Kedah in Big Trouble

I'm surprised that Alor Setar has its own TESCO now. My stepmother tried to buy her favourite donuts here for the past three days but to no avail. History repeated itself yesterday but she was determined to get her donuts so we waited for her for half an hour.
Apparently, everybody here loves the new Tesco and the place is packed everyday. I don't think they understand the implication of massive supermarket companies infiltration into the state. Small grocery stores and minimarkets will close down soon because the locals will prefer to spend their money in larger-than-life- , comfortable, air-conditioned supermarkets like Tesco.
Sure, it does benefit Kedah like massive local employment but since it's a foreign company, the profit will not benefit Kedahans as a whole. The profit will be streamed down to its founders, foreigners. Tesco will also threat the surrounding supermarkets owned by Malaysians like Giant at Souq Al-Bukhari. Giant is also a foreign company but it runs like KFC. It has its own management here so it benefits us Malaysians more that it does to its founder.
Big Apple, a smaller franchise (compared to Tesco) is apparently having a blast. For its first month alone, not one donut is spared more than 5 minutes in the displaying compartment. The secret to its donut is its consistency of perfection. Kedahans can already afford to spend more on food so they will not hesitate to make daily trips to Big Apple for a treat.
Petty hawkers are in trouble. Their inability to think outside the box are deteriorating our heritage, our food. The state, as it seems have not foreseen the implication of globalization. They are happy that Kedah has a Tesco. They are happy that the state will get more money from Tesco (tax).
Pas is a kampung party with no sense of innovation and originality whatsoever. Pas is complacent. So is Kedah's UMNO.
They are complacent. Are we though?

Esok Ramadhan

Selamat Berpuasa. Happy Fasting.


Have you heard the phrase "Follow your passion"?

All my life people would tell me to follow my passion. When I tell them my passion is to make the unthinkable a reality, they would repeat the question. Architecture is usually my scapegoat. Oh. architecture... they would contemplate and start discussing whatever subject that's architecture related.

So the word passion is very very subjective. Most people misunderstood passion as a manifestation of self-discipline to achieve something that will result financial benefits. Some people think passion is something that can be considered a hobby. Some just tagged along as they themselves do not understand the word.

Personally, passion for me is the drive to outdo myself over and over again. To do so, I'd ask myself "What do I like to do?" and not "Who do I want to become?". To know what we really like to do, we have to be brave, constantly try new things and widen our paradigm (perluaskan paradigma) Only then will we be in pursuit of our passion, when we found our niche.

Who do I consider people with passion? I'll give you some online examples:
They brim with passion, don't you think? And by that I mean they are giving their all in whatever they're doing. How can I tell? When their sense of vanity is engraved in their works and the works speaks of unique eloquence, a type of intricacy that speaks volume and personality.




The Reader from starranise on Vimeo.


Wisley over Lefroy, any day. His quiet countenance, his
character, his calmness, his conduct, his patient temperament, his take on
affection…there was such a sweet allure to his personality, and I saw little
fault in his stiffness or his social unease, for reasons I cannot fathom.

It was then I realised that I was being completely
rational. Reason alone took control and nothing else.

Oh dear God. I suspect I’m growing up.

What a blow to the wild fancies of the heart!


May I know who's speaking
Marissa, I don't think I know you.
But I know you
That's not fair issit? Haha. How do we know eachother?
That's not important. Are you free tonight?
Erm... I'm... err.. free. How do we know eachother?
Like I told you, that's not important.
So who are you then?
Your stalker.
Thank god! I thought you's some kind of lunatic.
Are you free tonight?
Ahha, baru ingat! I've an appointment with a stalker
...... You mean me?
No no no, another one. I'm sorry to dissapoint you.
*stuttering* Okay, bye.
You're cool. Stay cool.

I Need

I'll be making a 5 minutes documentary beginning next month entitled:

Definition: Power&Grace

It's my second documentary. My first documentary, which was a group effort was patented so sharing it for free is prohibited. Suhail said our documentary is too good to be shared and he is holding on to it, awaiting the Kedah royal family to buy the documentary.

Definition: is basically a documentary of various people giving their definition of Power and Grace. People of different ethnicity, age and point of view will share their definition of Power or Grace and some will define both. I'm still in the process of refining some jagged edges but the general idea is pretty simple. I want viewers to comprehend the contrast of power and grace and shock them by illustrating how both of these qualities are significantly linked.

So for Definition:, I need:

  1. A girl with perfectly smooth and adequately proportionate legs.

  2. A guy with a ripped upper body.

  3. Six people who speaks fluent english. Three guys and three girls.

  4. Suhail to teach me how to use Adobe Aftereffect.

  5. A tripod with wheels

  6. A larger green screen
Anyone willing to be my models/casts?

Kami the Movie

It's a good movie for teenagers who can think for themselves. For budding teens with a heap of insecurities, this movie will do more bad than good.

It's a simple indie movie with indirectly direct messages, for teenagers lah. I can't deny that the movie brims with a culture I'm not at ease with. Call me conservative or whatever but the way I see it, teenagers need to hang out with their cousins and siblings more often. They will somehow get stuck with their friends for the rest of their lives anyway so why compromise the time we have with our family?

