How am I coping with my weight you ask?

Okay... no one did (ask me on how I'm coping with my weight issues)

Well you shoulda before I got caught in my own trap...

Thanks alot!

How is life fair when I eat the same amount of food as my peers usually do and yet, I'm the only one who's getting fatter by the minute. And when I eat a little, their eyes will turn notoriously cynical; "Diet eh?". While my imaginative double slap them on their faces, I nodded and timidly retreat from the table, ordered teh ais, returned to the table and pretended nothing happened.

Something ought to happen! Where're all the good fat fairies had gone?They're probably here and alive (as shown above). Are they doing their jobs as efficient as they should have? We'll join Anne Fatamok with HARDtalk resident host, Tim Sebastian with their discussion on the Roles of Fat Fairies.

Tim: Straight to the point now. Is it true that Afiq, a famous wannabe blogger denied any treatment from your group of experts and had filed a lawsuit.

Anne: That's very true Tim, but the matter that confuses us Fairies is his denial.

Tim: You mean you DID gave him the fatafataboink treatment on him?

Anne: I'm not finished Tim. Firstly, I would like to make it clear that Fat Fairies like any other fairies do their jobs at night. The point I'm trying to make is, according to the report given by Sandman Corp, Afiq had resisted sleeping at night for 2 years. And as we are bound by our nature, we could not give Mr.Afiq proper fatafataboink treatments for two years.

Tim: And if Afiq HAD been sleeping correctly for two years, will he receive proper treatments that will reduce his overall weight?

Anne: Certainly. But only if he dispose of his fatty remains we allocated underneath his pillow and throw it regularly on any roof. You see, very few people notice their fatty packs. This is, of course injustice on a count that tooth fairies are given more attention by the media.

Tim: Right then. Explain this: I sleep regularly at night, throw my fatty packs on the roof of my apartment and yet I have not lose a single pound for the past year!

Anne: Oh Dear. Mr. Sebastian. You have got it wrong there. Like tooth fairies, we will grant new quantities of fat in you.. for free. Isn't that wonderful. I mean, you have to pay your dentist for a tooth replacement...

Tim: (gave an unnoticable grunt)Thank you for being on the show.

Anne: Boink!


Chemistry Grad said...

u fantasize alot lately..since Disclaimer: heheh.. 50% of anything written in this blog may be coated with sugar, platinum or dark chocolate.


Szakif said...

afiq gimme five! hehe~