Took 8 shots of myself every 1 hour at the same spot with a same pose and combined all the pictures to make an abominable one.
Let there be...
Light and Darkness
Fantasy and Reality
Heaven and Hell
I look messed up, no? It has a sense of distorted proportion and the variety of light capacity made it look fake. It goes to show how we are differently perceived all the time. With different light, one might look kind or vicious but when different part of us are potrayed in an interval of hours(or minutes), we will come across as un-believe-able.
Everything changes. Every second of every minute of every hour of everyday.
(will not answer any inquiry regarding bellybutton piercing)



haha! ambominable abdomen!!!

Afiq Deen said...

abominable =

1.abhorrent, horrible, revolting, foul


Anonymous said...

u ada six pack ?

lifeinside said...

you sell yourself quite well buddy. talk about marketing.

Keanorlinsya said...

u surprise me.. always.
with every post.