Personally, I won't bring my brothers to watch this movie. As overprotective as this may sound, they are still below the legal age and as far as I'm concern, no under-18 brother of mine will get inspired by the indie scene. It's not a healthy scene. It's not even Islamic. We are muslims, no?

I Won 1st Prize, Alhamdulillah

I went to Menara Kuala Lumpur alone because all my close friends had class today. Note that this is my first time to Menara Kuala Lumpur! Like many people who lives in Kuala Lumpur, the thought of visiting the monument never occured. Going to the Banquet Deck was a breeze but upon entering, I was positively mesmerized. The banquet deck was fudging awesome. The tables and chairs were covered with golden fabric and there were rose petals, kayu manis and aromatic jellies laid on the tables. The banquet was lit with subtle gold light and the view was kick-ass.
The first thought that came across me was "Damn, I should've bring my camera. Excellent Facebook showoff material."
I can't lie. I was nervous as hell. The fact that I was alone was even more nerve wrecking. I sat with a highschool girl (who was shorlisted) and her entire family. Her mother broke the ice. "Where are you from?". Think, think, think... Sabah, Kedah or... "Saya dari Gombak." She looked surprised. "Oh, orang melayu..." I smiled an -I-get-that-a-lot- smile.
After speeches from VIPS: the CEO of Jerneh, CEO of Edusmith and Senator Dato' Maznah Mazlan, the deputy minister of natural resource and environment, they announced the Jury Award and I didn't win. So I was like "Ramadhan dah dekat." After learning that the Jury Award is like an award for those who didn't win I was like "Ramadhan lagi seminggu."
I was estatic when they mentioned that the Dato' Maznah threw in a camcorder for the champion and holiday trips to the 6 winners. After a nerve-wrecking, smile-inducing, palms-sweating, diorrhea-threatening *panting* *panting* countdown to No.1, they announced the champion. Me! I practically berlari-lari anak to the stage, cancelled my plan to refuse to salam Dato' Maznah due to my Islamic principles UIA had taught me and received the heavy crystal trophy.
I won cash, a camcorder, a three days two nights trip to an Inn at Cherating, an awesome trophy, a goody bag full of sponsored misc stuff, two heavily binded books about Pahang's natural reserves and the most invaluable prize of all: a certificate.
Upon returning to my seat, a small lady from the VIP table lifted her hand and requested a technical explaination or simply "Tell her us how you made the video." And tell them I did. The fact that it took 8 hours for a 10 second feature astonished them. They were all nodding and whispering to each other "Oooo, 8 hours for 10 seconds." All of them whispered in unison so they amplified their modest amazement, making me more kembang than I already was.
After event ended and and the caterer brought in the buffet, almost everybody congratulated me. Participants were eager to learn how I made the video so instead of telling them off (didn't I just explained everything!!!) I explained to them everything they wanted to know. Tak boleh kedekut ilmu. After countless of poses "Ok ok angkat sikit trophy tu... Ok ok sekarang buat macam 'aik, dah menang!' Ok sekarang angkat trophy macam baru menang Fifa" and interviews, I kept smiling and repeating "Thank you so much Dato'" and "Thank you for the oppurtunity." I even said "Thank you for the oppurtunity" to a participant's dad. In my defence, he looked Dato'-like.
You know what's funny though. I will be featured in Fokus SPM edisi November. I'm also going to check out all the newspapers tomorrow, especially this Sunday's Star Edu feature.
And no, I didn't take any pictures. But I'm sure they will update their website and show my teethless grin. I hate my braces!


Honestly, I fear Death. Not because I fear the excruciating pain of departing (imagine a dozen death angels pulling your soul out from you feet to your tonsils) but I believe I have not done anything worth going to heaven for.

Everytime I read the newspaper, news of children and teenagers' death sends me chills. They didn't have the time to contribute to humanity, I would think to myself. Is it because they won't be able to contribute even if they live longer or is the cosmic nature of their deaths are vital for the ultimatum of the future? I believe everyone lives for a reason but dying, dying is the final moment of living. Death is an apprehension of nothingness. Another journey begins but that journey will not be a straight passage with different doors and windows. It will be a neverending roller coaster ride with our life deeds as its supporting structures.

Early death is compensated with hassle-free heaven entrance. Knowing for a fact that my death is imminent and there is nothing anyone can do to postpone it, I live with the fear of nearing its course. Will I be able to carve my name on the pavement of greatness before I die? Will I able to change people's lives before I die? As my Will-I s mounts, my I-Will s sinks.

Greatness, no matter how profound it may be is temporary. It serves as memories and lessons but Greatness in Loving is a different level of Greatness altogether. Greatness in Loving is the only continuous momentum we can ever inflict on generations to come without it halting.

Knowing this, I pledge myself to Give whatever I can offer to anything I stumble upon, may it be advice, lessons, protection or friendship. I don't want to be remembered or idolized. I don't want to be people's pillar of strength. I want to teach people to realize that the only free thing that they can give to anything without having to pay the price is Love. Love is the only force in this world that will never diminish. It snowballs to the end of Life as we know it.

