Harapan Ramadhan

Merdeka Day


Permatang Pauh Election

I don't think I have enough energy to reserve my excitement for these three important events. As I watch the slimy son-in-law resort to dirrrrty politicking, I can't help but to feel betrayed.

  • Politicians saving their asses.
  • Malaysians not celebrating Merdeka like we used to.
  • Politicians swearing in mosques.
  • Coffee Boy getting media attention for allegedly having gay sex.
I think we Malaysians should get our priorities straight. Let's forget about the elections. Vote, by all means, vote. But let's not join in the ruckus of dirty politics. Let's save our anger and transmorph it into hope. Ramadhan is coming soon. Hope is plenty. Hope to many.
We are better than this I believe. Anwar Fanatics, PakLah's Haters, Najib Cronies. Let's all calm down and pray together. Let's all talk to one another. Let's all make merry. Let's all have a Kenduri together.
Hate is the essence of chaos and until we can diminish anger from our political views, our country will never be in pursuit of happiness. Because we are our country. Not Najib, Anwar or PakLah. We are the country's assets and these politicians wants to get hold of us. So let them do the hard work to get our nods. Let them do their politics while we enjoy the coming month of Ramadhan.

Harapan Ramadhan: Raihan featuring Man Bai

Mana menghilang Raihan ek? I can get used to the idea of them running the country, like in the movie Syukur 21.


de'loque said...

im new here \(^o^)/.love reading ur blog! wohoo~

raihan maseh ade loh.but nazrey (the leader) dah kluar.he has his own good reasons.(^_^)Raihan is the best!

shamel said...

They just performed in IIUM Kuantan recently..It was great.