Futile and worthless.

I've been using those two words very often in blogosphere.

Because... if you blog about something and limit the issue on discussion, yea, we'll gain knowledge but what else can we achieve aside from that. Aside from being heard. Aside from getting attention. So really, isn't this load of craparilla:

Futile and worthless.

It would be a tad pleasing to know that you bloggers practice what you'd blog about. Otherwise, whatever point you're trying to make is

Futile and worthless.

Prove me wrong!

And there was a discussion in our studio about why ancient Greeks are leisurely in the nude in public places. So leisurely and ehem un-erotic. I guess there's no fun in the wholeness of a human body. The fun part is only unwrapping it. Like gifts and eggs. And bananas ; )

On other news *shuffles imaginary paper* My blog visitors sre decreasing by 10% with the current average of 140 people in number per day. *shuffles imaginary paper again* Good night and *pandang sebelah* salam sejahtera *says the imaginary anchor lady*