I'm sight-seeing. Sight-seeing IIUM. Jalan jalan makan jajan.
I'm looking for locations in IIUM that has emotional qualities. The tunnel from the guys dorm to ECONS is daunting and lonely. The straight upward walkway at Bilal has a sense of sickly repetition. The lake at male sport complex is a corrupt enchantress.
CAC's front lawn is graduation.
Siddiq's cafe is a potluck of diversity. Bilal's cafe is patience. Othman's cafe is hope. Ali's cafe is ritual. Zubair's cafe is new.
I will inject continuation of scenes and spaces that proportionally delegates the sequence of emotions. This part is important because if it is falsely tempered with, the sequence will appear cheesy and (put-ups put-ons put-ins) fake.
I need a main actor who is averagely good looking. Not Sarawak twinks, kacukan perasan, Mat Gym, Hi-uols Fantasia or over-confident lelaki melayu terakhir. But a simple malay fella from the khampong who has a big heart and an even bigger ambition. He has to look clean and empty so I can soil him and fill him with substance. I detest vainity. He must not appear vain.
I need 5 friends. Three of them must be average and have MRSM sense of fashion. One guy mesti gemok. The other religious-looking.
I need a voice over who has a clear crisp voice. The speaker must be fluent in english and speak Malaysian Mrs. Mathai English. Not Mrs. Newton Oxford English, Mrs. Chong Cina Bukit English or Cik Senah Welkem to A we Kantri English.
I need a tripod and a camera. And a gigantic blue screen.
It'll be nice to have assistants but siapalah nak jadi hamba probono moi?
Unless you insist lah. Call me 016-289 9681 if you want a taste of slavery.
And check this out.

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