When I die, I do not want my burial site to have any kind of structure or momento. I would like to rot in the ground without no physical reminder on it. I do not want my children or family to ritually moarn my death. I like to believe that they had not lost someone they love. Because loving the departed will not do much good unless we carry on loving. What better way than loving dead love ones than carry on their journey of Love-giving. And carry on loving we shall. Today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

Terms and Conditions

I hate Terms and Conditions. Get this:
By entering the Competition, Participants
acknowledge that they may be required to be used in publicity without further
consent or payment. Such publicity may include without limitation the
Participant’s video, and their name and/or likeness, voice, photographs and/or
video footage of the Participant, biographical information provided by the
Participants/winners and/or any statement made by them concerning the
competition and/or the prizes.
It means they can use me in any form (or likeness) to publisize them, without payment. Likeness? If this applies in the future, they can clone me and have me angkat sumpah kena liwat at the federal mosque wearing their t-shirt. Company lawyers are Evil emitting human being pillowed by sweet-voiced PR people.
I feel barenaked and vulnerable, which if applies in certain favourable events it could possibly make me squirm in ectasy.
Forget what I'd just written. You can't? Well, I guess that image will have to linger in your mind for a while then.
Insaflah rakan-rakanku... Ramadhan dah dekat.


hate Terms and Conditions. They are so
intimidating and righteous.

Each Participant warrants, agrees and
undertakes that he or she has no right,
title or interest in any
submitted (or any portion thereof), and that
they shall not
assert or permit
to be asserted any claim to any right, title or
interest in any such video
(or any portion thereof).

I made the video, submitted it to you and
now I have no rights of it whatsoever? I think that's why Yasmin Ahmad had
people to upload her works since Petronas has full patronage over
them. And get

By entering the Competition, Participants
acknowledge that they may be required
to be used in publicity without
further consent or payment. Such publicity may
include without
the Participant’s video, and their name and/or
voice, photographs
and/or video footage of the Participant,
information provided
by the Participants/winners and/or any
made by them concerning the
competition and/or the

Scary eh? They are telling me that I can be
used by them in any form without paying me. Or they can also decide to clone
and make the clone sumpah kena liwat at the Federal Mosque for the fun of
(if the Terms and Condition applies in the future lah)

It's scary nonetheless. Company lawyers are
evil aura emitting human beings pillowed by
relentless icing-covered PR people.

I can't still comprehend the idea of them
having me to agree to "Such publicity may include without limitation the
Participant’s video, and their name and/or likeness, voice, photographs
video footage of the Participant"

I feel bare, nude and vulnerable (which if
applies to any other even would make me squirm in ectasy) Forget what I'd
written. You can't right? You have that image stuck in your brain

Insaflah rakan-rakanku... Ramadhan dah

Harapan Ramadhan

Merdeka Day


Permatang Pauh Election

I don't think I have enough energy to reserve my excitement for these three important events. As I watch the slimy son-in-law resort to dirrrrty politicking, I can't help but to feel betrayed.

  • Politicians saving their asses.
  • Malaysians not celebrating Merdeka like we used to.
  • Politicians swearing in mosques.
  • Coffee Boy getting media attention for allegedly having gay sex.
I think we Malaysians should get our priorities straight. Let's forget about the elections. Vote, by all means, vote. But let's not join in the ruckus of dirty politics. Let's save our anger and transmorph it into hope. Ramadhan is coming soon. Hope is plenty. Hope to many.
We are better than this I believe. Anwar Fanatics, PakLah's Haters, Najib Cronies. Let's all calm down and pray together. Let's all talk to one another. Let's all make merry. Let's all have a Kenduri together.
Hate is the essence of chaos and until we can diminish anger from our political views, our country will never be in pursuit of happiness. Because we are our country. Not Najib, Anwar or PakLah. We are the country's assets and these politicians wants to get hold of us. So let them do the hard work to get our nods. Let them do their politics while we enjoy the coming month of Ramadhan.

Harapan Ramadhan: Raihan featuring Man Bai

Mana menghilang Raihan ek? I can get used to the idea of them running the country, like in the movie Syukur 21.

