A Diary of a Palestinian Wound
by Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish

I grew up along the wound,
and never asked my mother
what made her a tent at night
I have not misplaced my spring,
my address, and my name
Thus I saw in her dress
a million stars

My flag is black
And the port is a tomb
My back is an arch
O, the autumn of the world
which has collapsed in us
O, the spring of the world
that was born in us
my flower is red,
the port is open,
and my heart is a tree!

My language is the sound of the stream
in the river of storms
and the mirrors of the sun and wheat
in the arena of war
Maybe I erred in my
expressions sometimes
But I was--I am not ashamed
to say--splendid when I
substituted my heart for
the dictionary!"

A beautiful dark poem innit? The metaphores are so delicate that the essence of the context can almost be felt. An expression of eternal beauty by a raped land. Wrecked by American and Israeli perverts.


DaRk AnGeL said...

i do have a palestian friend.. who's been telling me that...
bullets and weopons are their daily basis use. unlike the children here holding teddy bears, children there are taught to hold a weopons instead of a barbie doll, or an ultraman statue.
having to live peaceful here is something they are not use to. its because, they are use to hear shotsguns and bombing there everyday.. my heart melts to hear this.. dan paling sedih is.. tak ramai yg bersykur atas keamanan tempat kita nih... *sigh*
may peace be upon the palestines... soon enuf~!

afiq said...


dont you know that its illegal to *sigh* in my blog?

K, it is.

peace will be upon them if we show resistance.. BOYCOTTTTTTT~~~

DaRk AnGeL said...

really *sigh* is illegal? didnt know that~!
*sigh* -hehehehe...
never good in following the rules anyway~ hehehehe...
take care pal~!