Terms and Conditions

I hate Terms and Conditions. Get this:
By entering the Competition, Participants
acknowledge that they may be required to be used in publicity without further
consent or payment. Such publicity may include without limitation the
Participant’s video, and their name and/or likeness, voice, photographs and/or
video footage of the Participant, biographical information provided by the
Participants/winners and/or any statement made by them concerning the
competition and/or the prizes.
It means they can use me in any form (or likeness) to publisize them, without payment. Likeness? If this applies in the future, they can clone me and have me angkat sumpah kena liwat at the federal mosque wearing their t-shirt. Company lawyers are Evil emitting human being pillowed by sweet-voiced PR people.
I feel barenaked and vulnerable, which if applies in certain favourable events it could possibly make me squirm in ectasy.
Forget what I'd just written. You can't? Well, I guess that image will have to linger in your mind for a while then.
Insaflah rakan-rakanku... Ramadhan dah dekat.

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