You Made Me Do This

You made me do this.
I'm mad. Mad as hell. Mad than you can ever imagine. Not so because you think quitting Kolej and transferring back to your old school is a good idea. It's a horrible idea by the way. But because you lied and disrespected your father and me.
The reason why you transfered here was because Umi think that studying here will make you a better person academically and personality-wise. Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid is a state elite school and you studying there will make you study, have memorable activities and make lasting friends. It is also a boarding school so you will learn to discipline yourself. Getting you into the school wasn't as easy as you think. Your grades are not enough to make you eligible so bapak pulled every stops there was to get you in. He relied on favours of higher-ups to get you in. He does this not because he wants to live with you (it's a boarding school anyway) but because he thinks Kolej will increase your chances of being successful in life. I don't think you realize the amount of selfless sacrifice he commited to get you into his old school. Dr. Mahathir's school. Tunku Abdul Rahman's school. It's THAT good of a school.
And you're telling me that you want to transfer back to Sabah because you can't cope? And even if the latter is true, you should have consulted with your teachers or bapak. You can talk to me. The pressure of being in a new school is rivetting, you should know. You've been to four schools yourself. You may already know this. I may have rub this is one too many times but it seems that I have to repeat myself:
I know.
I know. I just do. You don't have to pretend to not know that I know. Because by doing so, it really doesn't change a thing. Because I know.
Dunia ini besar Hadi. You may think you're priviledged back home. But the real world, it's different. It's not as easy as you think. Good grades doesn't cut it. You have not excelled academically, accept this as a fact, not a challenge. Going to kolej did you good and will continue to make you improve in your studies and build your character along the way. It's tough, I know. People around you are way smarter and more priviledged than you, I know. So what lah? You don't shy away from your problems. You confront them head on.
Going back to SMK Tebobon will not do you any good. Bapak is not trying to 'convert' you. Bapak's family is not trying to 'convert' you. We are all trying to help you. Because we love you. I know you love Umi. I love her too lah. She's my mother. But you have start making your own decisions because apparently, she's not in a good state to make good decisions. Don't let her pride and prejudice jeopardize your future. She has problems, I know. But unless you haven't noticed, we all have problems. We solve them by understanding the nature of the problems and solve them by the best solutions. We do not blame our state of being on other people. We do not live vengeful lives. We make peace. We consider. We let go. We find happiness.
So now I'm giving you two options. Yes apparently believe it or not, I have enough authority to let you have limited options. You can either continue your education at Kolej or transfer back to Sabah. If you're thinking of finishing your last term here and then go back to Sabah, think again. That will not happen. There is no third option. I will not allow such a thing to happen under any circumstance.
Don't do what I did. Don't give in to her sense of convenience. Because if you do, not only will you be accountable of your actions, you will also have her think you're accountable for your actions. It happened to me. Don't let it happen to you. Don't repeat my mistakes. Trust me, you do not want to go through what I went through. Do not let words like Derhaka hinder you from making sensible decisions.
Just... be a man. Be a man and own up to the word. Have a sense of integrity for God's sake. Be a man and stop lying. Be a man and stop lying to yourself. Be a man and make your own mistakes. Be a man and do not live your life under the shadow of other people's mistakes.
Dead or alive, my sense of dead-logic will be engraved to the back of your mind. You may have the chance of shying away from your problems but believe me, those problems will catch up to you, with a vengeance.
How I hate drama. I hate dysfunctional families. I hate divorce. Eeesh, the thought of pride having so much power as to affect other people's lives is despicable. I hate self-justification. I hate Hate. There's nothing wrong with hating Hate of course but there are better ways to address hate and loving is one of them.


Last Friday, I was informed that I was invited to attend the Jerneh Friend of Green Malaysian Film Competition. Apparently, my video was shortlisted. Check out the shortlisted candidates. I may well be the oldest shortlisted candidate! Dang! I feel old. I think the judges will take into account that I'm one of the oldest candidate and will judge my video with close scrutiny. But then again... download any video from the shorlisted list and let your inner Afiq spews out its arguments.

I'm a wee bit excited that I get to dine at Menara KL for Free. Maybe I should get myself a Jerneh Insurance. Maybe that will get me to win. Imagine:

  • Judge1: Alright guys, our task today is to pick a winner so let's do it!
  • Judge2, Judge3, Judge4 and Judge5 : Yeah!
  • Judge3: This fellow here is honestly concerned about the environment. His stuttering voice indicates pure fear of destruction. And the video's really good...
  • Judge5: I agree. But this girl right here used excellent cinematography and her video isn't grainy like the others at all. I'm rooting for her.
  • Judge2: Her music is a little confusing though, I like Doris's better. His video is short, simple and delivers vital messages. For a 16 year old, his sensibilities on the environment is amazing.
  • Judge4: This candidate.... Afiq Deen. He has Jerneh Insurance.

See how easily this could be an advantage?

Bila Afiq Deen Bosan...

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not exactly loaded. You don't see me camwhoring at expensive restaurants, blogging about branded shoes or enjoying a night out with cool-looking friends at Zouk. I spend most of my free time strolling around Kuala Lumpur, reading Star newspaper at Deen Restaurants or taking my friends out to Melawati to eat its famous Nasi Ayam.
My bapak gives me RM100 a week and even though I persuaded him that because he gave me a car, he should also throw in monthly fuel subsidies. But he didn't. So I have to work to have enough money to both eat and lead a normal student life.

I make cards, design miscellaneous things for miscellaneous types of clients, blog (I generate quite an income my blogging), design book covers and other things that needs sufficient creativity and innovation. Most of my free time are spent working so I seldom get bored. Except this week.

God! This week is a boredom fest! I bet you can tell too, given the sudden burst of self-made pictures in this week's entries.

Yesterday I got so bored, I got crafty. I found a FollowMe hair cream container outside my room, emptied it, cleaned it and turned it into a cute plastic flower case (with a golden butterfly). I later sold if for 15 ringgit. I also recycled some of my greeting cards and made pink (perfect for Puteri Umno) raya cards. I got so into crafting I had my batu sungai a sex change!
My cats got confused with my excessive presence in their room (my room is officially theirs) they will try and get me to get out. Shasha would wake me up if I nap and run towards the door and meow loudly. Kucing ini cuba halau tuannya. Dunia memang nak dekat Kiamat. During this time of self-inflicting boredom, I got to know more about Shasha's two kittens.

