I Need

I'll be making a 5 minutes documentary beginning next month entitled:

Definition: Power&Grace

It's my second documentary. My first documentary, which was a group effort was patented so sharing it for free is prohibited. Suhail said our documentary is too good to be shared and he is holding on to it, awaiting the Kedah royal family to buy the documentary.

Definition: is basically a documentary of various people giving their definition of Power and Grace. People of different ethnicity, age and point of view will share their definition of Power or Grace and some will define both. I'm still in the process of refining some jagged edges but the general idea is pretty simple. I want viewers to comprehend the contrast of power and grace and shock them by illustrating how both of these qualities are significantly linked.

So for Definition:, I need:

  1. A girl with perfectly smooth and adequately proportionate legs.

  2. A guy with a ripped upper body.

  3. Six people who speaks fluent english. Three guys and three girls.

  4. Suhail to teach me how to use Adobe Aftereffect.

  5. A tripod with wheels

  6. A larger green screen
Anyone willing to be my models/casts?

1 comment:

myadlan said...

aiya.. i'm not suit enough to be the ur model. .haha.. mcm bagus je aku..

juz suggestion.. no need to get tripod with wheel. i used to put tripod on the studio chair.. it works what?

sumtimes u can be creative with stuff too..