an intended dent?

Went to the dentist with e today.. The date, at a dental clinic! Peh. It was pretty interesting. Very real (youknowwhatImean?) Very wooden and soil. Not plastic at all.

Plastic as in a set up where a masquarade takes place. Charms and cliche flirting and everything that implys instant bonding which usually results sweats of regret. Regretting about what you should've said and should've done. It's very normal, this kind of date. So don't worry, we're all had our share of experiences on 'stage'.

But having a special person accompanying you doing what you usually do and enjoying bits of each other's habits is something I should've discovered earlier. It is very surreal in a very real manner. We went there by a cab and LRT and I discovered that she observes a lot, absorbing the surrounding rather than gathering unnecessary trivias. She smiled when the bus braked abruptly, we didn't eat breakfast so a skipping empty stomach is rather ticklish. She didn't realized she smiled of course; and by her confession alone, she defined the phrase smiling to life.

And like the ending of the recent Pride and Prejudice movie, we were seperated with a cool gust of nature that breathed down our necks and danced justly above our feets. And as soon as I turned my back on her, I realized a smile carved by my conscience. A very long smile. I turned to her and saw in a distant, that she too was smiling.

(Ignore the frowning Mr. Darcy... He obviously needs to learn how to smile~)


Chemistry Grad said...

at last u go out with e just two of u! good luck wei!

DaRk AnGeL said...

also sending you a smile..

no1 u noe said...