Have you heard the phrase "Follow your passion"?

All my life people would tell me to follow my passion. When I tell them my passion is to make the unthinkable a reality, they would repeat the question. Architecture is usually my scapegoat. Oh. architecture... they would contemplate and start discussing whatever subject that's architecture related.

So the word passion is very very subjective. Most people misunderstood passion as a manifestation of self-discipline to achieve something that will result financial benefits. Some people think passion is something that can be considered a hobby. Some just tagged along as they themselves do not understand the word.

Personally, passion for me is the drive to outdo myself over and over again. To do so, I'd ask myself "What do I like to do?" and not "Who do I want to become?". To know what we really like to do, we have to be brave, constantly try new things and widen our paradigm (perluaskan paradigma) Only then will we be in pursuit of our passion, when we found our niche.

Who do I consider people with passion? I'll give you some online examples:
They brim with passion, don't you think? And by that I mean they are giving their all in whatever they're doing. How can I tell? When their sense of vanity is engraved in their works and the works speaks of unique eloquence, a type of intricacy that speaks volume and personality.




The Reader from starranise on Vimeo.


Wisley over Lefroy, any day. His quiet countenance, his
character, his calmness, his conduct, his patient temperament, his take on
affection…there was such a sweet allure to his personality, and I saw little
fault in his stiffness or his social unease, for reasons I cannot fathom.

It was then I realised that I was being completely
rational. Reason alone took control and nothing else.

Oh dear God. I suspect I’m growing up.

What a blow to the wild fancies of the heart!


J said...

I need to learn what I'm passionate for, I'm yet to find it. Am still lost.

Anyhoo, thanks to you, I was introduced to people like lubna and puteri.

Jom buka puasa sama-sama, tgthr with them, and this time i promise you i'll tell you 5 hours earlier.

(gelak dalam hati)

lubna said...

To J: Very funny. Lol.
And I can pinpoint YOUR passions out for you dear, but I might run out of space here. ;)

Afiq: I like her idea. Come on Afiq, what say you? Pull Puteri in, and we can have a Bloggers' Iftar sama-sama. And I'd like to meet Afiq himself, not 5 hours kena prepare dulu Afiq. :)

Afiq Deen said...

Ah... an Iftar. Sounds great!

I've to warn you though, I'm a hardcore glutton.

Puteri said...

Afiq, i just realised im linked to your post here, and maaann... kenapa tak buat ini iftar plan?

It's fab!

Sempat tak next sem? Jom jom!