It's Time To Make Nice

I take myself too seriously. People are afraid of people who take themselves seriously. People want to chill. They don't want a friend who's constantly trying to get their honest opinion on politics out of them and ignite an intellectual debate.
People don't want to hang out with someone who questions the authority of Sultans out loud and speak of unimaginable inventions.
I play along well but everyone knows how Afiq takes things (everything) seriously. When asked which donut outlet is my favourite, I will answer J.CO because of its delicate dough which best compliments Malaysian's savoury senses and because J.CO is an Indonesian company (Asia untuk Asia!) No one wants to know that! They want me to answer J.CO because it's Nice.
My tendency to observe and study things beyond the necessary level of a teenager is hurting my social pecking order. Because in the environment I'm in, intellectual discourse rarely takes place and I find myself musing social stigmas n order to relate. Because apparently, prejudism is the only subject my environment is willing to discuss.
I will have to learn to keep things to myself and make nice.
It's time to make nice.


myadlan said...

hehe.. sorry to say..
yea its true..

a good communication is when you understand the person you are communicating..

em.. get the person with the same wavelength as yours and insyaAllah you can talk all night long..


What do you think of the proposed amendment to the AUKU?

afiq said...

I'll be like "Hell YEAH!"

It is high time for students to take part in the future of our country.

However, this ammendment will have 3 phases.

The first phase would be the obvious infiltration of UMNO, PKR, DAP etc into universities. Students will be rigorously recruited to join a proxy party.

The second phase would be a protest by some group of students of this subtle form of recruitment. These students will in turn form their own association and persatuan to get their sense of political idealism across. This phase is the most troublesome one because disparity will most likely happen and fear of not being in the right group is imminent to all students.

The third phase will take some time; when students will begin to understand the purpose of politics, which is a medium of change to improve our living condition. By this time, students will be critical and neutral as the excitement of having to actually rule the country wears off. They will come to understand the gradual process of development.

However, the third phase will never happen if Malaysia is still under a coallition of racially driven parties.