words. Every sentence they speak of smells of Dunhill and sad unrealistic statements. Surreal in a superficial way. Devil curry with chicken soup.

And I notice one thing peculiar, these (not all) Kampung people only pray once a day, that is the Maghrib prayers. This is quite new to me. They made a big fuss of me when I asked where I should pray and the Qibla direction. "Awak tu Cino buat apa sembahyang?"

Saya Muslim, orang Islam
Oh... ye ke... *turns to (again) his group of friends* Orang Cino sembahyang jugok!

Well, maybe it's this particular Kampung I'm not fond of so I'll hold my tongue (or fingers) from further observations.

The next time I blog I will be at Sabah, Negeri di Bawah Bayu...


How am I coping with my weight you ask?

Okay... no one did (ask me on how I'm coping with my weight issues)

Well you shoulda before I got caught in my own trap...

Thanks alot!

How is life fair when I eat the same amount of food as my peers usually do and yet, I'm the only one who's getting fatter by the minute. And when I eat a little, their eyes will turn notoriously cynical; "Diet eh?". While my imaginative double slap them on their faces, I nodded and timidly retreat from the table, ordered teh ais, returned to the table and pretended nothing happened.

Something ought to happen! Where're all the good fat fairies had gone?They're probably here and alive (as shown above). Are they doing their jobs as efficient as they should have? We'll join Anne Fatamok with HARDtalk resident host, Tim Sebastian with their discussion on the Roles of Fat Fairies.

Tim: Straight to the point now. Is it true that Afiq, a famous wannabe blogger denied any treatment from your group of experts and had filed a lawsuit.

Anne: That's very true Tim, but the matter that confuses us Fairies is his denial.

Tim: You mean you DID gave him the fatafataboink treatment on him?

Anne: I'm not finished Tim. Firstly, I would like to make it clear that Fat Fairies like any other fairies do their jobs at night. The point I'm trying to make is, according to the report given by Sandman Corp, Afiq had resisted sleeping at night for 2 years. And as we are bound by our nature, we could not give Mr.Afiq proper fatafataboink treatments for two years.

Tim: And if Afiq HAD been sleeping correctly for two years, will he receive proper treatments that will reduce his overall weight?

Anne: Certainly. But only if he dispose of his fatty remains we allocated underneath his pillow and throw it regularly on any roof. You see, very few people notice their fatty packs. This is, of course injustice on a count that tooth fairies are given more attention by the media.

Tim: Right then. Explain this: I sleep regularly at night, throw my fatty packs on the roof of my apartment and yet I have not lose a single pound for the past year!

Anne: Oh Dear. Mr. Sebastian. You have got it wrong there. Like tooth fairies, we will grant new quantities of fat in you.. for free. Isn't that wonderful. I mean, you have to pay your dentist for a tooth replacement...

Tim: (gave an unnoticable grunt)Thank you for being on the show.

Anne: Boink!