Superman, an iconic superhero created by Joe Shuster in 1932 hit headlines for comic geeks everwhere for being the strongest superhero of all time. It is important to point out that with the exception of Kryptonite, Superman has no other weakness. His nicknames includes 'The Man of Steel', 'The Man of Tomorrow', 'The Last Son of Krypton' and 'Metropolis Favourite Son'.
But in the newly released movie, Superman Returns, Superman was often called 'The Saviour' and the plot of the whole movie seems clearly symbolic. It is more or less a fictional reflection of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. His return from his home planet can be easily suggested as Jesus Christ's return from heaven. Other scenes that reflects the foretold resurrection includes the destruction of the whole planet by One Person, Lex Luther.

In my opinion, Joe Shuster tried to hush critics that believes Lex Luthor is the symbol of the son of the devil by making him bold; the son of the devil has a 666 birthmark on his head.

Superman's suit also potrays similarity of the potrayal of Jesus Christ, having to use of two colours: blue and red. Religeous art have been repeating the potrayal of Jesus in robes of the same colours for centuries as it is a colour code for holiness.

The most important plot of this movie is of course, the existence of Superman's son. With novels and movies hinting the same retrospect, is it possible that this version of Superman is trying to strengthen the belief of Jesus's bloodline?

Do we have to take the symbology behind this film seriously? And if we do, what will come out of it? Is it any important as to change our direction of belief? What other hints does this movie provide that is a vital point of movement in this world.

Afiqsays~ it's hard to tell, but with movies like The Omen and The Davinci Code, the prospect of having the symbology of this film believable is probable.

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