Truth is my accompliace and enemy. Truth is subjective because the word does not reflect itself. It applies differently to different people. I have learned to (or so I hope) to never be certain of anything other than my religion and my obligation to it. Only by doing this, will I be in pursuit of truth. It can never be achieved, truth. We can only strife to understand its nature. The moment we accept that truth is a solid denominator of life, we will start lying to ourselves. This self-deception will eventually snowballs and like any rounded object, it will hit something, something most commonly known as rock bottom. Gravity, at least on earth, is the only denominator of life.

Gravity breeds consequences. Gravity is an act of God. Because Allah is the truth so we shall never know any other truth other than the truth we can be certain of. Neither will we be able to comply our version of truth to Allah's. Because we are not Him. So how in living logic will we be able to justify our version of truth? We can't. But we can be in pursuit of truth. And to be in pursuit of truth, we must never believe our own truth.

Seek it.

"This is because Allah is the truth and that which they call upon besides Him is the falsehood." (31:30)



then "acceptance of truth" is not equivalent to "faith" is that not so?

afiq said...

GOD, his creations and his instructions are the only truth in this world. Everything else is plausible and is intermitten with periodic sensibility.

SO acceptance of truth IS faith in GOD.