Black=Black Metal?

Why do we allow ourselves to judge people base on their appearance? Why do I get scolded everytime Razak Sapian sees me? Why do people assume?

Because it's convenient.

Our society is failing their utmost basic task in this universe: to connect. Instead of studying, embracing and loving the uniqueness of fellow homosapiens, we tend to allow ourselves to only communicate with those who we thought are in sync with our sense of comformity. This conversation took place in a lecturer office yesterday:

Lecturer: Do you know why you are here?

Afiq: No.

Your clothes. Your baju. Your hair. Your, your appearance.

What about my appearance?

It's unIslamic. You tell me why...

I covered my aurah so the matter of my appearance being unIslamic shouldn't be in question. I follow UIA dress code. I'm wearing a collared shirt and proper shoes. There's nothing unIslamic about my appearance.

Afiq, let me ask you something. You black metal ke? Punk?

I don't understand...

Why are you wearing all black?

Because I want to. It's not against the rule. Why are you wearing a suit and slacks.

Because I'm a professional. You are potraying an unIslamic image when you wear all black. Blackmetals pakai baju seluar hitam.

People who commit white collar crimes and killed millions by their crimes wear suits and slacks.

Great responsible people also wear suits and slacks, not only crooks.

Great responsible people also wear all black, not only black metals.

What are you trying to tell me?

It's more convenient to judge based on our appearance. It's convenient for you to think that I'm a bad apple based on my clothes. And there's nothing unIslamic about wearing black. There is no Hadith nor Ayat that implies that wearing black is a sin. There is also no concensus of Ulamas on my fashion sense. When you tell me that what I'm wearing is unIslamic, you're basically subjecting yourself to blasphemy.



You may leave.



I've been summoned to offices mostly because of my clothes which doesn't make sense because punyalah ramai orang sini pakai baju hitam. Not only me apa! Sheesh...

But since the lecturer who called me in listened to what I said and didn't refute anything solely based on anger, I'll make a small change.

Tomorrow, I'll shave my moustache.
I hope he's happy!


myadlan said...

i luv wearing black too but he never called me..

good job dude.. u manage to shut his mouth!hehe

Danny said...

dat was tactful Bro ":D

i love black too
the different is i am already working .. and my boss never care what color I wear as long as I perform my work up to his expectation

on the other hand regarding to your conversation with your lecturer

his equation made my get logic stuck lahhh ';)


Maybe dia ada unresolved internal issues with himself or his subconcious. Maybe he doesn't know this. Maybe he subconciously fears (young) Men In Black. Maybe he is subconciously gay.

afiq said...

How is that relatable, wearing black and being gay.

I BELIEVE that gay is an act not a natural state of being.

Anonymous said...

kalau lecturer tu pergi LKW university, mesti die pengsan.hahaha.

~S~ said...

lar, pehehal die nk sound ko pakai itam. ramai je bdak2 pakai sume itam. kat engin lagik ramai. so pehal die sound ko?

or maybe he has something againts u?
sbb stau aku, lecturr engin xde la fussy sgt, kaed, wallahualam la.

nyway, pakai je. its not like ko xpakai baju kan.

n. said...

Yr lecturer is freaking hilarious. Oh, Uia, Uia.
Thank God I have never encountered any over there in that place, heh.

Moon said...


gila apa. seriously that's really weird and shallow... but then he accepted! how cool..

If they just use the reason that "black metal dan punk pakai hitam" then what about arab ladies?

it'll be like saying "men who wear turbans will bomb people" duh....

but the story is so hilarious weh