Po, son of Shasha is a very active kitten. If he's not running around chasing after insects or cobwebs, he'll be exploring every inch of my room. He's very close to Megat (a roommate) so if Megat is around, he'll calm down and cuddle beside Megat.
Je is a weirdo. She has a habit of taking away underwears (brief) ,carry them to her favourite spot and play with them like they were her siblings. So whenever I got back from class, there will always be a mount of underwear at her favourite spot. She likes to sleep in drawers where we usually keep our underwears. One of them is up for adoption so if you're interested, message or call me
Today I edited normal personal pictures and made them look cool. I edited Haikal's picture in Langkawi and made it look cool. Cool.


My service is really affordable and cheap since I'm still studying. I can make greeting cards, name cards, any kind of cards lah, personalized stickers, paintings, crafts etc. I can also edit personal pictures and make cool hand made albums to keep the pictures. Oh ya, lupa nak bagitau, I don't make one or several stuff. I prefer mass production. Cheaper for you, profitable for me.


That's how a japanese people pronounce hot blood. Hottabloodo. I'm already 21, my body does not pump excessive blood into my penis anymore. What it does is it leaves a gap, a sense of emptiness that was once preoccupied by infinite sexual curiosity. There are different ways of filling this gap, the most common methods being: intoxication, sex, complicated relationships, clubbing, mind-numbing socializing and the ultimate self-galvanizing abstinence from everything I mentioned.
Surrounded by friends who practices Islam fully, they taught me the rationale of Everything Evil and how commiting Worldly Evil will make me lose my conscience. Their reminders and my understanding of my religion made making mistakes a wishful burdon, an unnecessary passage of learning
I'm thankful. Forever .
But my heart turns its green head towards opportunities to indulge in experiences thrown about this mud slide you call Kuala Lumpur: its Night Life.
So what I do is I compensate. Once in a blue moon I will shut all the windows, crank up my stereos, switch off the lights, switch on my rotating mobile disco ball (the type that emits colourful beams), play a trance tune and lose control. Losing control by getting high on Life is far more satisfying than getting intoxicated because the intricacy of control manipulates itself and becomes an all-knowing selfless infactuation. I call this experience Hottabloodo. Its scientific term is Endorphin supplication. Losing control of one's body will cause the brain to be supplied with natural Xanax we call Endorphin. Endorphin makes people happy for no definite reason.

Take me for a Ride

Indefinite happiness is unexplainable. So why bother.

Bungakan Makian Kita

Oh My God! (OMG!) - Oh Tuhanku!

What the Fuck! (WTF!) - What the Dodol!(tm) (mari kita jayakan produk desa. Sudah ditrademark oleh penulis)

Shit! - Tahi!

Fuck!!!! - Park!!!! (akan membayangkan taman yang indah penuh dengan anak dara bertudung yang sedah berkelah)

Fuck It! - Phuket! (kawasan peranginan di Thailand, sungguh indah)

MotherFucker - Mata Fakir (tingkatkan amalan bersedekah pada orang buta yang jual tisu di warung makan)

Bitch! - Beach! (mesti terasa tenang sesudah menjerit ini)

Bastard! - Bas Tadi! (sesuai digunakan apabila mengumpat pemandu bas yang tak mahu berhenti di perhentian bas setelah tunggu berjam-jam)

Babi! - Baby! (mengingatkan wajah kekasih, bayi atau Britney Spears)

Pukimak! - Pooh Kee Ma (nama orang cina yang tak bersalah)

Kimak! - Kima! (sejenis siput yang sedap dimasak sambal tumis, popular di Sabah)

Cibai! - Gee, Pie! (dalam bahasa melayunya: wah, pai!)

Bangsat! - Bang, sat! (wanita utara yang menyuruh suaminya untuk tunggu sebentar)

Son of a Bitch! - Sana off Pitch! (melakonkan watak Syafinaz yang sedang memarahi contestant One In A Million)

Chee See! - Cheesy!


Took 8 shots of myself every 1 hour at the same spot with a same pose and combined all the pictures to make an abominable one.
Let there be...
Light and Darkness
Fantasy and Reality
Heaven and Hell
I look messed up, no? It has a sense of distorted proportion and the variety of light capacity made it look fake. It goes to show how we are differently perceived all the time. With different light, one might look kind or vicious but when different part of us are potrayed in an interval of hours(or minutes), we will come across as un-believe-able.
Everything changes. Every second of every minute of every hour of everyday.
(will not answer any inquiry regarding bellybutton piercing)

PAS's Jemaah Ulama'

They are scaring us anglophile malays and non-muslims when they want to impose ban on substance and gambling. Jemaah Ulama' is somewhat an elder-like organization with unfazed conservative values. As a muslim, I welcome their involvement in Malaysia's gorvernance but as a person who is aware of my surrounding, I think they are not a very smart bunch of people. Like any human being who are accountable for their actions, they deserved to be called stupid. Their holier-then-thou persona will regress non-muslims' attitude towards Islam.
You don't storm in into a village that eats pork as a custom and shout out loud "Babi itu Haram!!! Siapa makan masuk Neraka!!!" Of course lah the tabligh kena bunuh dipanah.
Rasulullah SAW himself abolished wine drinking gradually. He first made it haram to drink wine during Solat and made it haram in certain events until everyone understood why wine drinking is harmful. After this realization did he officially made wine drinking haram.
But we do need ulama's to make sure the nation's Islamic principles are steered to the right direction so I propose that they become consultants to leaders. Ulama's should be proactive in giving advice to leaders so leaders could strategize and implement the principles gradually. If we give full authority to the ulama's, our regression is imminent and soon, we will become Afghanistan.
Sudah Baca atau Tonton KiteRunner?

