Lin Dan dan Haikal

"Ok apa silver?" my friend commented just after the match ended.
"He's a chinese Haikal." I said.

"If Haikal has a lighter skin tone and a toner physique, Haikal could be easily mistaken as Lin Dan.
At this point, everybody ignored me, as if to say "Don't encourage Afiq and his fantasies.."

A relaxed Lin Dan

A relaxed Haikal

A vain Lin Dan

A vain Haikal


myadlan said...

(i thot u'll delete anonymouses comments)

i wonder who Lin Dan resemblance to

yea. you've got it right. u worship him eh..

i think u better worship God haha

Afiq Deen said...


Taklah worship sampai macam tu!

Let's call haikal LinDan from now on!

anotherarchistudent said...

men are creatures that are extremely hard to understand-random thoughts-

lifeinside said...

you market your brother well too! damn! hahaha

lifeinside said...

wait. he's not ur brother. wtf.