Roommate's Future Fiancee's Uncle's Burial and Tahlil

From Today onwards, I will no longer be affliated with the paper industry. It's stressful, fussy, time-consuming and dull. It doesn't pay well. End of discussion.
With that said, I went to my roommate's future fiancee's uncle's tahlil jenazah. The tahlil began after Maghrib but due to unforeseen circumstances we arrived 2 hours late. Tahlil jenazah is usually a sober occasion, a moment of passing blanketed by free food and good company. When other religions obligates mourning by reminiscing, Islam denounce excessive sadness. Baca Yassin, baca doa, makan-makan, sembang-sembang, balik.
I like this idea of post death.
It makes the idea of death a lot more bearable.
When I die, which may in fact happen anytime, touch wood, I prefer my love ones to continue living the best way they can, unaffected by my physical inexistance but forever touched by my love and deeds. Without love and good deeds, my eventual death will be silhoutted with a shade of solitude, reflecting my whole life as a person who cares only for himself. Will I appreciate the passing of myself?
Ridiculous isn't it?
So Love Afiq Love. Share Afiq Share. Learn Afiq Learn. And Teach Afiq Teach.


Anonymous said...

i love to read ur writing. can u pls write the latest issues about non-bumi proposal to enter UiTM? Where now the only 'keistimewaan melayu' yg tggl 4 them to disturb.TQ

afiq said...


The simple fact is 60% of Malaysians are Malays. 80% malays are living in rural areas. 20% malays are living in cities and towns.

Without special rights for rural malay students to get into universities, they will never achieve economic freedom.

So is this special right is taken away, 80% of malays will deprive of information while 90% of the 40% of non-malays will improve their economic standings.

This means that if this special right is to be abolished, the poor will stay poor and the moderate and rich will become wealthier. How is this fair?

You tanya lah Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Sian and Karpal Singh.