Lin Dan dan Haikal

"Ok apa silver?" my friend commented just after the match ended.
"He's a chinese Haikal." I said.

"If Haikal has a lighter skin tone and a toner physique, Haikal could be easily mistaken as Lin Dan.
At this point, everybody ignored me, as if to say "Don't encourage Afiq and his fantasies.."

A relaxed Lin Dan

A relaxed Haikal

A vain Lin Dan

A vain Haikal

Malaysia Boleh!

I woke up basking myself away under a feverish sun. It was too perfect a morning. Too perfect. Too perfect that it awaits disaster. The ticklish heat of the morning sun and the heavenly swirling cool breeze told me Get Out and Get Myself Into Trouble.
I stayed mesmerized for a few more minutes before the sun and wind muster enough energy to shout "You Ask For It!"
I claded myself in black and got myself strolling around Bukit Bintang for the rest of the day. I got time to burn before I fetch my brother from Puduraya. I knew, I knew the perfect morning must have compensated the hell I will have to experience on the road. Puduraya, around 7pm is Hell.
I embraced Hell with a RM1.20 Star newspaper and amazed myself with the Majlis Ulama. Pas is already squabbling with the rest of the Pakatan Rakyat even before September 16. I foresee mobs carrying slogans shouting Allahuakbar. I foresee a reincarnation of Hindraf. I foresee chaos.
My dear country is getting herself a susuk treatment. (Why can't Anwar Ibrahim wait for the upcoming elections. His hunger for power is so obvious it's ridiculous.)
Talking about Susuk. I watched the movie. It was OK. Not great. Not excellent. I have boxes in my head. Amir Muhammad belongs to a shabby one I labelled Overrated. I guess everybody expected greatness from this movie critic and expected an outstanding commercial directorial debut. I walked out the cinema feeling hampa at his attempt to return Malaysia back to its P. Ramlee glory. What rubbish. P. Ramlee made it in Singapura not Malaya. Malaya killed him and his spirit. Malaysia kills passion. Malaysia kills architecture. Malaysia is a killing machine. We should make a movie about the state of our country. It'll make a hell of a horror movie.It'll outrank Sembilu. It'll win Oscars and Razzies. I'll buy its special edition DVD.
(Will I get arrested for not being patriotic?)
Maybe we do need a facelift. Maybe September 16th IS Hari Malaysia. See what you made me think you greedy UMNO, you racist MCA & MIC!

I hope you're happy!

1000 Words Summed to Less than 20

You know how people turn their head in a certain angle to appear beautiful in pictures? The picture above shows a different styles used commonly by friendster-myspace users. The picture above with me as a subject shows exactly what you're trying to portray yourself. A friendster-myspace profile picture doesn't worth a thousand word. More like 20. Or less.
From left to right; top to bottom
1. Slightly nodding, showing subtle jaw line - Ayu
2. Wide forehead (with fringe) shot that emphasizes the distorted perspective of a face from above - Emo
3. 'Candid' shots of 'everyday life' that will rouse curiosity - Narcissistic Son of a Gun
4. Shirtless pictures that usually only bare either the chest, stomach or the most common (and visually bareable) body part: shoulders - I'm Hot
5. Confident smile, camera usually positioned slightly below head level. Usually taken in cars. - I'm growing up!
6. Partial movements or facial feature with a cool looking wallpaper background - Arty bin Smartsy
7. Tutup mulut, sebelah mata or cekup kedua-dua belah pipi to hide the most visually unpleasant facial feature - Cover cover
8. Upfront, simple and with direct light from or against the direction of the handphone - Still New With This.
9. Minimal presence of light with subject staring into the unknown - Spiritual Intellect
So just so you know, everyone knows. : D
So if you noticed, I have an oblong face with very asymmetrical lips, thick haughty eyebrows and slit-lacked eyes. I can either come across as a Sarawakian or a very strange chinese. I kid you not when I tell you that my eyebrows is a visual asset to most chinese people of the greying (and dying) generation. Nowadays thin eyebrows are IN. I couldn't be bothered to shape my eyebrows to fit this description. What for anyway? The sight of a man shaping his eyebrows is you know, unmanly. From what I've heard, around here, I come across as a rich kid. This is laughable. I've never been rich but the prospect of carrying the look is promising. Heheh.
I'm learning to love how I look despite my flaws. I think these flaws made me distinct. Mahathir is known for his intercontinental nose and Anwar with his angular chin. I should be known for my small distorted pursed lips and bushy eyebrows.
Bak kata pepatah Kant Emmanual: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Black=Black Metal?

Why do we allow ourselves to judge people base on their appearance? Why do I get scolded everytime Razak Sapian sees me? Why do people assume?

Because it's convenient.

Our society is failing their utmost basic task in this universe: to connect. Instead of studying, embracing and loving the uniqueness of fellow homosapiens, we tend to allow ourselves to only communicate with those who we thought are in sync with our sense of comformity. This conversation took place in a lecturer office yesterday:

Lecturer: Do you know why you are here?

