1000 Words Summed to Less than 20

You know how people turn their head in a certain angle to appear beautiful in pictures? The picture above shows a different styles used commonly by friendster-myspace users. The picture above with me as a subject shows exactly what you're trying to portray yourself. A friendster-myspace profile picture doesn't worth a thousand word. More like 20. Or less.
From left to right; top to bottom
1. Slightly nodding, showing subtle jaw line - Ayu
2. Wide forehead (with fringe) shot that emphasizes the distorted perspective of a face from above - Emo
3. 'Candid' shots of 'everyday life' that will rouse curiosity - Narcissistic Son of a Gun
4. Shirtless pictures that usually only bare either the chest, stomach or the most common (and visually bareable) body part: shoulders - I'm Hot
5. Confident smile, camera usually positioned slightly below head level. Usually taken in cars. - I'm growing up!
6. Partial movements or facial feature with a cool looking wallpaper background - Arty bin Smartsy
7. Tutup mulut, sebelah mata or cekup kedua-dua belah pipi to hide the most visually unpleasant facial feature - Cover cover
8. Upfront, simple and with direct light from or against the direction of the handphone - Still New With This.
9. Minimal presence of light with subject staring into the unknown - Spiritual Intellect
So just so you know, everyone knows. : D
So if you noticed, I have an oblong face with very asymmetrical lips, thick haughty eyebrows and slit-lacked eyes. I can either come across as a Sarawakian or a very strange chinese. I kid you not when I tell you that my eyebrows is a visual asset to most chinese people of the greying (and dying) generation. Nowadays thin eyebrows are IN. I couldn't be bothered to shape my eyebrows to fit this description. What for anyway? The sight of a man shaping his eyebrows is you know, unmanly. From what I've heard, around here, I come across as a rich kid. This is laughable. I've never been rich but the prospect of carrying the look is promising. Heheh.
I'm learning to love how I look despite my flaws. I think these flaws made me distinct. Mahathir is known for his intercontinental nose and Anwar with his angular chin. I should be known for my small distorted pursed lips and bushy eyebrows.
Bak kata pepatah Kant Emmanual: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Miss Aida said...

Everybody's vain. Why not? It's the face you present to the world. :)

ZaFFa said...

so farny.

I read nadia's text and i honestly think she's just ugly. I can tell.

myadlan said...

i know why u only cover your mouth..

bcoz u need to use the other hand to hold the camera isn't it?


It always amazes me when people can be publicly introspective. But to the publicly... how shall I say this.. "EXTROSPECTIVE" (one for the dictionary) gets the cake