Diva personafied..

Fight Fight Fight Fight...

Imagine those chants; quite new to our country I suppose. I myself will avoid watching schoolfights, quietly retreating from the scene until the fight stops. I was regrettably the PBSM president so I'm telling you for a fact that bloodied head and broken nose are not as scary as the reactions of the parents and teachers.

I was blog-surfing and spotted a fightclub video..

This is something I will usually look forward to..
1. It's a catfight
2. The fighters are form3 girls
3. I'm a big WWE fan and my favourite scenes are always battles between Divas..

But this kind of battle is a bit disturbing and there a some complains of the publication of this video, claiming that it will disintergrate Malaysian Chinese's dignity.

review: Just 3 or 4 pissed offs girl interrogating a long-haired victim. There are punches and power slaps throughout the video and it seemed that the whole 'punishment' was well organized. There were several boys that mediate this joyous occasion, making sure the girls didn't do too much damage...

Afiqsays: Let the BATTLE begin!


Chemistry Grad said...

cannot play the video..huhu~

Chemistry Grad said...

can play dah now..

in chinese ka? aiyooo cannot understand la..how to explain la, like this?