Afiq: No.

Your clothes. Your baju. Your hair. Your, your appearance.

What about my appearance?

It's unIslamic. You tell me why...

I covered my aurah so the matter of my appearance being unIslamic shouldn't be in question. I follow UIA dress code. I'm wearing a collared shirt and proper shoes. There's nothing unIslamic about my appearance.

Afiq, let me ask you something. You black metal ke? Punk?

I don't understand...

Why are you wearing all black?

Because I want to. It's not against the rule. Why are you wearing a suit and slacks.

Because I'm a professional. You are potraying an unIslamic image when you wear all black. Blackmetals pakai baju seluar hitam.

People who commit white collar crimes and killed millions by their crimes wear suits and slacks.

Great responsible people also wear suits and slacks, not only crooks.

Great responsible people also wear all black, not only black metals.

What are you trying to tell me?

It's more convenient to judge based on our appearance. It's convenient for you to think that I'm a bad apple based on my clothes. And there's nothing unIslamic about wearing black. There is no Hadith nor Ayat that implies that wearing black is a sin. There is also no concensus of Ulamas on my fashion sense. When you tell me that what I'm wearing is unIslamic, you're basically subjecting yourself to blasphemy.



You may leave.



I've been summoned to offices mostly because of my clothes which doesn't make sense because punyalah ramai orang sini pakai baju hitam. Not only me apa! Sheesh...

But since the lecturer who called me in listened to what I said and didn't refute anything solely based on anger, I'll make a small change.

Tomorrow, I'll shave my moustache.
I hope he's happy!

Kayu Suci

The general fascination of Hollywood is fascinating. So many malay muslim girls


Truth is my accompliace and enemy. Truth is subjective because the word does not reflect itself. It applies differently to different people. I have learned to (or so I hope) to never be certain of anything other than my religion and my obligation to it. Only by doing this, will I be in pursuit of truth. It can never be achieved, truth. We can only strife to understand its nature. The moment we accept that truth is a solid denominator of life, we will start lying to ourselves. This self-deception will eventually snowballs and like any rounded object, it will hit something, something most commonly known as rock bottom. Gravity, at least on earth, is the only denominator of life.

Gravity breeds consequences. Gravity is an act of God. Because Allah is the truth so we shall never know any other truth other than the truth we can be certain of. Neither will we be able to comply our version of truth to Allah's. Because we are not Him. So how in living logic will we be able to justify our version of truth? We can't. But we can be in pursuit of truth. And to be in pursuit of truth, we must never believe our own truth.

Seek it.

"This is because Allah is the truth and that which they call upon besides Him is the falsehood." (31:30)

Roommate's Future Fiancee's Uncle's Burial and Tahlil

From Today onwards, I will no longer be affliated with the paper industry. It's stressful, fussy, time-consuming and dull. It doesn't pay well. End of discussion.
With that said, I went to my roommate's future fiancee's uncle's tahlil jenazah. The tahlil began after Maghrib but due to unforeseen circumstances we arrived 2 hours late. Tahlil jenazah is usually a sober occasion, a moment of passing blanketed by free food and good company. When other religions obligates mourning by reminiscing, Islam denounce excessive sadness. Baca Yassin, baca doa, makan-makan, sembang-sembang, balik.
I like this idea of post death.
It makes the idea of death a lot more bearable.
When I die, which may in fact happen anytime, touch wood, I prefer my love ones to continue living the best way they can, unaffected by my physical inexistance but forever touched by my love and deeds. Without love and good deeds, my eventual death will be silhoutted with a shade of solitude, reflecting my whole life as a person who cares only for himself. Will I appreciate the passing of myself?
Ridiculous isn't it?
So Love Afiq Love. Share Afiq Share. Learn Afiq Learn. And Teach Afiq Teach.

It's Time To Make Nice

I take myself too seriously. People are afraid of people who take themselves seriously. People want to chill. They don't want a friend who's constantly trying to get their honest opinion on politics out of them and ignite an intellectual debate.
People don't want to hang out with someone who questions the authority of Sultans out loud and speak of unimaginable inventions.
I play along well but everyone knows how Afiq takes things (everything) seriously. When asked which donut outlet is my favourite, I will answer J.CO because of its delicate dough which best compliments Malaysian's savoury senses and because J.CO is an Indonesian company (Asia untuk Asia!) No one wants to know that! They want me to answer J.CO because it's Nice.
My tendency to observe and study things beyond the necessary level of a teenager is hurting my social pecking order. Because in the environment I'm in, intellectual discourse rarely takes place and I find myself musing social stigmas n order to relate. Because apparently, prejudism is the only subject my environment is willing to discuss.
I will have to learn to keep things to myself and make nice.
It's time to make nice.

Afiq the Seer

See, my readings are accurate. Here's a testimony.

Dia siap scan lagi and explain sedikit sebanyak. She's Jannah's size 4 sister, Najah. The best thing about reading other people's handwriting is I can know whether or not the writer's single.

Najah is single. She's cute and apparently has small feet. But as much as I want to officially stalk her (like I did to Haikal) I'm too preoccupied with:

Together We Share, Together We Meet: A Schizophrenic Journey.

Afiq takde Life

Mesti korang heran. Afiq ni blog dua kali sehari ni... dia ada life ke?

