Afiqsays RESIGN ALREADY!!!!!

Apparently, some of my ex-classmates who are studying overseas is both fascinated and saddened by the state of our country. Bloggers are getting detained again and politicians are runing awol, leaving traces of lies and deceits.

I don't think Abdullah Badawi understands why bloggers are trying to scathe his image. I don't think Pak Lah is man enough to admit that everyone in this country, from makcik nasi lemak to highranking CEOs is in concensus that he is not fit to be a leader anymore.

Blogs are the newly appointed trusted sources of information because the media is becoming irrelevant and politically motivated. People are fed up reading things they no longer or will never believe. It is time for Pak Lah to step down and give the throne to Najib before Anwar and the opposition garner enough momentum to push the current government off the brink they're on.

Anwar's arrest will only get more worldwide attention. Thanks to Ananda Krishnan, a vast majority of Malaysians have access to BBC, Aljazeera and CNN so we will not fall prey to reports of the state of our country potrayed by Bulletin Utama anymore. This will cause more BN leaders to 'convert' to save their asses to retain their status as prominent politicians.

I still think BN is the most relevant coalition for the time being because it has a half-century old understanding. It may not be perfect but like the country they're governing, they are growing. As the rakyat finally comprehend their power as citizens, BN will receive more constructive criticism and will make reforms to perfect its sense of governing. The evergrowing opposition will aid the improvement and if it doesn't, they will be appointed as the government in a timely manner. This will allow them to reach an understanding on how Malaysia should be led.

Pakatan Rakyat is still a pakatan. It's basically a collection of groups with different interest whose main short-term objective is to topple the giant. After the giant is toppled, they will squabble and fight, dismissing their basic responsibilities to uphold their racial-religion based idealism, deteriorating racial intergration and harmony of our country. This is only natural because PR is still a premature coalition.

In the economic turmoil we're in, the rakyat cannot afford our elected politicians to squabble away with their interests. We need a united front that has whole-hearted support from the rakyat to implement plans to develop sustainable energy, eradicate poverty, strengthen unity and educate the rakyat to prepare ourselves for the rough journey ahead.

In a nutshell, we the rakyat need Dato' Abdullah Badawi to step down as Prime Minister as soon as possible.


Danny said...

i really would like to know the reason why our flag is placed upside down over here? ":)


maybe pak lah is not eating his salad?

afiq said...

Or he eats too much otak udang!