holly mollie

All in a day's work.. if you could even call it 'work'. I was self-occupied most of the time.
Meeting from morning to afternoon with workers and suppliers. All are done to make sure site work is running smoothly like banana moccha frappucino..
Tukar kereta, my parents divided their chores and today, my mom has the priviledge of using the prado, her favourite of all her four wheels. In case you don't know, in Sabah, almost everybody uses this kind of cars.
And whenever she goes for a quick meeting, I'll go for my quick reading.
At the mall to buy some baby accecories for my umi's mandur(supervisor) newly-born son

We got home by 5.30 and had caught the ever pretentious Putra doing his Playschool homework (which is next to impossible) in the pick up.

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