Afiq takde life

Afiq suka fikir benda bukan-bukan. Buat short movie pelik-pelik, buat kad nama orang, pegi Melawati beli pasir kucing, pegi Giant beli Friskies, sewa movie dekat EZ Video Shop, hirup sup Torpedo Maphilindo (zakar lembu memang enak, lagi-lagi bila dikaitkan dengan idea gagasan Malaysia-Indonesia-Filipina) beli tisu dekat kedai mamak sebab hidung tetiba meradang, beli KLUE dekat Kedai Buku Mamak pastu isi minyak kereta sepuloh ringgit dekat Shell.

Sejak awek dah takde, aktiviti-aktiviti biasanya dilakukan seorang diri atau bertemankan Megat atau Suhail.

Balik bilik, Afiq akan makan rojak yg dibungkus kat Melawati tadi, replace pasir kucing, tukar biskut kucing, main-main sikit ngan Shasha pastu tulis skrip sambil berangan tepi tingkap. Dalam pu

Afiqsays RESIGN ALREADY!!!!!

Apparently, some of my ex-classmates who are studying overseas is both fascinated and saddened by the state of our country. Bloggers are getting detained again and politicians are runing awol, leaving traces of lies and deceits.

I don't think Abdullah Badawi understands why bloggers are trying to scathe his image. I don't think Pak Lah is man enough to admit that everyone in this country, from makcik nasi lemak to highranking CEOs is in concensus that he is not fit to be a leader anymore.

Blogs are the newly appointed trusted sources of information because the media is becoming irrelevant and politically motivated. People are fed up reading things they no longer or will never believe. It is time for Pak Lah to step down and give the throne to Najib before Anwar and the opposition garner enough momentum to push the current government off the brink they're on.

Anwar's arrest will only get more worldwide attention. Thanks to Ananda Krishnan, a vast majority of Malaysians have access to BBC, Aljazeera and CNN so we will not fall prey to reports of the state of our country potrayed by Bulletin Utama anymore. This will cause more BN leaders to 'convert' to save their asses to retain their status as prominent politicians.

I still think BN is the most relevant coalition for the time being because it has a half-century old understanding. It may not be perfect but like the country they're governing, they are growing. As the rakyat finally comprehend their power as citizens, BN will receive more constructive criticism and will make reforms to perfect its sense of governing. The evergrowing opposition will aid the improvement and if it doesn't, they will be appointed as the government in a timely manner. This will allow them to reach an understanding on how Malaysia should be led.

Pakatan Rakyat is still a pakatan. It's basically a collection of groups with different interest whose main short-term objective is to topple the giant. After the giant is toppled, they will squabble and fight, dismissing their basic responsibilities to uphold their racial-religion based idealism, deteriorating racial intergration and harmony of our country. This is only natural because PR is still a premature coalition.

In the economic turmoil we're in, the rakyat cannot afford our elected politicians to squabble away with their interests. We need a united front that has whole-hearted support from the rakyat to implement plans to develop sustainable energy, eradicate poverty, strengthen unity and educate the rakyat to prepare ourselves for the rough journey ahead.

In a nutshell, we the rakyat need Dato' Abdullah Badawi to step down as Prime Minister as soon as possible.

Critics Are Human Too

Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter said the film lacked "cinematic intrigue and nail-biting tension" and that "the central menace ... does not pan out as any kind of Friday night entertainment."

Variety's Justin Chang thought the story "... covers territory already over-tilled by countless disaster epics and zombie movies, offering little in the way of suspense, visceral kicks or narrative vitality to warrant the retread."

Joe Morgenstern of Wall Street Journal said the film was "woeful clunker of a paranoid thriller" and described it as "befuddling infelicities, insistent banalities, shambling pace and pervasive ineptitude".

Critics will be critics. I think their favourite method judging Shyamalan's movies is by comparison. They compare it with his first success The Sixth Sense and with other filmmakers of the thriller genre. Or maybe, just maybe, the critics don't understand the seriousness of the values and message weaved to his movies. The suicide phenomena in The Happening revolves around the implication of human destruction of the environment. He presented a theory that's so imaginatively realistic and heartfelt it inadvertently sends chills up my spine. I prefer a thriller with a realistic implication of realization and fear than a thriller with strong cinematic performance.

Lady In The Water made me cry like dying old man. It's not supposed to be a sad movie but I find his idea of existence very very relatable. And I liked it when he killed a film critic. He's sending a subtle message: critics can kiss my black indian ass! Critics responded by giving his movie terrible reviews and potrayed him as a narcissistic and arrogant human being. Instead of ignoring this movie, review readers like me was curious as of how this came to be, what made critics scathed his movie more than they ever would to the American Pie Chronicles, only to find out the human side of critics. They were angry because they were potrayed as useless witless stuck up wads so they souped revenge.
Remember that time when Yasmin Ahmad was heavily criticized by Raja Azmi and Faisal Tehrani. Yasmin Ahmad, whose movies and advertisments were screened worldwide and introduced our very own Malaysian culture was bombarded by criticism by a novel author whose book did not even reach 3 km off the parameters of Malaysia and the director of Haru biru. Yes, the director of Haru Biru. Yes yes, she's that bad.

Don't judge a movie by its reviews.