Last Friday, I was informed that I was invited to attend the Jerneh Friend of Green Malaysian Film Competition. Apparently, my video was shortlisted. Check out the shortlisted candidates. I may well be the oldest shortlisted candidate! Dang! I feel old. I think the judges will take into account that I'm one of the oldest candidate and will judge my video with close scrutiny. But then again... download any video from the shorlisted list and let your inner Afiq spews out its arguments.

I'm a wee bit excited that I get to dine at Menara KL for Free. Maybe I should get myself a Jerneh Insurance. Maybe that will get me to win. Imagine:

  • Judge1: Alright guys, our task today is to pick a winner so let's do it!
  • Judge2, Judge3, Judge4 and Judge5 : Yeah!
  • Judge3: This fellow here is honestly concerned about the environment. His stuttering voice indicates pure fear of destruction. And the video's really good...
  • Judge5: I agree. But this girl right here used excellent cinematography and her video isn't grainy like the others at all. I'm rooting for her.
  • Judge2: Her music is a little confusing though, I like Doris's better. His video is short, simple and delivers vital messages. For a 16 year old, his sensibilities on the environment is amazing.
  • Judge4: This candidate.... Afiq Deen. He has Jerneh Insurance.

See how easily this could be an advantage?


myadlan said...

oh yeah.. i remembered this video during the 3belas event.

btw i'm wishing u all the best this time around. gud luck!

Afiq Deen said...

tenkiu tenkiu